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cast (sunday december 7th 2003)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
Evil-ST				-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 1: a murder in the city ...

Nick change: Picks-at-Flies -> Evil-ST
AC_Newton :: (Evil-ST? This bodes no well *g*)
d1ng0 :: (indeed)
Niles_Niven :: (yep time to be worried)
Niles_Niven :: (but this IS adventure... at last we have Dramtic Editing :))
Nick change: d1ng0 -> Black_Knight
Evil-ST :: Muhahahaha!
Evil-ST has just put on War of the Worlds.
Evil-ST :: Is anyone logging this?
Tessa_Duin :: This is Tessa Duin coming to you live from the home of Counsellor William Hartnell.
Tessa_Duin :: Police are investigating the death of the counsellor this morning. His body was found by his neighbour on his driveway when he was going to work this morning.
Tessa_Duin :: From what we can ascertain, Counsellor Hartnell was stabbed through the throat.
Tessa_Duin :: The police have not found the weapon, but did find a symbol carved into his face. They believe it is a stylised M that is the symbol of Scorpio.
Tessa_Duin :: We have information that suggests this murder follows on from two previous murders in the Old City.
Tessa_Duin :: When we put this to the police they offered no comment.
Nick change: Black_Knight -> Daniel_Masters
Tessa_Duin :: .. ... ... This is Tessa Duin reporting for Millenium News.
Nick change: Tessa_Duin -> vacant

Evil-ST :: OK, the date is November 8th 2000.
Evil-ST :: The explosion was 3 years ago, and you have all had time to develop and grow accustomed to your new abilities.
Evil-ST :: The city officially opened on April 11th, and very quickly it became apparent that the undercity was low priority.
Evil-ST :: Hence why the previous two murders only appeared on the news today.
Evil-ST :: Niles - you get a headsup ahead of time. Your friend thinks you ought to take a look.
Niles_Niven takes a cab and heads to the site
Evil-ST :: Daniel - you knew the counsellor, he was a good man to approach if you had cash and wanted things done.
Evil-ST :: (btw counsellor = politician at a city level, not a member of parliament)
Daniel_Masters will go take a look too (as myself)
Evil-ST :: The counsellors home is about 4 levels up, but the apartments are staggered to allow each to have their own driveway.
Evil-ST :: A large crowd of media, police and general busybodies are crowded onto the driveway.
Niles_Niven pushes through the crowd to the perimeter and tries to cross the police line
ZenCadet :: (Ack... Must figure out way to cook food out of thin air. Have fun!)
Evil-ST :: Niles, you get shoved around until ...
Daniel_Masters arrives
Nick change: vacant -> J_Stokes
Niles_Niven pushes inside the crowd not very politely...
J_Stokes :: Niles, mate, over here.
Niles_Niven dodges under the police line and joins Stokes...
Niles_Niven :: Good Evening, inspector...
J_Stokes whispers The pressure is really on the higher-ups. We gotta get this one fixed quickly, thought you might be able to help.
Niles_Niven leans towards him... yes... this is a high profile case... is there any other reason you called me?
J_Stokes :: You mean, other than we haven't a clue?
Niles_Niven follows the inspector inside...
J_Stokes :: One of my contacts knows, well look he was bent.
J_Stokes :: But that does not stand up in court - we need something good on this on Niles.
Niles_Niven :: ...hmmm
J_Stokes shows Niles some photos. They are pretty grizzly.
Niles_Niven :: ... you should have told me to walk around... the reporters may have noticed me... i wouldn't like people writing that the Inspector Stokes "calls in the ghoul brigade"...
Niles_Niven takes a look and tries to see as much as possible from them...
Niles_Niven :: hmmm... interesting...
Niles_Niven :: i would prefer to see the scene...
J_Stokes :: No worries. I am not the main gun on this one - the Chief Inspector is personally involved. All I have to do keep the boys in blue off your back.
Niles_Niven :: it has not been disturbed by too many people i hope?
Niles_Niven :: ... he authorized yo ucalling me?
Niles_Niven :: i thought he considered me a intelligent but misguided whack...
J_Stokes :: No, the forensics team are in there now.
