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cast (saturday 9th October 2004)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
John Spire			-	Hammerspace
Director			-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 8: At the cloning station

Nick change d1ng0 -> Black_Knight

Black_Knight :: (please a recap as I myself am a little bit lost at the moment)

The_Director :: When we last left our heroes...

The_Director :: The Black Knight and Nevan Niven were investigating The Tarot Shop or some such...

Asm0dai :: (Nevan ? David!)

The_Director :: (ok Niles... give me a break!)

Nick change hammerspace -> john_spire

The_Director :: ... when were met by a mysterious stranger from scene 5.

The_Director :: Before the Black Knight followed a suspicious boy through the dark streets of old Oxford.

Nick change Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

Niles_Niven :: (better ;))

The_Director :: Meanwhile, Niles talked to the stranger...

The_Director :: and across the city John Spire persuaded an old friend to spill the beans.

The_Director :: As the light dimmed, the Black Knight burst through the doors to accost the Zodiac Killer in his laboratory.

The_Director :: Before we turn the lights back on the Knight, who wants to spend Inspiration on Dramatic Editing?

The_Director :: (Niles: you are in the car with the stranger)

The_Director :: (John: you are somewhere at the edge of town)

The_Director :: (You may use dramatic editing for a well timed arrival if you wish)

Niles_Niven realises what the mystery man I talking about and bolts for the door and runs in the direction the Knight went... if he went in alone he壇 be in serious trouble....

Niles_Niven is running after the knight with a feeling of dread in his gut... he thumbs through his pocket looking for the pistol

The_Director :: (Are you spending inspiration?)

Niles_Niven :: (I知 not... I think Dingo could use some though)

The_Director :: (if you don't spend it, you won't get there in time)

Niles_Niven sees that he won't be able to get there just across the street and runs up a plank to the side and leaping over a fence into a crosstreet that will take him in front of the cathedral instead of around the block... (how many ?)

The_Director :: (John: what are you doing?)

john_spire :: (ok I知 finished talking to my friend right? so I think I probably go back to the others or something)

john_spire :: (bah I can't seem to get in character now)

john_spire goes back to niven's place

Black_Knight :: (my memory is really bad, but iirc, I just kick in the door *G*)

The_Director :: (Remember, the Knight is about to have his head kicked in. You may want to spend some Inspiration to be conveniently be close to the action.)

Niles_Niven :: (I have either one or two more...)

The_Director :: Knight: yeah, you are frozen in mid-kick...

john_spire :: (ok I spend a inspiration point so that where ever the black knight now is on my route :))

Niles_Niven :: (yep I have one... the running up the plank is all I can do...)

The_Director :: (well 2... I made an error Niles)

The_Director :: OK!

The_Director :: Cut back to the Black Knight as the stage lights back up and time resumes to normal...

Black_Knight's foot connects with the door and the door flies open.

The_Director :: As the door crashes open, you see a room lit by candles all around.

The_Director :: The room is dominated by two glass spheres, each at least five meters across, hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

The_Director :: Between them sit twelve ragged teenagers, chanting some strange tongue.

The_Director :: As the chanting rises and descends, some sort of green goo or green light seems to drift from the left hand sphere to the right.

The_Director :: Underneath the green haze, you can just make out the fetal forms of young children curled up in the left hand sphere,

The_Director :: while in the right a familiar looking figure is starting to take shape, right down to the green cape.

Black_Knight tries to run towards the right hand sphere and smash it with my sword

Nick change Picks-at-Flies -> Zodiac_Killer

john_spire :: (Santa Claus in a green cape?)

Zodiac_Killer looks up in surprise from the side of the room.

Zodiac_Killer sends a green bolt hurtling towards the Knight.

The_Director :: Knight: you may dodge, dodge and strike or just strike.

Black_Knight :: (I will strike, for my armor should protect me)

Black_Knight :: (and I have the "element" of surprise on my side)

Zodiac_Killer screams in frustration as the bolt flies wide.

Zodiac_Killer :: Do you know how long it takes to build a clone? And now you have gone and destroyed everything!

Black_Knight turns towards him and lifts his sword in salute.

