millenium city title

story setting

character creation

this page characters: daniel masters | niles niven | john spire


starring roles

Dingo D. Dog	-	Daniel Masters aka The Black Knight
Asm0dai		-	Niles Niven, the Detective of the Uncanny
Hammerspace	-	John "Eel" Spire, courier-for-hire
(created by T-Boy)

supporting cast

(in order of appearance)

Tessa Duin, an attractive and ambitious reporter

William Hartnell, a deceased city counsellor

Jonathan Stokes, a ranking detective and friend of Niles

Steve the Nail, a deceased criminal

The Zodiac Killer

Roger Nagabo, Chief Superintendent of Millenium City Police; One of the first black men in such a position

Ron Sommesmore, a famous unconvicted mobster, recently critically shot by his daughter

Ian Huntley, the not-so good host of local current affairs program Millenium View

C Williams, an efficient manager of Masters's fabrics factory.

Stokes, his deputy

Detective Inspector Masroutha, Jonathan's boss and a lead detective on the Zodiac Killer case.

A_Janitor, the hidden face of a killer, or just a man who likes cleaning?

Richard Colts, a former delivery driver working for Masters's fabrics plant; missing

Sergent Marswell, a police sergent and one of Niles's occasional contacts.

Samson Jnr, Clive Broon and John Keagan, leading figures in Sommesmore's "family".

The Great Saquitcho, aka the Smelly Man, an amateur occultist.

key locations

The Gallatea - a sunken club in the undercity, a known criminal haunt

The Moonbridge - an occult shop in the corner of a shopping precinct, which boasts the remains of the Bridge of Sighs and its resident smelly man.

The New Tarot Shop - another occult shop, recently found empty.