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cast (saturday december 27th 2003)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
Director			-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 2: the zodiac killer wears green

Nick change: Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

Nick change: Picks-at-Flies -> Director

Nick change: d1ng0 -> Black_Knight

Director :: Note: Director is replacing Evil_ST. I thought it was more appropriate.

Black_Knight dives behind Niven as the explosion goes off

Niles_Niven :: Director Chan... how about a recap!

Director :: Note2: The character sheets are now on the MC website... you may wish to check they are accurate.

Director :: When we last left our heroes they were running away from a bomb in a container containing the dead corpses of a gang.

Director :: Anyone want to invoke dramatic editing?

Niles_Niven would like to spend one point for the body bits that i moved to enter, have been cracked and messed up enough by me passing ther that the door will not be a problem to open

Director :: Sure.

Black_Knight :: no

Director :: OK, time freeze.

Nick change: P-a-F -> Tessa_Duin

Director :: Before I go any further, Black_Knight you have an extra point of fame.

Black_Knight :: (why ?)

Tessa_Duin :: Tonight we present to you a special news report where we can reveal exclusively the identity of the so-called "Zodiac Killer".

Tessa_Duin :: The Zodiac Killer has been responsible for the deaths of several high profile citizens of Millenium City, including Counsellor William Hartnell.

Tessa_Duin :: Tonight we reveal shocking CCTV footage showing the real killer.

Niles_Niven :: (oh crap...)

Tessa_Duin :: He has been wandering the streets like a vigilante, striking terror into the hearts of all who live in this city.

Tessa_Duin reveals a still of the Black Knight entering the disused petrol station.

Tessa_Duin :: Calling himself the Black Knight, this murderer stalks the streets and murders innocents in their beds.

Tessa_Duin :: These CCTV pictures were taken moments before three citizens were slain in the petrol station they called home. Those with a nervous disposition should note that the following footage containing disturbing and graphic pictures.

Tessa_Duin shows still pictures showing three bodies. It looks like their throats has been slit. The Black Knight's picture, sword in hand, is superimposed.

Director :: You recognise the bodies as those of the three thugs you tied up.

Tessa_Duin :: With us is Chief Superintendent Roger Nagabo...

Tessa_Duin continues with her interview, attempting - and largely succeeding - at showing how dangerous the Black Knight is.

Nick change: Tessa_Duin -> vacant

Black_Knight :: (am I glad I did not yet see this)

Director :: The date is November 12th 2000. You have both had a few days to recover from the shock of first near death and then the revelation on the news.

Director :: Black_Knight: you may wish to revert to your other identity!

Director :: (yes I am skipping the explosion... your actions at the end of the last game were very quick and you survived with but shell shock.)

Nick change: Black_Knight -> Daniel_Masters

Niles_Niven :: (damn, so much about that insipration point ;))

Daniel_Masters grumbles

Director :: (um, regain it)

Niles_Niven is back in his office, amazed at the news... this is quite an odd spin from the newspapers... the Black Knight has been framed... maybe someone should be heading to see what is behind all of it...)

Niles_Niven :: (why thank you :))

Daniel_Masters needs a new TV *g*

Director :: What do people want to do? Is there anything you want to have done in the last few days?

Niles_Niven wants to pursue other contacts and try to find out who has framed him... me also wants to get his hands on the man that sent him to the petrol station

Daniel_Masters :: (You weren't framed as such, they only tried to blow you up... they framed me)

Niles_Niven :: (yes but he sent me there... and he tricked me.. .therefore i need to get him!)

Director :: Niles: You trace him to an underground club (in this case literally; the Gallatea has half-submerged into the ground).

Director :: You are about to enter, when you notice that three goons are approaching and are about to draw weapons. Without thinking you dodge aside... You may choose to stick around if you really wish...

Daniel_Masters is going to have those images analyzed...

Niles_Niven concludes that it is better to avoid the place...

Niles_Niven makes a mental note to catch the guy once the situation calms down

Niles_Niven heads and makes inquirires that coem from a 3rd side about the Zodiac Killer, the BLack Knight, Tessa Duin and the killings of the councilman

Director :: Daniel: sure - you can get a copy from someone. Your superintelligent friend concludes that they are genuine - he gets back to you today.

Daniel_Masters ponders

Director :: Niles: you hear lots of rumours and speculation...

Director :: you find that as soon as you mention the Zodiac Killer, they either repeat stuff they heard off the news about the Black Knight. Or they clam up like a, well, clam.

