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cast (saturday 10th january 2004)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
John Spire			-	Hammerspace
Director			-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 3: death at the station

Nick change: Picks-at-Flies -> The_Director

Nick change: Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

The_Director is eating a bit of rich christmas cake on a full stomach.

Nick change: d1ng0 -> Daniel_Masters

The_Director :: When you are done refreshing your memory, could you give us a quick recap please Niles.

Niles_Niven :: Gladly...

Niles_Niven :: but may I request a full description of the footage...

Niles_Niven :: you spread the description over 2-3 places...

Niles_Niven :: so it would be great if you could do it here once more

The_Director :: This is the footage of the Black Knight?

The_Director :: The following footage is repeated over continuously over the course of the previous week:

The_Director :: The image is labelled as taken from a CCTV camera which is fixed on a building opposite a derelict petrol station in the undercity.

Nick change: vacant -> Black_Knight

Black_Knight stands looking at the petrol station.

Black_Knight starts running towards the petrol station and draws his sword.

The_Director :: The footage ends at this point.

The_Director :: However, the media frequently use a picture that looks as if it was taken by a police photographer, displaying the three dead thugs, still tied up, their throats slit.

The_Director :: That is it, but it looks fairly conclusive.

Nick change: Black_Knight -> vacant

Niles_Niven is sitting back in a chair, rocking back on its unstable legs, playing the saxophone trying to get his thoughts straight...

Niles_Niven :: ... the Zodiac Killer appeared in Millenium City... he killed any important councilman... that was enough for the MCPD to call in me as a consultant... seems that even the chief didn't chaff at my retainer...

Niles_Niven :: ... after following up on the leeds I started to talk around... a snitch of mine pointed me towards a certain site...

Niles_Niven gets up and starts pacing while practicing a tune on his saxophone

Niles_Niven :: ... there I met up with a gang of thugs who wanted to introduce me to the good old brick...

Niles_Niven :: ... and then out of the blue... that odd freak, The Black Knight appeared banging them all over the head and tying them up...

Niles_Niven :: ... he accompanied me to the crate set where my snitch pointed me to... there we were greeted by the cowled green face of the Zodiac Killer... and a big bang... thankfully we got out...

Niles_Niven sits back into his worn couch and sets his saxophone aside...

Niles_Niven :: The thing is.. somebody taped the Knight entering the place... and they killed the thugs... now the Knight is hunted and known as a villain... the media have equated him with the Zodiac Killer

Niles_Niven :: ... this taping equipment was probably there to either inform the Zodiac killer on who was searching for him, OR they wanted to frame me for the killing of the thugs if I killed them... that bit is still unsure...

Niles_Niven :: The rich playboy Daniel Masters offerd a huge reward for the information or capture of the knight...

Niles_Niven :: ... I thought it was a publicity ploy... until I met him... now I am sure he is actualy the Black Knight... and has done all of this to let him use the power of the media against his opponents...

Niles_Niven sits back and crosses his fingers in front of him...

Niles_Niven :: Now there was another killing...

Niles_Niven :: ... and there were clue of the same person commiting it... only this time... they showed they didn't even care about children... an innocent 8 year old was lying in a pool of his own blood...

Niles_Niven :: ... and Jon had an idea... he linked it with a case a few years back...

Niles_Niven :: ... he didn't want to tell me more about him... he stormed off...

Niles_Niven :: ... I am worried what he went into... this may be quite dangerous for him to pursue...

Niles_Niven :: ... hmmm maybe I should try finding what similar cases there were 5 years ago...

Niles_Niven gets up and heads out of his office, locking it quickly...

Niles_Niven :: (happy ? :))

The_Director :: (yep!)

The_Director :: Niles, you may take a dot in something which would aid your survival on the street (since you have survived numerous close encounters over the last week).

The_Director :: Daniel, you may gain a point of influence - probably in Media or Politics, but you are welcome to choose another relevant area.

Daniel_Masters :: (My current point was in Politics (rich people somehow have a lot of clout in Politics) so this one will go to Media)

Daniel_Masters :: (So did you jot that down ST ?)