J_Stokes shakes his head.
Niles_Niven :: ah wel... at least i can use this chance to give him the bill for my retainer...
Niles_Niven grins
J_Stokes :: No, but he will have his full trust in your abilities once you have found the murderer, no?
Niles_Niven :: ... i meant the department...
Niles_Niven ahemms
Niles_Niven :: ... i think he is still hating the fact that he missed that shoelace last year...
J_Stokes gives a knowing wink.
Niles_Niven smiles
Evil-ST :: Niles, the stab wound is more round than knife-shaped.
Niles_Niven :: (what is on the photoes... how does the vicitm look like... is there any clue how the killer entered?)
Niles_Niven :: (round... more like a spear ?)
Niles_Niven :: (or round as somebody turnign the blade ?)
Evil-ST :: You are no medical expert, but from the man's face you think he must have been alive when the scorpio was carved into his face.
Niles_Niven :: (well i have the rudimentary knowledge needed for my proffesion)
Evil-ST :: more a funny-shaped spear.
Niles_Niven takes a closer look at the photo...
Niles_Niven :: well i'd say that someone wanted him to know why he was being killed...
Evil-ST :: Entry: the door was forced, more pushed straight open by someone very strong.
Niles_Niven :: ... he was alive when they carved the symbol on him... the face expression is a result of pain...
Evil-ST :: There is sign of a struggle, but it did not extend much beyond the doorway. The counsellor must have known the killer, and have been afraid of him.
Niles_Niven takes a look at the doors... do they look as if some implement was used or were they just torn asunder?
Evil-ST :: The tidy nature of the scene, combined with the brutality of the strike, makes it look less like a professional assassin, but someone who was nonetheless sure of their abilities.
Niles_Niven :: ... hmm very simple... no fuss...
Evil-ST :: Looking at the lock, you catch a glimpse of a green thread.
Niles_Niven :: the councilor accepted the man...
Niles_Niven crouches
Niles_Niven looks at the lock
Niles_Niven :: has this door already been checked?
Evil-ST :: It looks as if someone pushed it with their hand.
Niles_Niven :: (what Str would be needed for that ?)
Evil-ST :: Daniel - are you doing anything?
Daniel_Masters is just standing among the crowd of gawkers
Niles_Niven takes out a small pair of tweezers from his jacket
J_Stokes asks something of one of the forensics team.
Daniel_Masters has a acceptable reason to be here
Niles_Niven takes out the thread and looks at it...
J_Stokes :: Yes, the door is done.
Niles_Niven :: ... well they should be a bit more observative...
Niles_Niven :: here look at this
Niles_Niven presents the green thread
Niles_Niven :: (does it look liek something from a clothign article or something like hair ?)
Evil-ST :: A weightlifter could apply that kind of pressure, but they would leave larger marks.
Evil-ST :: you can see faint marks left by dirt on a hand.
Niles_Niven :: (?what hand... what dirt where ?)
Evil-ST :: You would say the fibre was some artificial material - nylon or something more modern.
Niles_Niven :: ... hmmm this seems to be a part of the clothing of the attacker...
Evil-ST :: (To be clear: one of the reasons you think it was a hand that was used to open the door was that there are trace marks around the lock that fit a hand being placed there, a hand with the usual days dirt on it.
J_Stokes :: Tut, tut. You just cannot get the staff nowadays.
Niles_Niven :: (ah thank you.. .so there is just one hand ?)
Evil-ST :: Yes.
Niles_Niven :: Intriguing...
J_Stokes takes the fibre with his gloved hand and puts it in a forensics bag.
Niles_Niven :: the man that opened these doors was either as strong as a bull... and i mean quite in that scale or was an acomplished martial artist...
Niles_Niven :: ... what did your men conclude=
Niles_Niven :: ?
J_Stokes :: Well, not much yet to be honest. We are waiting for the boffins to get back to us.
J_Stokes :: We have no murder weapon, nobody saw anything.
Niles_Niven :: look at this
Niles_Niven uses the tweezers to outlien the hand
J_Stokes :: (at what?)
Niles_Niven :: (the door)
J_Stokes :: What? I cannot see anything?