Director :: If, however, you mention the Black Knight first, a load of guys in the street are more than happy to refer to him as the Zodiac Killer, but you notice that they find it hard not to laugh at this point. It looks like they are glad he is off their streets but for more personal reasons.

Director :: You don't get much on Tessa Duin and the councilman's death apart from the obvious, although you do make headway over some shifty looks when the councilman is mentioned. This is followed by another brush with hired thugs which only confirms it.

Daniel_Masters sends a nice invitation to MCTV

Daniel_Masters has something reasonably important to say.

Niles_Niven :: (hmmm and there is nothing else interesting? i do have contacts 5... it seems that info is quite rare on the streets)

Nick change: vacant -> Ian_Huntley

Ian_Huntley :: Daniel Masters, welcome to Millenium View.

Daniel_Masters :: (what kind of program is this ?)

Ian_Huntley :: (local current affairs program... top ratings at the moment due to the Zodiac Killer. What would you have chosen?)

Niles_Niven :: (doesn't daniel have an interview with the reporter ?)

Daniel_Masters :: (that works)

Daniel_Masters :: Thank you Mr. Huntley.

Ian_Huntley :: May I say first of all how generous you have been...

Ian_Huntley :: ...what with your twenty thousand donation last month towards the Millenium Hospital appeal.

Daniel_Masters :: It allways helps to make Millenium City a better place to live in for us all. So I wasn't really generous in my donation. More selfish.

Daniel_Masters smiles

Ian_Huntley pauses for a moment, slightly taken aback.

Daniel_Masters :: (That was supposed to be a small jest)

Ian_Huntley :: (I know.. he isn't very good)

Ian_Huntley :: (um, Ian huntley is not very good)

Ian_Huntley :: I understand you have come here for rather more serious reasons.

Daniel_Masters :: I am, Mr. Huntley.

Daniel_Masters :: I'm here to give a little bit more incentive in stopping this psychopath that runs our streets. This Zodiac Killer, this self proclaimed Black Knight.

Ian_Huntley nods attentively.

Daniel_Masters :: With this Black Knight roaming the streets of our wonderful city it isn't safe for our citizens to walk around anymore and this criminal has to be stopped.

Director I am sure everyone here would agree with you.

Daniel_Masters :: That is why I have put up a special reward for the arrest or the tip leading to his arrest of this Black *sneering* Knight in the ammount of five hundred thousand pounds.

Director :: (oops again)

Niles_Niven :: (500 000 Quid? are you sane?)

Niles_Niven :: (you don't have resources 6!)

Ian_Huntley 's jaw drops. He wasn't expecting that!

Director :: (yes he does!)

Daniel_Masters :: (No, but 500k should be enough to draw the Zodiac Killer out to prove that the Black Knight did not kill those people)

Niles_Niven :: (whoa)

Niles_Niven :: (WHOA!)

Daniel_Masters :: (and by putting it on my own head, it should be reasonably safe to assume that without appearing as the Black Knight nobody is going to get the reward)

Ian_Huntley :: fi..five hundred .. thousand .. pounds?

Daniel_Masters :: (and even if they do... it's not spare change, but I think I shouldn't die from it)

Daniel_Masters :: That's correct, Mr. Huntley

Daniel_Masters looks stern

Ian_Huntley looks at the camera.

Daniel_Masters :: (This should reach the evening news and the papers and actually put all the "infamy" of the Zodiac Killer in the Black Knights name..)

Ian_Huntley :: You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. Mr Daniel Masters is offering five hundred thousand pounds for the capture of the Black Knight.

Niles_Niven :: (Fame -> 6 ? :))

Ian_Huntley puts raises his finger to his earpiece and listens carefully for a couple of seconds.

Ian_Huntley :: We will have more on this story, right after our report on bogus traffic wardens.

Director :: Daniel: you may sit in for the second half of the program if you wish.

Daniel_Masters will stay..

Director :: Both of you: the networks go wild. All your contacts work overtime to try to both give and receive information.

Director :: Daniel: all the media immediately offer you deals over rights to gather information, give you information and exclusive interviews.

Director :: Niles: you gather a bit more info - the black knight was originally thought to be some kind of vigilante, taking down wanted criminals in the undercity, protecting the innocent that kind of thing. Everyone just wants to believe he is the Zodiac Killer now so they can claim their reward.

