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Name:        Niles Niven
Player:      Asmodai (Nikica)
Vice:        Paragon
Virtue:      Skeptic
Origin:      Middle class
Inspiration: Stalwart (dynamic)
Concept:     Detective of the Uncanny
Series:      Millenium City

Strength  ***        Perception   ****       Appearance  **      
Brawl       ***      Awareness      ***      Disguise      **
Might       *        Investigation  ******   Intimidation  **
                                             Style         *

Dexterity ***        Intelligence ****       Manipulation ***
Athletics    *       Academics      ***      Interrogation *
Firearms     *       Bureaucracy    *        Savvy         ***  (bonus)
Legerdemain  **      Science        **       Subterfuge    ***
Stealth      ***     

Stamina   ***        Wits         **         Charisma     **  
Resistance    *                              Rapport      ***
                                             Perform      * (Specialty - Saxophone **)
1 lethal
Inspiration:   **
               (2 spent)             (max: 10)

Facets: Reflective **

Willpower:     ******* (7)

Backgrounds                             Knacks:     (Dynamic)
Resources  **                           Indesputable Analysys
Reputation **                           Threat Awareness                                 
Contacts   *****
Allies     **                           Special:
Sanctum    *                            Investigation Mastery

A small laboratory with sleeping quarters in an abondened caved in atomic shelter 
that is a short walk from his offices. It has a fridge, a comfy bed, a mediocre 
library and a small number of forensics and analysys equipment. It is in a plce that 
is quite hard to notice and would be pretty hard to find unless someone knows exactly 
where it is...

Inspector Jonathan Stokes - a long time friend of Nileses, they have worked together 
on some cases that were most perplexing to the inspector. They meet weekly in the  
that has a Blues night... where Niles practices his playing...

Peter Matthison - The owner and bartender of a cozy pub named "The Dancing Lamb". 
Peter is Nilse's uncle, and while he is already a man in his 50's, Niles had a rude 
realisation of what his uncle used to do, the night ehen he stayed to help with 
closign up and a group of men with guns enteres the place tryign to shoot them 
both... Uncle Peter was a soldier... and after leaving the army he was down and 
out... and he took to ending people's lives. This didn't enamour him to quite a 
number of people, and he retired. His identiry changed and his secret kept safe... 
while Niles doesn't condone what Peter has done, his childhood and most of his life 
made him belive that his uncle only "killed men that deserved it"... on odd nights it 
still doesn't still well with Niles... but his uncle has always been kind to him and 
helped him whenever he needed anything... so maybe he is entitled to a chance to make 
somethign out of his life...