Niles_Niven :: (has the wood on the door where the hand pressed fallen in ?)
Evil-ST :: (not particularly... slight dent, but the force was well targeted.
Niles_Niven :: do you have any dusting powder?
J_Stokes :: We know this is where they got in, and then they dragged the body onto the driveway.
J_Stokes :: We are rounding up the usuals, but that is just clutching at straws...
J_Stokes ponders
J_Stokes :: Oh! Hold on...
J_Stokes passes Niles some powder.
Daniel_Masters yawns a bit bored
Niles_Niven takes the brush and slowly applies a small ammount of it to the point where i noticed the hand...
J_Stokes :: You get a vague outline. However, no fingerprints - he obviously was wearing some kind of glove.
Niles_Niven :: you haven't noticed this?
Niles_Niven :: this is why i am quite sure it was one man...
J_Stokes :: What have you got? We assumed they used a ram.
Niles_Niven :: or woman... with the stuff i saw i am not willing to write off the possibility...
Niles_Niven :: this... is a man's hand
Niles_Niven :: look at the way it hit...
Evil-ST :: (it could have been Fatima Whitbread ;) )
Niles_Niven :: as i said the person was either very very strong, or had some uniqe skill that allowed it to tear it aside...
Niles_Niven :: (heh ;))
Niles_Niven crouches down
J_Stokes :: the ground is concrete, and regularly swept. However, you do spot traces of a white powder.
Niles_Niven :: oh?
Niles_Niven leans down and tries to identify it and where it is leading...
Evil-ST :: You really cannot tell what it is!
Evil-ST :: you can narrow it down to chalk dust or coke.
Niles_Niven puts on a glave and asks for another evidence bag...
Niles_Niven :: hmmm...
Evil-ST :: With great difficulty, you manage to acquire some.
Daniel_Masters feels kinda glad that nobody has noticed him yet
Niles_Niven :: will there be an autopsy performed over the councilor?
Evil-ST :: Oh, and Niles. You notice a prominent businessman looking on with some interest ;)
Niles_Niven looks at the traces of the powder on hsi fingertips and simply turns it inside out carefulyl and puts it in one of his jacket pockets
Niles_Niven :: Oh?
Niles_Niven rises up
Niles_Niven looks at the man
Niles_Niven :: (what do i see)
J_Stokes :: Of course, a priority. give us a couple of hours and we will be able to tell you what he had for breakfast on Tuesday.
Daniel_Masters :: (You see me, Daniel Masters, owner and CEO of Masters Industries)
Niles_Niven :: (that bit is obvious... what do i see from his clothes posture and the rest?)
Daniel_Masters is dressed in a grey 3 piece suit, holding a cane with a nice silver knob.
Daniel_Masters is obviously a bit bored
Evil-ST :: (worries about Daniel having kids... we will have Masters race on our hands.)
Niles_Niven :: (LOL)
Daniel_Masters :: (lol)
Niles_Niven :: What is that man doing here... he doesn't look like a detective... he looks familiar to me...
Daniel_Masters is standing where the rest of the gawkers stand you know *g*
J_Stokes :: Oh, no idea. We get all sorts at high profile investigations.
Niles_Niven :: ... oh... and exactly how do we know he isn't here contaminating the scene?
Daniel_Masters :: (Because I'm standing behind the police line)
Nick change: P-a-F -> Tessa_Duin
Daniel_Masters :: (and do you really think that one as rich as I, would do such a dirty thing as murder Myself ?)
Tessa_Duin runs up to Daniel.
Tessa_Duin :: Mr Masters, what a pleasant surprise! Were you a friend of the counsellor?
Daniel_Masters :: (camera present or not ?)
Niles_Niven continues looking around the place
Tessa_Duin is shadowed by her TV crew.
Niles_Niven :: (i let dingo play a bit :)
J_Stokes :: Niles, feel free to have a look around. I have to do a few things - let me know if there is anything else you need.
Daniel_Masters :: Well, Miss Duin, the councellor and I were aquaintances. We worked together on several projects for the benefit of the inhabitants of Millenium City
Daniel_Masters :: When I heard that a man who had done so much good for the city was murdered in his own appartment I just had to come and show my face.