Director :: As for the real Zodiac Killer - nobody wants to talk.

Director :: (I won't play out other interviews, or even the rest of the program - but Daniel you get an extra temporary dot of Fame.

Daniel_Masters :: (even when I'm putting all the extra fame onto that horrible criminal, that Zodiac Killer, the Black Knight ?)

Ian_Huntley :: (the media is funny like that)

Nick change: Ian_Huntley -> vacant

Daniel_Masters is actually enjoying all that attention

Niles_Niven finds it interesting that this millionare has acted like this

Director :: Daniel: the press is bending over backwards to try and "help" you. What do you want to do?

Niles_Niven tries to get anappointment with him

Daniel_Masters 's reasons for this was to capture the one guilty of slaughtering my good friend the councelman.

Director :: Niles: several wealthy people try to commission you to investigate Daniel Masters.

Daniel_Masters will also use small moments of actually doing a little bit of advertising for my companies.

Niles_Niven :: (oh? , who ?)

Director :: Daniel: so you are just granting interviews generally? You have a company press agent who is good at sorting good offers from bad if you don't want to worry about that kind of thing.

Daniel_Masters :: (I'm not really done yet.. there's one more thing that I want to drop as to alleviate most suspicions as to "why" I'm doing this.)

Director :: Niles: other businessmen & the media. You often get requests like this, to investigate people, as do other, less good, PIs.

Niles_Niven :: (how deep do they want me to go?)

Daniel_Masters will also reveal "some interest" in becoming a council member for Millenium City.

Niles_Niven :: (how binding are their requests ?)

Director :: Heh!

Daniel_Masters :: (This should alleviate most suspicions to a "cheap" attempt at getting votes...)

Director :: Niles: the media cleverly will pay you for what you dig up - they make it clear that real dirt pays more.

Daniel_Masters has to play the billionaire playboy after all

Director :: The businessmen, well one of them is happy to pay for time up front.

Niles_Niven usaully works on a retainer

Niles_Niven finds most of those requests quite disgusting... but do any come from anything respectable?

Director :: did you want to squeeze the others for retainers?

Director :: No, no respectable ones.

Director :: You don't have a respectable reputation (few of the good PIs do!).

Daniel_Masters :: (Director: I will also drop at work that this is actually a pretty good way of advertising and because of all the commontion it will be more than worth the money.)

Director :: (it is; your sales do increase and shares start increasing uncertainly.)

Niles_Niven sends all of them polite notes that all sound as "we will see, what can be done" and he doesn't even care much about digging up dirt... but he does use it as a cover to dig into this Masters character and tries to get an audience with him

Director :: Daniel: you notice on one of the lists of requests for interviews "Niles Niven, Private Investigator". Recommended not to accept.

Daniel_Masters will accept

Director :: You may describe the scene.

Daniel_Masters will go for the possibly intimidating scene of inviting him in my office. A large room with a large oaken desk in the center of it. On it is a phone or 2 and a stylish computer. Behind me is a desk and on the desk is a fax-copy machine and a expensive espresso machine and some cups on top of it.

Daniel_Masters :: The walls are decorated impressionistic paintings of famous painters.

Niles_Niven walks through his house absorbing all around him trying to find out as much as he can about this man through what he is showing and not showing in his home...

Daniel_Masters is sitting in a large leather chair (the one that can turn around) and in front of the desk are two chairs that are designed for stylishness, but especially not for comfort.

Daniel_Masters 's whole house is a combination of old and new.

Daniel_Masters :: So very modern art in old furniture rooms and very old art in new furniture rooms.

Daniel_Masters has of course also a very large collection of melee weapons in the old furniture parts of the house.

Niles_Niven :: (do i see any familiar weapons? :))

Daniel_Masters :: (of course not)

Director :: (some of them looked as if they may have been used recently, if only for practice :) )

Daniel_Masters :: (the weapons are all functional though)

Daniel_Masters :: Anyways, one of my servants leads you to my office

Niles_Niven thinks... hmmm the man seems to use these a lot... he is not one of those show and brag types...

Niles_Niven :: Good Afternoon, Mr. Masters...

Daniel_Masters checks his computer screen.

Daniel_Masters :: Ah, Mr. Niven..

Niles_Niven seems to be looking around politley...

Daniel_Masters get's up and extends his hand over the desk.

Niles_Niven accepts it and shakes it firmly...

Daniel_Masters has a firm grip.

Niles_Niven :: Thank you for accepting me here...