Black_Knight :: En Garde

Zodiac_Killer's hand slowly turns into a giant red claw, big enough to crush your head.

Black_Knight smirks at him and begins to slowly circle him.

Black_Knight :: (and how does he do that, words, concentration, or just "poof" his hand is a red claw ??)

The_Director :: (it is a dramatically slow morphing effect)

Zodiac_Killer :: You may have recovered from Sagittarius's arrows, but Cancer will crush you!

The_Director closes in carefully.

john_spire :: (oooh ranting bad guy :), hammerspace munches on some chips)

The_Director :: (oops)

Niles_Niven runs in, his old revolver in front of him and is looking around

Niles_Niven :: Knight... it's a... Oh...

Zodiac_Killer closes in carefully.

The_Director :: The chanters are staying in place, ignoring the taunting going on around them.

The_Director :: Meanwhile a green slime is spreading over the floor.

The_Director :: And everyone roll initiative!

Niles_Niven rolled 1d10 dice and got: 5

Black_Knight rolled 1d10 dice and got: 6

Black_Knight :: (16)

Black_Knight :: (10 from dex, wits & intuitive facet, 6 from roll)

Zodiac_Killer rolled 1d10 dice and got: 6

Niles_Niven :: (11 + Threat Awareness)

Zodiac_Killer :: (12 here)

The_Director :: Niles here.

The_Director :: Niles first even.

Niles_Niven :: (okay... as I do have these knacks of mine I知 guessing I already have the lay of the room and where is what in the room... anything specific that caught my attention and do those cylinders look like a bullet would brake them ? :))

Niles_Niven :: (and before you say I take the moment to take the room in, the moment I saw the room I took the room in ;))

The_Director :: The spheres look like they are made of strong glass, but that is because of what they are carrying. They are probably not bullet proof.

The_Director :: It also looks as if Zodiac was wrapping up a body for disposal.

Niles_Niven :: (The Zodiac himself in relation to the Knight or "innocents" ?)

The_Director :: That means before he was disturbed.

Niles_Niven :: (by the knight's subtle entrance... :))

The_Director :: so what are you doing?

Niles_Niven :: (this is the threat awareness action ?)

The_Director :: (yes)

Niles_Niven shoots the Zodiac, but this time he is not going for the torso but for the head, the armor should be thicker and with luck even this cranky old thing can hit the eye slit...

Niles_Niven :: (1 willpower)

The_Director :: (go ahead)

Niles_Niven rolled 4d10 dice and got: 6, 5, 6, 6

Niles_Niven :: (wooo hoo!)

Niles_Niven :: (ah only the willpower counts)

Niles_Niven :: (still good )

The_Director :: Roll 1 damage dice.

Niles_Niven :: (1 damage dice ?)

Niles_Niven :: (eeek!)

Niles_Niven rolled 1d10 dice and got: 9

Zodiac_Killer grins as the bullet leaves a small dent in his cheek.

Niles_Niven :: (btw WW1 revolvers were 5-6d10... plus it was a called shot... I think I am going to bash the knight's brain in for making such armor!)

The_Director :: (shocking)

Niles_Niven looks at the Zodiac in disbelief

The_Director :: (Knight)

Black_Knight is a tad distracted by the bullet whizzing by, but besides that he will try to strike the Zodiac in the shoulder area (if he's as well protected as I am, then hammering him down will work), and I will try to keep on the move enough to evade the nasty looking claw.

The_Director :: (sure... he is not dodging)

Black_Knight :: (so 2 actions)

Black_Knight rolled 11d10 dice and got: 10, 2, 7, 1, 7, 5, 6, 4, 3, 7, 8

Black_Knight :: (scrap that roll)

Black_Knight rolled 9d10 dice and got: 7, 4, 10, 4, 2, 4, 3, 3, 8

Black_Knight :: (3 successes)

The_Director :: What is your damage.

Black_Knight :: (I think we agreed on 3L)

Black_Knight :: (Str+3 that is)

Black_Knight :: (so 6 in total for damage, 3 for the leftover successes)

The_Director :: Roll 3 damage dice

Black_Knight rolled 3d10 dice and got: 9, 7, 10

Black_Knight :: (neat)

Zodiac_Killer screams in pain and surprise and swings the claw at your neck.