Tessa_Duin :: Do you have anything to say about his death? On or off the record.
Tessa_Duin gets very close.
Tessa_Duin :: It must be a terrible shock. How are you feeling?
Tessa_Duin looks very concerned.
Daniel_Masters smiles
Daniel_Masters :: Better than the circumstance would dictate.
Tessa_Duin :: I know this is very forward of me, but I would love to do a piece on one of the leading businessmen in the city. Perhaps we could meet for lunch sometime?
Daniel_Masters :: Just make an appointment with my secretary like any other journalist. I'm sure he will find a suitable time for an interview.
Tessa_Duin grabs your arm.
Daniel_Masters :: But Miss Duin shouldn't you be focussing on the police and try to find out what they have discovered ?
Tessa_Duin :: I would see it as a personal favour.
Daniel_Masters :: (appearance description would be welcome)
Tessa_Duin is a young aspiration TV reporter. Blonde, 6'1 in heels, a face smooth and almost perfectly symmetrical.
Daniel_Masters takes out his PDA and quickly checks his schedule for the next few weeks
Daniel_Masters :: (what day ?)
Evil-ST :: You can make time!
Evil-ST :: Today is a Monday.
Daniel_Masters :: (of course I can, but that doesn't mean I have to put it in immediately)
Daniel_Masters :: (Let her sweat for a moment)
Daniel_Masters :: Hmmm..
Daniel_Masters :: No, can't reschedule that..
Daniel_Masters :: hmmmm
Daniel_Masters :: How does next week Friday sound ?
Tessa_Duin 's eyes light up.
Tessa_Duin :: That would be marvellous. I shall put on my best dress and see you then. How does the Promenade sound?
Daniel_Masters :: Oh wait, that appointment is in New York, I may not be on time for Lunch.
Daniel_Masters sighs
Evil-ST :: (The promenade is an expensive but romantic restaurant.)
Tessa_Duin twists her head, just so.
Tessa_Duin :: You tease me!
Daniel_Masters :: (oh, I'm not lying, it's just that I can reschedule most of my meetings)
Daniel_Masters scans his PDA again.
Daniel_Masters :: Hmm it seems that I may have some time tonight, around nine. How does that sound ?
Tessa_Duin pauses.
Tessa_Duin :: Yes, that would be woonderful. I shall see you then at the Promenade! I do look forward to it.
Daniel_Masters smiles
Tessa_Duin flashes her eyelids.
Tessa_Duin wanders back into the crowd with her crew to interview neighbours.
Daniel_Masters waits for her to leave then grumbles
Nick change: Tessa_Duin -> vacant
Daniel_Masters focusses his attention back on the crime scene
Niles_Niven goes through the whole place humming and analysying the place...
Daniel_Masters :: (ST: Do I know Niven is not on the police payroll ?)
Evil-ST :: Daniel, you notice someone who is clearly not a member of the police pottering about.
Evil-ST :: He looks clever - might be a useful person to know.
Niles_Niven :: (well i even have Reputation 2)
Daniel_Masters :: (well reputation works in certain circles. I'm just famous in general, you are perhaps just famous among law enforcement (and criminals))
Niles_Niven :: (i'm famous in general...)
Daniel_Masters hums and goes to find some reporter
Evil-ST :: OK, unless anyone objects, let's skip some time...
Daniel_Masters will casually point out that the police have brought in some outside help in the form of Mr. Niven.
Niles_Niven :: (oh that is very bright...)
Niles_Niven :: (i will die laughing once i hear thee titles tomorrow :))
Evil-ST :: (I was thinking of passing him a wooden spoon.)
Daniel_Masters :: (Well, that too, but they might also wring something from your lips that may be useable by my alter ego)
Nick change: J_Stokes -> vacant2

Evil-ST :: What are people doing from now (10 am) until the end of the working day 5pm?
Niles_Niven :: (i will attend the section ot the councilor, hgo through all the collected evidence by the forensics and try and match the weigth of the tracks and tires with the police fornesics experts to try and find what sort of a car was there...)
Daniel_Masters will conform to his normal business hours.