Daniel_Masters :: From my people I've heard that you are a private investigator ?

Niles_Niven :: Yes, i am...

Daniel_Masters :: Have a seat. Do you want some espresso ?

Niles_Niven :: Thank you...

Niles_Niven :: thank you i am not a coffee drinker

Daniel_Masters :: Anything else ?

Niles_Niven smiles politeley...

Niles_Niven :: nothing, thank you...

Daniel_Masters sits down and studies Niles for a while.

Niles_Niven looks at Daniel and crosses his legs over...

Niles_Niven :: Well, let me thank you again for granting me this interview...

Daniel_Masters sits straight in his chair and looks quite large from your point of view (and your chair is horribly uncomfortable)

Niles_Niven :: i don't know if you have heard, but i specialise in a specific type of investigations...

Niles_Niven wonders why the poor guys is not using something nicer...

Niles_Niven winces a bit and wiggles in the chair for a moment

Daniel_Masters :: (mine is nice and comfy.. your's is designed for stylishness and lack of comfortability)

Niles_Niven wonders why the heck this dolt doesn't have a proper chair in this huge place)

Daniel_Masters :: I haven't, but I recall that you were called in at the crime scene investigation of my friends place.

Niles_Niven :: ... well i specialise in the odd and unusual... i am also quite an expert on blowing scams...

Niles_Niven :: why, yes... i am a consultant to the police department of the Millenium City...

Daniel_Masters nods bored

Niles_Niven :: Well I have arrived here to ask you about your odd proclamation a day ago...

Niles_Niven :: this BLack Knight figure...

Niles_Niven :: ... he has been appearing in Millenium for quite a while...

Daniel_Masters :: A menace to society. Going around and killing people. It's only now that his ugly face has been shown to the whole of society.

Niles_Niven :: ... and up to now he seemed to be a vigilante... and a "good" one at that...

Daniel_Masters :: And who knows how long he has been killing.

Niles_Niven :: well but how do you know that the Knight is actually the ZOdiac Killer...

Niles_Niven :: i happen to know that the police has observed quite a difference in the Modus Operandi between the Knight and the Killer

Niles_Niven :: you see, while he uses sharp blades...

Niles_Niven :: ... all the people brought in by him were banged up... with blunt objects that correspond to the blunt sides of a longsword...

Niles_Niven :: i have seen your most wondrous collection of melee weapons, and i must confess that you must be quite knowledgable about the workings of a sword like that...

Daniel_Masters is annoyed

Director :: Niles: make an Int+alertness roll.

Niles_Niven smiles upon seeing this...

Daniel_Masters :: The video shows quite enough evidence.

Director :: (Int + Awareness, sorry)

Daniel_Masters :: It's pretty clear that the Black Knight killed those people. Niles_Niven rolled 7d10 dice and got: 1, 6, 8, 7, 4, 7, 8

Niles_Niven :: ... but we don't actually see the knight killing the victims...

Niles_Niven :: we see him there... and we see people with slit throats...

Director :: Now add those to Investigation and roll that. Niles_Niven rolled 10d10 dice and got: 5, 2, 9, 6, 3, 9, 5, 1, 1, 10

Niles_Niven :: (dice ?)

Director :: (add the 4 sux from the awareness roll)

Niles_Niven :: (7 suxx)

Niles_Niven :: (or 4 dice more ?)

Daniel_Masters :: (3, target number is 7 in Adventure)

Director :: Oh hell, add those 7 sux to your Rapport for the final roll.

Director :: (i.e. roll Rapport + 7) Niles_Niven rolled 14d10 dice and got: 6, 2, 1, 6, 7, 10, 10, 1, 2, 6, 4, 9, 1, 8

Niles_Niven :: (5)

Director :: 5 sux: you recognise the mannerisms of the black knight. The stance, the need to impresss...

Director :: You are certain you have found the man who saved your life a week ago.

Niles_Niven stops for a moment in his sentence... but quickly continues on...

Daniel_Masters :: (You could insert the aftershave)

Niles_Niven :: So why is it that you encourage this hunt on this man who seems not to be a villain, but a zealous protector of Millenium?

Director :: (that too :) )

Niles_Niven :: (okay my head is blinking: THIS IS THE BLACK KNIGHT! with little arrows pointing at details ?)

Daniel_Masters :: Everything to catch that murderer. The one who killed my friend.