Zodiac_Killer rolled 7d10 dice and got: 8, 6, 1, 3, 9, 7, 7

Zodiac_Killer :: (4 sux! Beat that!)

Niles_Niven :: (eeek! inspiration time!)

Black_Knight :: (I can still defend...)

Black_Knight rolled 8d10 dice and got: 9, 1, 9, 1, 4, 6, 4, 1

Black_Knight :: (ouch)

Niles_Niven :: (oh crap)

Black_Knight :: (just 2 successes)

Black_Knight backhands his sword and tries to keep the claw from hitting him, but he doesn't have enough force behind the blow.

Zodiac_Killer rolled 2d10 dice and got: 2, 4

Black_Knight's tough armor absorbs the blow though, and only a bit of his clothing is ripped by the scary looking attack.

Zodiac_Killer manages to drive past the sword and grab the Knights neck.

Black_Knight :: (oops, scratch my comment)

Zodiac_Killer smiles again as he starts closing the pincer death grip.

Zodiac_Killer :: Your friends cannot help you now!

john_spire lands on an unstable roof of a random university building

john_spire crashes through the roof and accidentally lands on top of a some weird guy wearing green.

The_Director :: OK, you can make an attack with Strength + Athletics.

Black_Knight :: (LOL)

Niles_Niven :: (he he that's what I call Inspiration :))

john_spire :: roll !9d10

john_spire rolled 9d10 dice and got: 9, 6, 4, 3, 3, 4, 8, 6, 9

The_Director :: What do you actually want to do with your attack?

Niles_Niven :: (heh brake his spine!)

Zodiac_Killer rolled 4d10 dice and got: 8, 5, 1, 7

john_spire :: this the last time I'll be taking this short cut over the university grounds

Zodiac_Killer staggers and goes down his knees, dragging the Knight with him.

The_Director :: Luckily, the Knight's special armour prevents any serious damage.

The_Director :: Niles you have your normal action, although Zodiac is currently among a pile of your allies.

The_Director :: There is also a green smoke starting to drift across the floor.

Niles_Niven :: Well at least we can rain on your parade...

Niles_Niven shoots the jar that is being filled

Niles_Niven rolled 1d6 dice and got: 4

Niles_Niven rolled 4d10 dice and got: 6, 5, 6, 1

Black_Knight :: (you manage to MISS a non-moving object ??)

The_Director :: (do no damage)

Niles_Niven :: (ST -logger please note: THIS IS ST 2.0 not ST 1.0!)

The_Director :: (ooh a botch)

john_spire :: (hey if you drink as much as Niles does the whole world seems to be moving)

Black_Knight :: (Yes, that too)

Niles_Niven :: (ah well)

Niles_Niven :: (that is a fact)

Niles_Niven :: (did I miss it or did it just bounce off ?)

The_Director :: As Niles raises the gun to shoot, it goes off accidentally in his hand, sending a bullet ricocheting across the floor and the gun flies from his hand.

Niles_Niven swears pretty loudly

Niles_Niven slaps ST-Logger around a bit with a large trout

The_Director :: Next round. John I think you need to roll initiative.

john_spire rolled 1d10 dice and got: 10

The_Director :: John, your action :)

john_spire realises he landed on top of someone and quickly gets up to see if the person is all right

john_spire :: are you all right miste..... arrg Zodiac Killer

john_spire jumps a bit backwards

john_spire also notices Niles and the black knight

Niles_Niven is standing with the expression of a man who has just seen his keys drop down the drain and his hand is frozen in a forward half grasp like he is holding a gun... however the gun is on the floor

Black_Knight is busy being choked to death

john_spire kicks and hits a couple of times before backing away

The_Director :: Roll 2 damage dice.

john_spire rolled 2d10 dice and got: 10, 1

Zodiac_Killer swears in a strange language.

The_Director :: Knight.

Black_Knight will grab the Zodiac Killer between the legs, grab hard and pull hard

The_Director :: Roll Brawl.

The_Director :: +1 difficulty.

Black_Knight :: (willpower too)

Black_Knight rolled 3d10 dice and got: 5, 2, 10

Black_Knight :: (2 successes)

The_Director :: Roll 1 dice damage.

