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Name: John "Eel" Spire, Courier-for-hire. [Stalwart]
Player: Hammer- [character created by T-Boy (Tariq)]
Concept: Speedster-in-training / Acrobat / Courier
Origin: Low-Class

Gender: Male                    Nationality: British
Vice: Survivor                  Allegiance:
Virtue: Caregiver               Initiative: 12

_______________________Attributes and Abilities_______________________

STRENGTH        000..   WITS            00000   APPEARANCE      00...
Archery         .....|. Arts            .....|. Disguise        0....|.
Brawl           .....|. Drive           .....|. Intimidation    .....|.
Might           .....|. Pilot           .....|. Style           .....|.

DEXTERITY       00000   INTELLIGENCE    00...   MANIPULATION    0000.
Firearms        000..|. Academics       00...|. Animal Handling .....|.
Legerdemain     .....|. Engineering     .....|. Interrogation   .....|.
Martial Arts    00000|. Linguistics     .....|. Savvy           000..|.
Melee           .....|. Medicine        .....|. Subterfuge      0000.|.
Stealth         .....|. Occult          .....|.                 .....|.
                .....|. Science         .....|.                 .....|.
                .....|.                 .....|.                 .....|.

STAMINA         0000.   PERCEPTION      0000.   CHARISMA        0....
Athletics       00000|0 Awareness       00000|. Command         .....|.
Endurance       00000|. Investigation   .....|. Etiquette       .....|.
Resistance      .....|. Meditation      .....|. Perform         .....|.
                .....|. Navigation      00...|. Rapport         .....|.
                (Urban Areas,

Armour          Rating (B/L)    Penalty
None            ___ / 0         0

Total           ___ / ___       ___

(Include Health Levels here if you wish.)
1 lethal


Allies          .....|.
Backing         .....|.
Cipher          .....|.
Contacts        .0000|.
Followers       .....|.
Gadgets         .....|.
Influence       ...00|.
Mana            .....|.
Menagerie       .....|.
Nemesis         .....|.
Reputation      .....|.
Resources       ....0|.
Sanctum         .....|.

WILLPOWER:      00000.....

INSPIRATION     0000......
		3 spent

Intuitive Facet         00...
Reflective Facet        00...
Destructive Facet       .....

_____________Abnormal Talents______________



  Blazing Speed  [Extra turn after every character, costs 1 IP]
  A Single Bound [Jumping distance, horiz. and vert. x3, bicycle speed x2]


  Curtis the Barman: Low-class / underground contacts, semi-illegal to legal
  businesses. Employer when John isn't working as courier.
  Jordi, the Librarian: Academic contacts, a few upper class and middle
  class contacts. John volunteers.

Resources [Source: Courier job, other part-time jobs]:

  Casual wardrobe [school and work]
  Bicycle [mountain bike, multi-speed]
  Backpacks [one black, one brown]
  Apartment, one room, rented.
  Berreta Cougar, associated ammo.
  Modest non-fiction and fiction library [three dozen paperback books, circa
Footwear [specialized: Sneakers, Hiking Boots and Steel-toed boots
          (recent purchase)]

___________Character Background____________


  John Spire stands at 5'6", which is slightly shorter than the average
  Caucasian male. He has black hair and blue eyes, and looks as if he is in
  his early 20s. Although not hard muscled or amazingly strong, John is
  breathtakingly agile and dexterous -- he is one of the few people in
  Oxford who uses the fabled 'thieves' highway' to its full potential --
  leaping across city streets, racing along rooftops, and rapidly climbing
  and abseiling from domes, statues and other pieces of masonry with little
  more than a grappling hook, black sneakers (and in extreme weather, high-
  grip hiking boots) and sheer grit. Although his speed and dexterity are
  clearly superhuman, John is no speedster. Yet. He's not tough enough to
  withstand the extremes of weather yet, but he's training for it.

  When working, he usually wears a black T-shirt and shorts that reach to
  above his knees on warm nights, substituting the shorts with track-bottoms
  on colder weather. His work outfits usually work on the same theme: all-
  black, with a white stripe on his shoulder and on the side of his shorts
  or pants. As said before, he wears black sneakers on normal nights, and
  high-grip hiking boots on rainier and more dangerous weather. He has a
  backpack (black, again) at all times.