Daniel_Masters looks grim

Niles_Niven :: yes... but how exactly do you connect the Zodiac Killer and the Black Knight?

Niles_Niven smiles and crosses his fingers in front of him

Director :: let's just say you know, but with no proof.

Daniel_Masters :: Reports have already shown that on each of the places the Zodiac Killer struck, the Black Knight has also been sighted.

Niles_Niven :: (of course)

Niles_Niven :: ok let us hypotheticaly say that the Black Knight has killed all these man

Niles_Niven :: ... the Black Knight uses a longsword, a weapon i am sure you are familiar with...

Niles_Niven :: ... if he was killing would it not have been more logical for him to strike them with the sword, rather than to use a knife to cut their throats?

Daniel_Masters :: Psychopaths don't usually adhere to logic.

Niles_Niven :: ... quite...

Niles_Niven :: but even if he is a psychotic... this i sincerely doubt... he would not take the time to bind those men and then kill them one by one b slashing their throats in a rote manner

Daniel_Masters :: If he could take the time to kill them, then why shouldn't he have done so ?

Niles_Niven smiles...

Niles_Niven :: Well this is one of the things i came to talk about...

Niles_Niven :: you see...those men couldn't have been killed by him liek that...

Daniel_Masters :: And why not ?

Niles_Niven :: since about the time of their murder the Knight was too busy running away from an explosion...

Niles_Niven :: ... one prepared by the real Zodiac Killer...

Daniel_Masters :: And you know that .....

Daniel_Masters :: because....

Niles_Niven :: ...

Daniel_Masters gives you a surprised look

Niles_Niven :: Well i am sure that you will take my word for that...

Niles_Niven :: now...

Niles_Niven :: hypotheticaly speaking

Niles_Niven :: let us say that the Knight and the killer are different persons...

Niles_Niven :: and that a man too rich for his own sake has just offered a huge reward for any info...

Niles_Niven :: about the Knight...

Niles_Niven :: ... what if the somone comes and says "this is the knight"...

Daniel_Masters :: A reward leading to the capture and arrest of monster that killed those people, the Zodiac Killer, the Black Knight.

Niles_Niven :: .. or if heaven forbid, the knight came to kill this poor man...

Niles_Niven :: Why is it that you expose yourself so?

Niles_Niven :: would it not be better not to attract attention to yourself like that?

Niles_Niven :: your numerous affairs and pieces of realeste do give you quite a bit of attention...

Daniel_Masters :: Why should I be affraid ? I have excellent security and I know how to defend myself.

Niles_Niven stops for a second giving Daniel time to respond...

Niles_Niven :: ... but so did the concilor...

Niles_Niven :: what is it that you have that makes you confident that this is safe?

Daniel_Masters :: I didn't say this was safe. I said that I didn't see any reason to be afraid. I should be reasonably safe and have a pretty decent chance should this monster actually show up.

Niles_Niven :: and why would it be only one man?

Niles_Niven starts to rise...

Niles_Niven :: ah well...

Niles_Niven :: thank you for your time Mr. Masters...

Niles_Niven :: if you do find out anything about to Zodiac Killer, would you be as kind as to inform me?

Daniel_Masters :: Interesting theories, Mr. Niven.

Niles_Niven fishes out a small card from hsi pocket and hands it to Daniel

Daniel_Masters accepts the card and shows Niven to the door.

Niles_Niven :: please do be carefull around those swords...

Niles_Niven :: you never know when someoen might get hurt with those things...

Niles_Niven heads out putting on his fedora...

Director :: OK, interview over?

Niles_Niven thinks... so Masters is the Black Knight... he wishes to get the Zodiac out in the open... that way he can both clear himself and catch the man... good for him... but i am afriad the ZOdiac won't bite for mere cash... there is more to him...

Director :: (Oh yes!)

Nick change: vacant -> Tessa_Duin

Director :: The following is reported on the lunchtime news.

Tessa_Duin :: I am coming to you live from Tranworth, level 4.

Director :: (on the south side of Millenium City)

Tessa_Duin :: behind me is the scene of another grizzly killing by the Zodiac Killer, also known as the Black Knight.

Tessa_Duin :: This time he has claimed the life of an innocent, believed to be the son of the main victim, identified as Hector Sorgone.

Tessa_Duin :: Hector Sorgone is a barrister, well known for his high profile defence of criminals, including Ron Somesmore, cleared of 5 counts of murder and extortion three months ago.