Black_Knight rolled 1d10 dice and got: 3

The_Director :: As you raise your knee, you realise that this creature is no longer human. The parts you hit seem to have no life in them.

The_Director :: Niles.

Zodiac_Killer staggers slightly, rising to his feet.

Niles_Niven dives for his gun and then quickly raises and fires another shot towards the (damn jar)

Niles_Niven :: (1 willpower!)

Niles_Niven rolled 1d10 dice and got: 9

Niles_Niven :: (see? when you whack him with a trout he behaves!)

Niles_Niven :: (1 more in the gun)

The_Director :: The bullet hits squarely and cracks the glass.

The_Director :: Spire, your first action. Are you spending Inspiration?

john_spire :: yes

The_Director :: OK, you get an extra action later in the turn.

john_spire tries to kick the killer in to face with a cool karate kick

The_Director :: (ok, Martial Arts, +2 difficulty)

Black_Knight :: (matrix style slow motion please *G*)

john_spire rolled 10d10 dice and got: 10, 7, 8, 2, 7, 6, 9, 3, 7, 2

Niles_Niven :: (see! when I whack the ST logger then it behaves...but noooooo)

The_Director :: so... Str+4+2+3 damage-9

Niles_Niven :: (so roll your str)

john_spire rolled 3d10 dice and got: 7, 10, 10

Zodiac_Killer :: *CRUNCH*

Zodiac_Killer topples over backwards pulling the Knight with him.

john_spire continues to hang suspended in space while the other chars take their action waiting to continue with his blazing speed action :P

The_Director :: Knight - roll Stamina.

Niles_Niven :: (lol that is really a crabs pinch :))

Niles_Niven :: (Bossman what is going on in the room ?)

Black_Knight rolled 4d10 dice and got: 8, 9, 4, 3

The_Director :: Do you want to finish him off?

Black_Knight will use his sword, grab it with one hand on the hilt and the other one on the blade, and then ram it down on the Zodiac Killer's throat

Niles_Niven :: (hey didn't you say you were not a killer?)

Niles_Niven :: (you are trying to clear yourself!)

Black_Knight :: (he's not human)

Zodiac_Killer dissolves into a green goo as the sword slices through his neck.

Black_Knight :: (and besides, I have killed him before)

Black_Knight :: (that doesn't really stopped him last time)

The_Director :: Without the support of the Zodiac, the Black Knight falls head first into the slime.

Nick change Zodiac_Killer -> vacant

Niles_Niven :: Knight you killed...

Niles_Niven :: What the...

The_Director :: There is a loud crash, and the remaining glass sphere drops to the ground.

Black_Knight :: (grrr's)

The_Director :: Shards of glass fly everywhere, hitting the chanters, the children and the combatants.

The_Director :: (take a point of lethal each)

Niles_Niven :: Argh

Niles_Niven winces and looks at his hand where a shard of glass is protruding...

john_spire :: ouch

Niles_Niven grits his teeth

Black_Knight ouches

Niles_Niven winces and starts to move around the room to check the kids

The_Director :: Without the glass mechanism, the green mist that was moving vanishes up into the top of the left hand sphere and is gone.

john_spire :: ok what the hell is going on here?

Niles_Niven :: ... it's just one of those cases that are real

Niles_Niven grumbles

Niles_Niven mutters something about what did that freak mean by clone

Black_Knight wipes the slime of his helmet

The_Director :: Having successfully disrupted the clone-building facility, everyone regain a point of Willpower.

The_Director :: Everyone who has never spent a point of Willpower (just John I think) gains a point of Inspiration instead.

john_spire cheers

The_Director :: John gets a point of Inspiration for his dramatic entrance. It would be all 3 except for his reluctance!

The_Director :: The Knight gets a point of inspiration back for hitting the sphere first not the X

The_Director :: Zodiac.

Niles_Niven :: (ummm knight?)

Niles_Niven :: (knight was not attacking the spheres)

The_Director :: (yeah, when he first came in)

The_Director :: (first action he struck the sphere, long time ago now!)

Black_Knight :: (I struck the sphere first)

Niles_Niven :: (you tried ;))

Niles_Niven :: (gaaah that was while I was busy here with the hellion... sorry Dingo...)