Daniel_Masters :: During that I will pay a visit to the councelers secretary to find out what the counceler was doing.
Evil-ST :: autopsy: a cone shaped object, about 2inches at its base, 6 inches deep was used to stab him; the same implement, but just the tip, was used to engrave the face.
Evil-ST :: The body would seem to have been paralised with an electric shock before both carving and stabbing.
Evil-ST :: There are no needle marks.
Evil-ST :: Forensics analyses the white powder is not coke, nor chalk but some new substance.
Evil-ST :: The police try and match the tire marks with known associates... but find are impaired because the counsellor's address book is missing.
Evil-ST :: They are trying to hack into his computer.
Niles_Niven will also use the chance to drop the chief a outgoing bill with a request for th payment...
Niles_Niven :: (of the expenses)
Evil-ST :: You can guess the cars... nothing unusual for a counsellor with business contacts - family 4x4s, Saabs and those expensive German cars I have forgotten the name of.
Evil-ST gives Niles an evil grin.
Niles_Niven asks if the white powder is conductive
Evil-ST :: Daniel: you charm the secretary. From the looks of his business contacts, he made quite a fortune out of backhanders. She also pointed out that he had "private" consultations which she was not allowed to know anything about. She thinks he may have dealt with some very shady characters, but she knew nothing about them. There was nothing particularly new happening recently or in the future.
Evil-ST :: Powder: it requires more analysis.
Evil-ST :: That will be tomorrow.
Evil-ST :: Anything else for this afternoon?
Niles_Niven :: probably head to the pub with Stokes and discuss all my finding s with him... also inquire about who took interest in the case and what he has for now...
Niles_Niven :: ... after that i would head through the city contacting my COntacts and tryign to find out more about the councilor and his shady buisness
Niles_Niven :: (Contracts 5)
Niles_Niven :: (contacts 5)
Evil-ST thinks . o 0 ( ooh, Niles has 5 contracts out on him... what a plot hook! ).
Evil-ST :: Daniel, what are you doing between 5 and 9 this evening?
Niles_Niven :: (dating ;))
Niles_Niven :: (I0d ask what he was dating ;))
Evil-ST :: (what? Oh, like a Japrinian Slagbeast?)
Daniel_Masters doesn't do much till nightfall, and since I have a date at 21:00 hours, I will probably forgo that too, and just catch some shuteye for a few hours.
Daniel_Masters :: So at 20:30 I'll prepare for my date and after that it's time to patrol the crimeridden lower neighbourhoods.
Evil-ST :: OK, Niles I am skipping your initial forays into your street contacts.
Evil-ST :: You have a few leads, but you need to follow them up.
Evil-ST :: Daniel: how long do we have to wait to let your date play itself out?
Niles_Niven feels sure that this is just a minor setback... someone will know something... anf that is what he will use to jump off... with this stuff he knows that he does't have much time... but if eh makes sure he spends the time properly he will get the anwsers...
Daniel_Masters :: Since I plan on being the perfect gentleman, I doubt it will take much more than an hour an hour or 3 untill I drop her off at her appartment.
Evil-ST :: So, come midnight you are on the prowl.
Daniel_Masters :: Yep
Nick change: Daniel_Masters -> Black_Knight
Black_Knight :: Anyways, I'll be patrolling the streets.
Evil-ST :: Yes, villains cower as you pass. You help an old lady across the street, backhand a mugger that kind of thing?
Black_Knight :: That kind of thing, yes.
Evil-ST :: As you pass into the darker areas of the undercity - into the industrial estates - you see a familiar face pass into the remains of a fuel station.
Evil-ST :: BANG!
Black_Knight :: (who ?)
Evil-ST :: (wait)
Black_Knight jumps of the motorbike, draws his sword and enters the remains of the fuel station.
Niles_Niven :: (back reading what i missed)
Evil-ST :: Niles, you trailed the streets looking for a 'runner' -
Niles_Niven :: (a contact that ran away when he saw me ?)
Evil-ST :: someone who has the dangerous task of carrying messages from territory to another.
Evil-ST :: Eventually, you cornered him.
Evil-ST :: You made him talk (intimidation? bribery? some other method?)
