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6/4/3 traits, 23 abilities, 6 backgrounds (+1 from 'Origin'), Willpower 5, Inspiration 1
15 Freebies, 13 Transformation Points.
Sorcerers start with no paths, but must buy them with transformation points.

Standard abilities and backgrounds are those given on the customised character sheet, although you can suggest others.

All characters must have a good reason not to kill, and they must all have some reason for being in the undercity on a semi-regular basis (or all the time). Some suggestions for who might be in the undercity are given in the setting.

inspired characters

Daredevils, Mesmerists and Stalwarts will be referred to as Inspired characters (despite Sorcerers having Inspiration), and they use the rules as given in Adventure!


All Mythic and Technocratic Numina are available. For psychic numina, use Inspired Mesmerist rules. I have flagged four psychic paths as convertible to Mythic/Techocratic paths, but have not made any rules for this: these paths are Astral Projection, Biocontrol, Clairvoyance and Psychometry.

Sorcerers can take Inspiration, Ability Mastery and Background enhancements as per Adventure! Indeed, Inspiration is fundamental to sorcery. Sorcerers can only buy numina with Tranformation Points. Each Transformation Point buys one level of path, to a maximum of 4 per path.

All spell options in Sorcerer revised can be used, with one exception:

  • Whenever a path requires the expentiture of Willpower, spend Inspiration instead (this is subject to all the usual rules for inspiration and is the equivalent of 'knack use').

sorcery difficulties

The sorcerer book uses the changing target number form of difficulty. I have had to make some slight changes to make the rules compatible with Adventure!'s target number of 7, where difficulty is tied only to the number of successes rolled.

Difficulty for paths without aspects:

    (Spell level) - 1

Difficulty for paths with aspects:

    (max aspect) - (your rating) + (1 per point of aspect above 1)

    e.g. a spell with four aspects at 1, 3, 3 and 4 respectively used by a sorcerer with 5 ranks in the path is at difficulty:
    4 - 5 + (0+2+2+3 = 7) = difficulty 6

The minimum difficulty is 1. At least half the difficulty must be rolled (round up) for a roll to not be considered a failure.