Black_Knight :: So..

Black_Knight :: Niles, your floor..

Niles_Niven :: (but Director... What's a clone? What was happening there? and why are we standing there like putzes feeling completely clueless ?)

Black_Knight :: Call me if you find anything new...

Niles_Niven :: ...

Niles_Niven :: new?

Niles_Niven :: that reminds me

Niles_Niven :: go back where that guy was

Niles_Niven :: I think he can clear you of the murder charges... and he knew too much about this... go back and see if he's still there... however I doubt it...

Niles_Niven :: Fuckwit get over here and help me with these kids...

Black_Knight :: who ?

Black_Knight :: Mr. Niven, Mr. Spire does any of you have some sort of container ?

Niles_Niven :: Yeah I do...

Niles_Niven :: you mean for this goo?

Black_Knight :: I'm going to see what a detailed analysis of this goo gives us..

Niles_Niven goes through his jacket and is looking for the box with bullets... he opens it and winces as he notices a single round left in it... he really needs to go shopping... he puts the round in his pocket and then proceeds to scoop some of the green stuff trying not to touch any...

Nick change vacant -> stranger

Niles_Niven throws it to Knight

Niles_Niven :: Catch

Black_Knight catches the box carefully.

stranger staggers into the room, trying to catch his breath.

Black_Knight :: Okay, Mr. Niven, if need be you know how to get in touch with me.

Black_Knight :: What ?

Niles_Niven looks at his arm and carefully pulls on the shard and proceeds to wrap it to stop the bleeding...

Niles_Niven :: ah... that's the guy I was talking about...

Niles_Niven :: and he didn't pull a disappearance :)

Niles_Niven :: (sorry that smiley is the player)

Black_Knight :: okay.

Black_Knight :: Start talking Mister.

stranger :: *pant* Sorry... I am not as fit as you all are.

stranger :: So... can one of you explain where we are

Black_Knight :: On the grounds of the former Cathedral.

Niles_Niven :: in a place where this bloody freak was mutilating his body and the minds of these kids with some sort of alchemical and or magical crap?

Niles_Niven :: and oddly I am actually going to use the term magical as I don't think I have a plausible explanation how a man turns into goo... or claims goo creates clones...

stranger :: Hmmm... I do not recognise the ritual.

stranger :: Perhaps there is tome around here which I can look at?

Niles_Niven :: hey

Niles_Niven :: mister I come from the night offering answers....

stranger potters around the edge of the room with his candle, and slowly a warm light fills the room.

Niles_Niven :: could you first explain what the hell was this?

Niles_Niven :: and how were the criminals connected with alchemy, magic, or whatever this crud actually was?

stranger :: From the chanting I heard as I climbed the stairs, I think it is some kind of ritual.

Niles_Niven :: ah now that was illuminating

Niles_Niven :: Why?

Niles_Niven :: who?

Niles_Niven :: How?

stranger :: From the sounds of it, a ritual using the Enochian language, and possibly a warped variation on one of the Aeonic rites.

stranger :: Unfortunately as I think I explained, I'm not truly experienced in these magics, merely a novice.

Niles_Niven :: Enochian wasn't a language... it was just a code a couple of scientists thought up and said it was the "langauge of angels"

stranger :: But, since the magisters and the brothers are all dead or missing, I am all that remains to guide you.

Black_Knight :: Now I understand why Knights and Wizards always seem to have a quarrel in the storybooks.

Niles_Niven :: ... there wasn't a detective in the old stories...

Niles_Niven :: ... but I知 the one who is really going to hit someone unless someone starts from the top...

Niles_Niven :: what we do know

john_spire :: is this the time where I tell you guys what I have found out so far?

Niles_Niven :: is that The Zodiac stole the materials for his armor from the plant of that magnate What痴-his-name, he proceeded to attack noteworthy criminals of this place and killed each in a way befitting a certain symbol of the Zodiac...

john_spire :: the killer is also taking over the streets

Niles_Niven :: ... all this was getting pretty messy and while we were heading after his sorry hide he proceeded to attack us and our friends...