Niles_Niven :: (probably just blackmail...)
Niles_Niven :: (as in noticign something about him that his boss or wife wouldn't like to know he did)
Niles_Niven :: (but subtle blackmail... :))
Evil-ST :: After much effort he admitted that he made occasional errands to the counsellor's house with messages from "Steve the Nail".
Evil-ST :: After more effort he admitted he knew where he might be.
Evil-ST :: Out in one of the old industrial parks was a old freight box (you know, the things that stack up on those huge boats).
Niles_Niven :: (yep container)
Evil-ST :: So, off you went, trying to find a place where you can get a good look at the place. There is an old petrol station that overlooks the back of the container, which you should be able to conceal yourself in comfortably.
Niles_Niven situates himself ther trying to scope the situation
Evil-ST :: Too late, you realise it is a trap.
Evil-ST :: BANG!

Niles_Niven :: (Threat Awareness any help ?)
Evil-ST :: (yep. you may leap out of the way in style)
Niles_Niven throws himself towards cover looking at the shooter and estiamting what he was shooting from)
Evil-ST :: Your quick glance reveals 3 men dropping from the collapsed ceiling. All are covered in muscle and wielding light hand guns (the young, thinner one has two in Tarantino style).
Niles_Niven :: (how are they dressed... anything green ?)
Evil-ST :: No green.
Evil-ST :: Initiatives, gentlemen.
Black_Knight rolled 1d10 dice and got: 3
Niles_Niven rolled 1d10 dice and got: 4
Black_Knight :: (11)
Evil-ST rolled 1d10 dice and got: 1
Niles_Niven :: (10)
Evil-ST :: (5)
Evil-ST :: Let's go for the high-iniative-may-interupt.
Nick change: vacant -> thugs
Niles_Niven :: (si senor)
Black_Knight storms into the building (about all I do at my initiative I think)
thugs :: The thugs, unaware of the knight behind them, move forward with confidence to shoot over Niles's cover.
Evil-ST :: oK.
Black_Knight :: Ahem
Niles_Niven crouches down calculating where they are... (btw Threat awarness gives me a free action)
thugs :: You ain't getting out of here alive, mister detective man. Why not give up now? BANG! (miss)
Niles_Niven :: Why, when i still have so much more to do...
Niles_Niven :: ... it is an early evening boys... maybe we could head for som beer and talk this over...
Niles_Niven looks for anything hard to throw or brick someone with...
thugs :: There are plenty of blunt instruments around. Threat awareness is not fully appropriate in this instance (just checked).
Niles_Niven keeps track where each of them is mentally (threat awareness rules)
Niles_Niven :: (don't know where they are ?)
thugs are looming directly over you now!
thugs :: *click*
Niles_Niven uses his free action for an upercut on the first guy...
Niles_Niven also twirls beneath them so they cannot shoot
Evil-ST :: Next round. The thugs aim to wound first (legs).
Niles_Niven :: (hey don't i get to hit them ?)
Black_Knight will move over, tap one of the thugs on the shoulder and when he turns around punch him in the face with the hilt of the sword.
Evil-ST :: (no. Threat awareness works on people you are aware of. You took a round to find a blunt instrument.)
Niles_Niven throws himself over the cover raising himself up and hitting as many as posible with his legs
Evil-ST :: Niles: Brawl (+1 dice), Knight: Melee
Niles_Niven :: !dice 7
Niles_Niven rolled 7d10 dice and got: 5, 8, 5, 10, 2, 7, 3
Black_Knight rolled 11d10 dice and got: 2, 5, 7, 10, 7, 4, 9, 2, 3, 8, 1
Niles_Niven :: (ummm boss?)
Nick change: vacant2 -> a_stranger
a_stranger rolled 9d10 dice and got: 5, 4, 2, 3, 9, 6, 4, 1, 7
Evil-ST :: So, what happens?
Niles_Niven :: (huh?)
Evil-ST :: Niles leaps up against the surprised thugs and topples one.
Evil-ST :: The Black Knight calmly knocks one unconcious.
Niles_Niven :: (the idea was to lift myself up the cover and then knock them)
Evil-ST :: (Have you never watched rugby? Take away the legs ...)