Tessa_Duin :: The police refuse to let reporters near the crime scene, but we understand that the manner of death was related to "Libra".

Tessa_Duin continues....

Nick change: Tessa_Duin -> vacant

Director :: Plans, people?

Niles_Niven needs to head to the new killing site

Niles_Niven also needs to talk with his friends in the police on their opinions on the Black Knight - Zodiac Killer sitation

Nick change: vacant -> J_Stokes

Daniel_Masters :: (I'm lacking clues and I'm not really in the mood to spend an inspiration point for a flashing sign saying "Clue")

Director :: daniel: you have the resources of the media at your disposal should you wish them.

Daniel_Masters :: (hmm, wait.. three people were at the three crime scenes before most others appeared, one even had footage of the "purp".....)

Daniel_Masters :: I think I'll go on a date *g*

Nick change: Daniel_Masters -> Black_Knight

Director :: (ok, I'll run that after Niles's crime scene investigation)

Jon_Stokes is still at the crime scene.

Niles_Niven arrives

Niles_Niven wades through the officers

Niles_Niven :: Hell Jon...

Jon_Stokes :: Niles! How are you?

Niles_Niven :: well more or less good...

Niles_Niven :: ... there is somethign odd in the town...

Niles_Niven :: listen...

Niles_Niven takes hi ma bit aside

Jon_Stokes looks up attentively.

Niles_Niven :: what do you think about all this Black Knight is the Zodiac Killer?

Jon_Stokes :: Well it pleases the top brass no end.

Jon_Stokes :: I mean, we don't have him in custody, but at least we know who did it.

Niles_Niven :: ... i am asking for YOUR opinion...

Jon_Stokes :: I have no opinion, Niles. Unless you think I should?

Niles_Niven :: ...remember what we talked about the Knight a few months back?

Niles_Niven :: Does it look to you that it is the same guy we were talking about?

Jon_Stokes scratches his head.

Niles_Niven :: and those reporters there...

Jon_Stokes :: Who knows?

Niles_Niven :: doesn't it seem all too damn convenient?

Niles_Niven :: that place is worse then a sewer...

Niles_Niven :: you cannot tell me that Tessa reporter would be even close to the place unless she had a sure scoop

Jon_Stokes :: You can blame the press for lots of things - hysteria for one - but you can always guarantee that they will be at a story quicker than the police. They have more manpower than us for a start.

Niles_Niven :: yes...

Niles_Niven :: but look at the details

Niles_Niven :: their top reporter was at the location...

Niles_Niven :: the nasty little pampered girl

Niles_Niven :: and she was in the last hole in Millenium

Niles_Niven :: with a crew

Niles_Niven :: that was taping the place...

Jon_Stokes :: Hmm. OK, you got me.

Niles_Niven :: i just wanted you to conisder that before goning all gung ho on all of them...

Jon_Stokes :: I don't know if you are right or not, but I will set you up with one of my friends in the business. Just don't try anything funny with him!

Niles_Niven :: Business?

Niles_Niven :: Funny, I ?

Niles_Niven :: Well i'd never

Niles_Niven grins

Jon_Stokes :: Now, speaking of details, you'll be pleased with this one.

Niles_Niven :: yes... that is why i am here...

Niles_Niven :: how are you standign with it?

Jon_Stokes takes out a forensic's bag containing a green thread.

Niles_Niven :: and how much do you have...

Niles_Niven grabs it...

Niles_Niven :: this is a new one?

Jon_Stokes :: We found it on that fence over there.

Jon_Stokes :: We think the kid suprised him and he scraped against it.

Niles_Niven :: ... it seems the black knight has started to dress in green

Niles_Niven smiles

Jon_Stokes :: We had the last one looked at too.

Niles_Niven :: now that you are directed into looking after the vigilante... how do you justify that i am still on the retainer?

Niles_Niven :: and?

Niles_Niven crouches and looks around the place...

Jon_Stokes :: It seems it is a new fibre, something manufactured right here in Millenium City.

Niles_Niven :: oh?

Niles_Niven :: what is it exactly?

Niles_Niven :: and where is it manufactured

Jon_Stokes :: Yeah, this Mr Masters runs a weapons business, right? Well, this is some stuff he designed for the army.

Niles_Niven waves Jon to follow him as he carefulyl steps around the scene looking for the samllest details...

Niles_Niven :: interesting...

Niles_Niven :: military clothing?

Niles_Niven :: armor?