Niles_Niven grumbles something about not managing to whack him for his friend

Black_Knight :: I will have this goo analyzed, maybe it contains some elements that are very hard to obtain.

john_spire :: and kills anyone who gets in his way not just the spectacular murders everyone seems to know about

Black_Knight :: Fuckwit, are you sure that we are talking about the same person here ?

john_spire :: my contact seemed to think so

Niles_Niven :: it may be... just because he was a raving lunatic doesn't mean he wasn稚 a megalomaniac to boot

Niles_Niven :: now Mr. I came from the night...

Niles_Niven :: illuminate us poor men of the Earth...

The_Director :: (Niles: can I quote you on that?)

john_spire :: he's also giving guns to kids and using some new kind of drug

Niles_Niven :: (the raving lunatic bit ? of course :))

stranger looks up from the book he pulled out of a newly lit corner.

stranger :: I don't know as much as you think.

stranger :: I do know that a powerful ritual was carried out at the Tarot Shop.

stranger :: Before that there was no Zodiac Killer, and after it there was.

Niles_Niven :: you mean...

stranger :: Someone has made a pact with dark powers.

Niles_Niven :: That's the place I told you about, Knight...

Niles_Niven :: there was goo there...

Niles_Niven :: (was it by any chance looking like THIS goo ?)

stranger :: He has the abilities of Gods, but his will is that of his masters.

stranger :: He seeks only to destroy and corrupt.

stranger :: As to who he is, or where he is now... my vision is dark. Portents tell me that you three are wrapped up in his fate, and that of another.

Black_Knight :: So basically we have one idiot telling us that another idiot is out there killing people.

Black_Knight :: By Jove... this is going to be a mess.

Niles_Niven :: ... the keeper said there were three people who were doing dark rituals.. none of them have been seen... maybe this is the one another..

Niles_Niven :: as for Gods... those are omnipotent and throw lightning... this one has dropped after Fuckwit here dropped on his head and Knight cut his throat... that makes him quite close to a man

Niles_Niven :: no

Niles_Niven :: not another idiot

Niles_Niven :: the maker of the Zodiac

Niles_Niven :: ... everything that was done by now was not idiotic... it was smart and planned...

Niles_Niven :: and it makes sense from what you said...

Niles_Niven :: The Zodiac was the enforcer...

Niles_Niven :: and while he seemed like a vigilante

Niles_Niven :: he was actually making elbow room for someone new

Black_Knight :: that makes sense

Black_Knight :: this Zodiac Killer is too aggressive and too crazy to be the brains behind this..

Black_Knight :: By now the guy should know that he's no match for me.

Niles_Niven :: all this was actually making an additional enforcer...

Niles_Niven :: ... oh how humble

Niles_Niven looks at Knight with a smirk on his face

Niles_Niven :: If he made one... he can make more

Black_Knight :: Not when we figure out what he needs to make this goo..

Niles_Niven :: ... and from this here... it seems the Zodiac can make more of himself

Black_Knight :: and stop him from obtaining it.

Niles_Niven :: who says the goo is the only way...

Niles_Niven :: if it is magic... then we cannot be sure until we find him...

Black_Knight :: look in that other jar, those are *children*

Niles_Niven :: well that doesn't help, then

Niles_Niven :: ... children are a common commodity...

Niles_Niven has a grim voice

Black_Knight :: There is no such thing as magic.

Black_Knight :: only stuff we don't understand yet.

john_spire :: what is with these children anyways

Niles_Niven :: ... yeah right... and Zombies in the sewers?

stranger :: I think I can answer that.

Niles_Niven :: Or the killer bunnies last year?

stranger :: From the notes scribbled on the margins here it seems clear that children were a more powerful sacrifice for the ritual.

john_spire :: where do the children come from?

stranger :: It is a variant on the Transference of the Chosen Guardian.

Niles_Niven :: Transference of The Chosen blah blah blah being?

john_spire :: and how do the murders relate to this ritual?

stranger :: Yes. Using the life force of another animal, sorcerers can protect their havens or perform simple tasks.

Black_Knight frowns

stranger :: The recommended animal is a rabbit or fox, which creates a being capable of little thought and of weak strength.

stranger :: With the life of children being channeled through a plane of dark magic, who knows how powerful this servant could be.