  He carries a length of rope with a grappling hook, a Beretta Cougar semi-
  auto pistol [15 bullets capacity], a small pocket-sized travel novel, the
  Oxford A-Z pocket guidebook and a bottle of mineral water or sports drink.

  When not working, he wears something casual, and a brown backpack filled
  with his wallet, and personal effects.

  Character History:

  John Spire wasn't exactly born into a lap of luxury.

  Born to a runaway teenaged prostitute, he was given up to social services
  at the age of 18 months. He spent his first sixteen years living in
  various orphanages and foster homes in England. Thanks to childhood
  malnutrition, he never grew to his full height, whatever that was: as a
  result, he was bullied by his peers a lot.

  The last three years helped him get a sense of himself, however. A kindly
  old master of aikido began coaching him in the ways of that martial art,
  and kept him away from the streets, and their ultimately fatal lesson in
  consequence. Things even began to look up for him when he was accepted
  into a government sponsorship program, and he completed his A-Levels in a
  public school.

  Even then, things were a bit rough. A lot of the kids there grew up in
  upper-middle class homes, and picked on him endlessly for his origins. His
  academic records weren't enough to expel him ("He was a hardworking,
  diligent worker," said one of his tutors), but he had enough disciplinary
  hearings, caused by fighting with other students, to make his time in
  school difficult, at best.

  That all changed when he finally enrolled to Oxford, to complete his
  social anthropology course. Life was going smoothly. Until September 11th,
  1997. John was one of the few who were caught in the blast. He spent three
  months, in the hospital, unconscious, with third and second-degree burns
  all over his body.

  Interestingly enough, he healed remarkably quickly. His damaged tissues
  regenerated so quickly that the doctors realized that they didn't need to
  perform skin grafts on him. "It was as if his body had changed, and was
  trying to re-configure himself," said one of the doctors who handled his

  For a burn victim, he displayed remarkable physical control after the
  accident, and he passed his physiological tests quickly. He then continued
  with his life, going to classes by day, and working part time when he
  could as a courier.

  It was during these runs that he discovered something new about himself --
  it would seem that his accident had made him faster, tougher and more
  capable than before. He had distinguished himself by using the nooks and
  crannies of Oxford to his advantage, but now he exploited them completely
  -- leaping across streets, running through rooftops and steam vents and
  using maintenance accesses and elevator shafts to full potential.

  He's made more profits for the last eight months than he's ever done in
  years. He's gaining a reputation among his clients -- especially the
  seedier ones, which prompted him to pick up a pistol and learn some
  firearm skills. He doesn't know what happened to him, and he is glad --
  and slightly unnerved -- that something did.

  Roleplaying Notes:

  You're pretty damn good, and you know it. Not the best, but good enough.
  You can do something not a lot of people can do, and you're feeling a
  little invincible. But there's this little nagging thought in your head --
  you know you're not the best. You can't be. You dread the day you meet
  someone better than you are.

  You're a bit of a loner. You talk little, you try and blend in as much as
  possible. You find it easier to work on someone and get their attention,
  so you've made some contacts almost everywhere you hang around with. You
  know how to get some things, and where the best jobs are.

  You'll follow orders, but you hope to god that whoever's in charge knows
  what the hell they're doing. If not, it's time to leave. After all, you
  don't know anyone who's ever managed to catch you.

  Deep down inside, you're a softie, and you're uncomfortable with it. You
  don't want anyone to know, really, what you're real ambitions are: "To
  give back to the community" sounds really corny. You deny that you do
  anything altruistic, of course -- while stashing away part of your
  earnings for people who really need it.

  You hate all kinds of conflict -- physical, mental or social, it doesn't
  matter. You don't really like fighting. Your first impulse is to run away,
  and you're damn good at that. Your job is to stay alive, because you know
  what you want to live for. But sometimes life isn't accommodating, and
  it'll throw you a curve you can't -- or won't run away from. It worries