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what is mastrox?

Mastox is a fabric developed by Masters Industries. While comparatively expensive to make compared to its closest equivalent Kevlar, it is a distinctly sturdier material. It is almost impossible to tear it, and while intact keeps its bearer insulated from the weather. This makes it entirely suitable for outdoor pursuits, and especially so for the army. There are a couple of other properties of the material which have not been explored, namely that it seems to have some ability to anaesthetise wounds, and that it has a low friction level (which makes it harder for the wearer to be grappled).

At present the only known recipients of Mastox outside personel within Masters Industries, are the British Army, and rather more discretely the Iraqi Army. (Since the material is not immediately useful for military purposes it is not restricted - yet.) It is currently too expensive for commercial purposes, but research is being made in that direction.