Niles_Niven :: (well i never watched rugby :))
Niles_Niven :: (ah well)
Niles_Niven :: (do i get the extra action this round since i see them or not ?)
Evil-ST :: And there is a red flash as the third is sent flying across the room.
Evil-ST :: (You only get one action at the beginning of combat - if it was appropriate)
Niles_Niven looks astoudned to see the Black Knight towering behind the stranger, but then he notices the red light
Black_Knight is also a bit surprised
Niles_Niven :: (sorry boss... i am kind of new to the knacks)
Evil-ST :: Next round?
thugs try to shoot various people in the head from their prone positions.
Black_Knight will strike the swords of each of the thugs (2 iirc) and slap it out of their hands (disarm)
Evil-ST :: (guns presumably)
Black_Knight :: (yeah, guns)
Evil-ST :: (Melee, two actions)
Black_Knight rolled 9d10 dice and got: 7, 2, 7, 3, 3, 2, 6, 4, 10
Niles_Niven splits the dice pool to jab the one on the floor and dodge the other one standing
Black_Knight rolled 8d10 dice and got: 8, 8, 5, 6, 3, 3, 6, 8
Black_Knight :: (1 suxx on the first, and 3 suxx on the second)
Black_Knight :: (at least I couldn't find anything about 10's)
thugs rolled 3d10 dice and got: 3, 6, 1
thugs rolled 3d10 dice and got: 9, 1, 9
thugs frantically leap out of the way of the dancing sword to no avail. Except that one still has his second gun.
Black_Knight :: (I think I bypass their strength on the damage roll probably)
Evil-ST :: Niles, are you interrupting the gun pointed at the wierd black knight's head?
Niles_Niven :: (uhm yes kicking it out of the way)
Evil-ST :: (Brawl)
Niles_Niven :: !dice 4
Niles_Niven rolled 4d10 dice and got: 4, 9, 3, 10
thugs is stunned by the turn of events and are easily dealt with.
Niles_Niven is still lying down on the floor thugs around him and is half raised on his elbows looking at the knight...
Niles_Niven :: So... tall, dark, and brooding... any partuclar reason for helping in this brawl?
a_stranger slips away into the night.
Niles_Niven gets up and looks for the source of the red light
Niles_Niven :: hey you!
Niles_Niven runs out trying to see the stranger...
Black_Knight goes after the stranger
Evil-ST :: Unfortunately, you trip on one of the thugs. You do find a card that someone left behind. It was not there earlier.
Niles_Niven picks the card...
Black_Knight :: (Cool, I just noticed that I have a permanent +2 on my initiative)
Niles_Niven :: (thank god it isn't a rose!)
Niles_Niven speaks while looking at the card at the exit...
Niles_Niven :: a friend of yours?
a_stranger :: "Well met. We shall meet again - there is more here than even you can see."
Niles_Niven :: (in this case i know where te knight is and he won't be getting away without me knowing, right ?)
Niles_Niven :: ... wow... i seem to have a fan...
Black_Knight is still here
a_stranger :: It is signed "Akubo".
Niles_Niven turns to the Knight
Niles_Niven :: (does that remind me of anything ?)
Niles_Niven :: You know... i beleied in the white aligator and found it... i believed in the zombies down below... and i found them...
Niles_Niven :: ... i never believed you were real...
Niles_Niven :: interesting...
Evil-ST :: (Not particularly. There are rumours of fatalistic cults living in the ruins of the old university.
Niles_Niven looks at the knight and tries to asses him from his equipment, posture etc)
Black_Knight just looks at Niven
Evil-ST :: There is something familiar about the Knight's stance, but you cannot quite place it.
Niles_Niven :: (so what do i get ?)
Niles_Niven goes closer to the knight
Black_Knight is dressed in a combination of "chain" mail and "leather" and is wearing a helmet with a golden visor. The rest of the face is covered by some black cloth.
Niles_Niven twirls the small card in his hand and shows it to the knight...
Niles_Niven :: ... don't know if you can read this in the dark though...