Niles_Niven :: (sory i forgot... how did the Zodiac look like ?)

Jon_Stokes :: It's tough you see. Not like armour, but it is better than whatever they had before.

Niles_Niven :: hardened strands...

Niles_Niven smiles

Niles_Niven :: spidersilk...

Niles_Niven :: i always liked those little pulp novels...

Director :: All you saw was Zodiac's head, but it was covered in a green mask (not army camouflage).

Jon_Stokes :: Spidersilk? No, this is totally artificial stuff.

Niles_Niven :: there was this guy... he was a pulp scientist hero... he made a syntethic spider web as a garment...

Niles_Niven :: ... it made him invulnerable...

Niles_Niven smiles sheepishly...

Niles_Niven :: don't mind me...

Black_Knight :: (You dirty *@~*# *G*)

Niles_Niven :: ... my affections are my own...

Niles_Niven :: is this somethign civilians can obtain?

Black_Knight :: (Zodiac: Was it male/female/unknown ??)

Niles_Niven :: (male afiak)

Niles_Niven :: Waht do you have on this site?

Niles_Niven :: any other intriguing displays of wonder?

Director :: The scene: there is a chalk outline of a small kid (about 6-8 yrs old) outside on a porch. The door has been jemmied (force open with a bar) and it looks as if the man was upstairs, and then dragged down while gagged. His body was balanced on the banistairs, his back broken.

Niles_Niven :: Messy...

Niles_Niven :: Wait a second...

Niles_Niven walks the path the deceased walked... and tries to see how it looked... he also looks for any clues...

Jon_Stokes :: I don't know about who can get the fabric - we haven't managed to investigate that lead yet.

Director :: From the door, it looks like someone else entered since a stronger person would not have used a jemmy like that.

Niles_Niven :: (how do you mean ?)

Director :: however, the broken back brings you back to the very strong man.

Director :: The method of entry speaks of skill rather than strength... a stronger man with a jemmy would have caused more damage.

Niles_Niven :: (does it look like an afterthought ?)

Director :: (No)

Niles_Niven :: (as if it was added after someone was doen with the scene ?)

Niles_Niven :: (so i am sure they enterd through the window and not the door ?)

Director :: You are sure that someone opened the front door and that the killer entered that way. You are almost certain they are two different people, but that only one actually entered.

Director :: Either coincidence, or he has an ally.

Niles_Niven :: (so no one enterd through the window ?)

Jon_Stokes :: No. I don't think I mentioned a window.

Niles_Niven :: (why wa a door jemmied?)

Niles_Niven :: Why was the door jemmied?

Jon_Stokes :: So he could get in, I suppose.

Niles_Niven :: ...

Niles_Niven :: that makes no sense...

Niles_Niven :: look

Jon_Stokes :: I reckon this door must have been tougher than the last one.

Niles_Niven :: anyone who was breaking in would have used a window

Niles_Niven :: it is easier to jemmy

Niles_Niven :: and it will be less noticable...

Niles_Niven checks the door trying to find if there are markings similar to the first one...

Jon_Stokes :: Oh, that's easy. These ground floor windows do not open.

Director :: no markings.

Niles_Niven :: i think this was not Blackie...

Niles_Niven :: look

Niles_Niven :: remember waht i told you about our man-bull =?

Jon_Stokes :: What about him?

Niles_Niven :: he was obviously here... the horrid position the barrister was found in points that there had to be someone quite strong here... since we found another green thread we can presume that he was here...

Niles_Niven :: but the doors...

Niles_Niven :: they are a different thing...

Niles_Niven :: there were two people

Jon_Stokes :: Two??

Niles_Niven :: look at this

Niles_Niven :: yes

Niles_Niven :: we agree that the man who broke the back was quite strong?

Jon_Stokes :: of course.

Niles_Niven :: and that he could be our bull-man

Niles_Niven takes him to the door

Jon_Stokes :: er, yeah.

Niles_Niven :: now look at this door...

Jon_Stokes :: Well, if this was a different man...

Niles_Niven shows him the markings on the door

Niles_Niven :: here...

Jon_Stokes :: Five years ago I would know who did this.

Niles_Niven :: a strong man killed...

Niles_Niven :: huh?

Jon_Stokes :: Niles, you will have to forgive me. I have to follow this up. I will leave a message on your answer machine about that meeting.

Niles_Niven :: now if a strong man was ripping these doors open with a jemmy he would have damaged the doors horribly... there would be scraps

Niles_Niven :: wait...