Niles_Niven :: ... what would you get if you used grown humans?

john_spire :: as powerful as the Zodiac Killer?

Black_Knight :: Anyways, you talk with this guy any further, and if he's by any chance willing to talk to the cops or the press, have him clear my name. I'm going to visit someone.

stranger :: Since human sacrifice has been banned for centuries, that knowledge has not been taught to me.

stranger :: I will tell you that the real Zodiac Killer is likely to be far more powerful than his servants.

Black_Knight :: You mean we have been fighting servants until now ?

stranger :: Most certainly.

stranger :: But you have destroyed his means of creating more, at least for now.

john_spire sighs

Black_Knight :: okay, tell me what ingredients he needs to make these things, especially the rare things. I make sure he won't get them..

john_spire :: ok all this magic stuff seems way over my head

john_spire :: new drugs and getting guns to kids I can understand, but creating magic Zodiac Killers

john_spire :: well that's just weird

Niles_Niven :: so... mister Akumo... is there any normal name we can use for you... or is there something you could tell us about yourself, your interest in the zodiac and why exactly are you helping us with this

Nick change stranger -> Akumo

Akumo :: Akumo is my name, as given to me by mother.

Akumo :: And I am helping you because nobody else can.

Niles_Niven :: ... am I the only one who finds this... disturbing?

john_spire :: what disturbing?

Black_Knight :: Yes, it's quite disturbing.

Black_Knight :: so... Akumo, what are the rare ingredients he needs for this .... ritual...

Akumo :: A sacrifice and a coven of sorcerers to work the magic.

Black_Knight :: Any special materials ?

Akumo :: However, incense, candles and a ritual circle most likely of blood help.

Black_Knight :: Places ?

Akumo :: The most difficult part is finding people who understand the magic enough to cast it.

Niles_Niven lets the knight ask the questions and walks around the room searching for anything interesting... he also tries to see what is Akumo doing

Akumo points at the former chanters, now lying or sitting dazed, clutching their heads and wondering who they are.

Akumo :: I don't these will be any more use to him.

john_spire wonders if they are drugged

The_Director :: There seems to be a commotion outside the tower.

john_spire goes outside to see what's going on

The_Director :: You see a police car parked outside the streets. It is rare to see any in the undercity.

Black_Knight :: (uh oh... Black Knight spotted *G*)

The_Director :: The police are talking frantically to a group of people that has gathered who are pointing excitedly to your tower.

The_Director :: Over the wind you can just about make out "Black Knight......Zodiac Killer"

john_spire :: ok Mr. black knight do you need any help getting out here?

Niles_Niven :: Knight

Niles_Niven :: take any way out of here you can

Niles_Niven :: and FAST

john_spire :: I can take Mr. tin can with me

Black_Knight :: Don't worry, I can get away easily... I just need someone to run to my bike (it's parked at the wall and bring the pack on the back to me)

The_Director :: (yes he dropped it near the end of his pursuit, a few hundred yards away)

Black_Knight :: Bring the pack that's on my bike, it's parked near the wall... I can get away easily that way...

john_spire rushes to the bike, gets the pack and climbs back up

Black_Knight :: Thank you, Mr. Spire.

john_spire grins

john_spire holds out his hand

john_spire :: that will be 10 dollar, Mr. black knight

Black_Knight grins

john_spire :: and that's without tip

Akumo turns to Niles.

Black_Knight takes a 100 pound bill from his pocket and hands it to John Spire....

Akumo :: I believe you have enough information to be able to trace the true Zodiac Killer. When you do, write the location on a piece of paper with my name and burn it.

Black_Knight :: And now you don't nag me again about money.

Akumo :: I cannot fight him myself, but I will try to help you how I can.

john_spire :: (oh yeah England pounds)

Black_Knight :: (Is there a backdoor or something ?)

Niles_Niven :: and this will actually work?

The_Director :: There is the roof.

Black_Knight :: Okay, John, one more little service from you... help me get out of here.

The_Director :: And if you can get to ground level there is a labyrinth of corridors and buildings.

john_spire grins

Niles_Niven :: just hurry...