Niles_Niven grins
Niles_Niven uses the oportunity to asses the armor he is wearing
Evil-ST :: The armour is more than it seems - it is lighter than it should be. And you can spot a telltale flicker of electronics.
Evil-ST :: You also recognise the smell, but you still cannot place it.
Black_Knight takes a look at the card
Niles_Niven :: (smell of armor or what?)
Black_Knight :: (probably smell of aftershave)
Evil-ST nods.
Black_Knight :: (I have been on a date earlier after all)
Niles_Niven gives him a few seconds and then twirls the card and puts it inside his jacket
thugs are stirring.
Niles_Niven :: so would you be as nice as to escort me to the big container below...
Niles_Niven :: i need to take a look.. and there may be more scawy bad men there...
Black_Knight responds with a single nod
Niles_Niven smiles
Niles_Niven :: ... oh and those guys are moving...
Black_Knight produces some straps
Niles_Niven notices as a matter of factly...
Black_Knight :: (you know those white/black thingies that are also used in construction or by the police as impromptu handcuffs)
Evil-ST :: (No, but I will believe you.)
Niles_Niven :: (do those straps look in any way peculiar ?)
Black_Knight :: (the same as you can buy in any hardware store)
Evil-ST :: (Knight?)
Black_Knight uses them to tie up the thugs.
Nick change: a_stranger -> vacant
Black_Knight :: Sir, if you would be so kind as to call the police when we are done here. I think they have some garbage to collect.
Niles_Niven :: ... mmm... yes...
Niles_Niven :: so shall we, milord...
Black_Knight nods again
Niles_Niven :: (missing coma but hey :))
Black_Knight :: (oh before I forget, the black cloak.. it has an embroidery in gold thread of a hand holding a sword)
Black_Knight :: (upward)
Evil-ST :: There does not seem to be anyone about at the container. There seem to be some cars, but they are all empty.
Niles_Niven keeps more snide comments at the back since the man with the sword did help him out...
Niles_Niven looks for clues on and in the cars and the container...
Evil-ST :: As you approach the container, you smell blood - fresh blood.
Niles_Niven :: ... oh...
Niles_Niven hurries towards it
Evil-ST :: The container door is fractionally open, but only just.
Niles_Niven checks the door to see if it is trapped in any way...
Evil-ST :: Only by a foot stuck in the hinge. You might be able to squeeze in and free it.
Evil-ST :: Oh yes, you think you may have found Steve the Nail.
Niles_Niven gasps a bit too loudly for anyone to really be gasping... it sounds like he said GASP!
Evil-ST :: And some of his mates too.
Niles_Niven :: ok... now this is...
Niles_Niven :: umm...
Niles_Niven :: ... messed up...
Niles_Niven puts on his own gloves (not the one used to collect the white powder)
Niles_Niven opens the door
Evil-ST :: OK, you squeeze the door open (to the accompany scrunch of a foot) so you can climb in.
Evil-ST :: Knight - where are you?
Niles_Niven tries to avod getting blood over him
Black_Knight stands outside for a while
Evil-ST :: OK, Niles. You spot a monitor in front of you. It turns on.
Nick change: thugs -> Zodiac-Killer
Niles_Niven :: a monitor?
Niles_Niven saays out loud...
Niles_Niven backs slowly towards the doors
Black_Knight looks into the container
Zodiac-Killer :: I really hoped you would not make it this far. Unfortunately I cannot afford to have you interfering with my task. My masters shall see you soon.
Zodiac-Killer has a green mask covering his face with two crude holes cut for the eyes.
Zodiac-Killer 's face is replaced with a '5'. Then a '4'.
Black_Knight drags Niven back
Niles_Niven jumps out
Niles_Niven :: RUN!
Black_Knight runs, staying behind Niven (my armor should protect us both from the blast)
Evil-ST :: If only it were so easy guys and gals.
Evil-ST :: Goodbye.
Nick change: Evil-ST -> Picks-at-Flies
Black_Knight grins
Nick change: Black_Knight -> d1ng0

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
This log has been 'cleaned': comments too off topic have been removed, a couple of typos corrected and some discussion about game mechanics has gone. In addition, some private dialog was not logged.

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