Niles_Niven :: how do you mean 5 years ago...

Jon_Stokes motions to a couple of his officers and starts moving.

Niles_Niven hold him for his arm...

Jon_Stokes :: Before the blast, Niles. Before the blast.

Niles_Niven :: what before the blast?

Jon_Stokes turns around.

Niles_Niven :: okay Jon...

Jon_Stokes :: I don't have time to explain now... but I will, later.

Niles_Niven :: but do notice that the doors have been ripped out...

Niles_Niven :: (oh crap... famous last words...)

Jon_Stokes turns back and heads towards his police car.

Nick change: Jon_Stokes -> Tessa_Duin

Niles_Niven wonders what Jon had thought about...

Niles_Niven heads towards the town library with a thought in his head...

Niles_Niven hurries there...

Director :: right, Daniel. You were making an appointment.

Black_Knight :: (not making an appointment... Miss Duin is going to be visited by a very dangerous psychopath)

Director :: I was speaking figuratively.

Director :: Where and when?

Black_Knight :: Late at night when she returns home.

Tessa_Duin gets out of her taxi.

Tessa_Duin runs up to her house. Actually, it is a set of flats on the 2nd level, with no direct road, only steps down from the third level.

Black_Knight will wait for her to open the door of her living apartment, then go the common criminal route and get her while she enters.

Tessa_Duin :: (The house is part of the Sony building, sponsored by said company, and rising to 45 stories)

Tessa_Duin screams.

Black_Knight :: Ssht, Miss Duin.

Tessa_Duin :: Don't kill me!

Black_Knight :: Why would I ? I've just got a few questions for the person who made me really famous.

Tessa_Duin :: You want me to interview you?

Niles_Niven :: (wouldn't that be your alter ego ? :))

Black_Knight :: No, I'm asking the questions and you anwser.

Tessa_Duin looks a little pale.

Black_Knight :: (She was the one who send the video that framed me)

Black_Knight :: Nice video you had of me, but how did you know I was there ?

Tessa_Duin :: was on the video.

Black_Knight :: It wasn't in the part that was broadcasted. So how did you know ?

Tessa_Duin :: were there. It is obvious.

Black_Knight :: Did you make this tape yourself ?

Tessa_Duin :: NO!!

Tessa_Duin :: I am a professional, I do not make things up.

Tessa_Duin preens herself, as best she may.

Black_Knight :: Then what happened to the missing parts ?

Tessa_Duin :: That's all I have. Isn't it enough?

Black_Knight :: Isn't it quite interesting that it shows me with the sword over the villains, and then shows the bodies, but it doesn't show the act of killing itself ?

Black_Knight :: So.. once again.. who told you to be there or who gave you the video ?

Director :: To clarify: the CCTV footage was only of you entering the building. There was no picture of you together with the bodies, although placing the two pictures together subliminally associated you with the act.

Black_Knight :: (Intimidation is 6, Interrogation is 5)

Tessa_Duin stiffens.

Tessa_Duin :: I received a package. That's all.

Black_Knight :: From ?

Tessa_Duin :: Do you think they signed it?!

Black_Knight :: Did you receive any more of these "packages" ?

Tessa_Duin :: It was sent by anonymous courier.

Tessa_Duin :: We always receive packages, well, not me, but the station does.

Black_Knight :: You received this package personally ?

Tessa_Duin :: Yes.

Black_Knight :: Did you receive any more packages that pointed to any of the murders personally ?

Tessa_Duin :: Look, Mr Knight, it is not unheard of for attractive, female journalists to be sent information by fans.

Tessa_Duin :: No, no more   packages.

Black_Knight :: Well then fair maiden, I bid thee farewell

Black_Knight bows to her and then leaves and gets the hell out of there.

Tessa_Duin calls out after the Black Knight, "Don't you want an interview?"

Black_Knight has left the building

Nick change: Black_Knight -> Daniel_Masters

Tessa_Duin thinks . o 0 ( There goes another attractive guy. What am I doing wrong? ).

Nick change: Tessa_Duin -> vacant

Daniel_Masters wouldn't mind an a personal "interview" though.

Director :: So we leave our intrepid investigators stumped by the circle of silence that surrounds the real Zodiac Killer.

Director :: And on that note, we bid you good night ... and safe dreams.

Director throws his head back and cackles gleefully.

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people, organisations and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
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