Black_Knight :: Don't worry, I have a distraction.

Akumo :: If you put down the text correctly and burn it as I told you, I will know.

Niles_Niven :: ... riiight...

Niles_Niven is busy puling the teens out and checking on them

Akumo :: But do not do it in vain for such magics are not easily recast.

john_spire guides the black knight across the rooftops

Black_Knight :: My thanks...

Niles_Niven :: sure...

Akumo leaves by the damaged double doors, and you hear footsteps going down.

Nick change Akumo -> vacant

Niles_Niven checks the book Akumo was reading

Black_Knight :: Now join Niven again...

Black_Knight :: He needs your assistance.

john_spire :: he does?

john_spire :: ah well, ok I'll see what I can do

The_Director :: Niles: the children are extremely weak, and although they are all damaged by the glass it does not seem to be that.

Black_Knight :: And keep him away from the alcohol.

Black_Knight walks away around a corner and finds a dark place to quickly change..

john_spire joins Niles

The_Director :: Most of them are crying.

The_Director :: The book is nowhere to be seen.

The_Director :: You seem to remember seeing Akumo carrying something with him.

Black_Knight pulls coat from the pack John got and a fedora and puts his mantle and his helmet and mask back into the pack.

Nick change Black_Knight -> Daniel_Masters

Daniel_Masters calls a cab.

Daniel_Masters :: (Cellphone if you were wondering)

The_Director :: (once you get to main street level, fine)

The_Director :: Anyway, about ten minutes the later the police arrive.

The_Director :: Assuming you are both still there, they take your name and address and ask you if they can take your statement later.

Niles_Niven has moved the kids to the side and removed the debris from them

john_spire :: are the children all right?

The_Director :: By the time the police arrive, they come with the reinforcements so despite making a dramatic armed entrance, they end up escorting the 20 odd people to the ambulances.

The_Director :: And the 3-4 childrens' corpses to the morgue van.

john_spire :: :(

The_Director :: John: are you giving them real details?

john_spire sighs I assume that the police want me to do lots of explaining

The_Director :: They only want your name and address for the time being. They thank you but want you to get your injuries treated before they take statements.

The_Director :: The only question they really ask is "where is the Zodiac Killer" which you can easily fob off...

The_Director :: ... or you can tell them that only he clone was here and he evaporated.

john_spire :: they don't recognise me as the guy who jumped into the stadium with the mobster's daughter?

The_Director :: No.

The_Director :: (Not yet)

Niles_Niven tells them the Black Knight was here... he attacked the Zodiac to save them... but as he was about to strike him down the Zodiac disappeared in a cloud of green smoke

Niles_Niven :: He has either been carrying chemicals that combusted because of the fight and all that's left is that goo... or he has escaped...

Niles_Niven :: However the knight saved these innocents...

Niles_Niven :: (and I知 guessing they know who I am ;)9

The_Director :: (yeah)

john_spire tells that he was on the campus terrain when he saw something suspicious, and when he was checking it out he saw the black knight fighting the killer

The_Director :: And your details? How real are they?

john_spire :: the black knight was fighting the killer, and the killer seemed to disappear in a cloud of green smoke

john_spire :: I知 not really sure what happened

The_Director :: No. Your name and address. Are they real?

john_spire :: ah

john_spire :: yeah I give my real name and address this time

The_Director :: Hokay.

john_spire :: lying at this point would only cause me more trouble

The_Director :: It is evening. Where is everyone going?

john_spire :: I知 going to Mr. niven's place

Daniel_Masters is going to visit a friend..

The_Director :: Which one? The male one?

Daniel_Masters :: (yes, the scientist (but we can do that in downtime somewhere if you want))

The_Director :: Do people want to continue for half an hour (discussion and downtime)

The_Director :: or go to bed early?

Daniel_Masters :: (nah, I'd rather not)

Daniel_Masters :: (I'm getting hungry again and I'm quite tired)

The_Director :: Then it is a good place to stop.

Nick change The_Director -> Picks-at-Flies

Nick change Daniel_Masters -> d1ng0

d1ng0 :: (Tiredness may be from hunger)

Picks-at-Flies :: No more clones, just one more session.

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people, organisations and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
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