The_Director :: (yep, just adjusting character sheets now :) )

Niles_Niven feels that he know the streets a bit better know... it is clear that just knowing who to ask will not help you with what you are getting into... [changed later to Savvy - PaF]

The_Director :: cool

The_Director :: Niles: As you are leaving the office, your phone rings.

Niles_Niven sighs and turns around quickly unlocking the door and heading towards the phone

Nick change: vacant -> Jon_Stokes

Jon_Stokes sounds very excited.

Daniel_Masters :: (a friend sitting at my place) [this is Hammerspace - PaF]

Niles_Niven :: Yes?

Niles_Niven :: Jon?

Jon_Stokes :: Niles! Great news!

Jon_Stokes :: I think I have our mystery second person - get yourself down to the station as quickly as you can. We are about to interview him!

martijn_ :: Me?

Niles_Niven :: Right away!

Niles_Niven :: Jon?

Niles_Niven :: ... nevermind...

Niles_Niven :: ... I wil lask you when I get there...

Jon_Stokes hangs up.

Nick change: Jon_Stokes -> vacant

Niles_Niven quickly clasps his hand and smiles as he gets out...

The_Director :: As you approach the police station there seems to be some sort of commotion...

The_Director :: We cut at this point and move to Daniel Masters.

The_Director :: ...who has just returned from his late night visit when he gets a phone call from one of his managers.

Nick change: vacant -> C_Williams

C_Williams :: I..I am sorry to disturb you at this hour sir, but I thought you ought to know that the police are here.

Masters :: The police ?

Masters :: What do they want ?

C_Williams :: They are down in the fabric lab asking about something we do for the army.

Masters :: Just questions ?

C_Williams :: No, they want to take everything sir.

C_Williams :: All of our records, research, samples, details on clients.

C_Williams :: Everything.

Masters :: Stall them. I'll be on my way to handle them myself.

C_Williams :: No problem. Stokes is giving them the guided tour now.

C_Williams :: Is that all, sir?

Masters :: That is all, I'll see you soon.

Nick change: C_Williams -> vacant

Masters heads over to the place, after changing into something more comfortable.

Masters :: (Meaning, I'll put on a business suit)

The_Director :: You head down to your fabrics factory. You really don't know that much about what happens here, since it all happens at least two levels below you.

The_Director :: You do know that one building does research, and the large building has lots of chemical works to create the materials.

Masters :: (The cops have no right to access my client lists, nor my research, nor my administration)

The_Director :: You have a feeling that the material is shipped off somewhere before being made into clothes, but you don't know where.

The_Director :: The buildings housing the chemicals are all built with concrete - with rough sides to both make it look more interesting and deter potential climbers.

Masters :: (I'm usually briefed before I really have to do business)

The_Director :: The roofs are mostly flat, with occasional metal chimneys, vats and pipes sticking out.

The_Director :: There are four police cars parked outside the largest building, the main factory.

Masters enters that building

Nick change: vacant2 -> DI_Masroutha

Nick change: vacant -> C_Williams

C_Williams comes out of the main factory building.

Masters frowns

Masters :: The policemen ?

C_Williams is a 30s something man, with slightly unkempt straw-like blond hair. You know him as an efficient manager, if not one with many social graces.

C_Williams :: This way, sir. They are coming to the end of their tour.

Masters follows the manager

The_Director :: Inside, the factory is still at work in places, although most of the machinery has been shut down for the night.

Masters :: A quick briefing if you want.

Masters :: Do they have a warrant to take in all the materials they requested ?

The_Director :: Striding towards you is a cadre of policemen, one of which carries a roll of green material in his hand.

C_Williams :: No sir, not yet. I don't know much about these things, but they did say it was murder.

Masters :: Then we are under no obligation to assist them in any way. Only if they can produce evidence linking us to the crime.

C_Williams :: The one in charge is DI Masroutha. It is not my place, but I don't think he likes you, sir.

DI_Masroutha :: Mr Masters, I presume.

Masters :: (DI ? Deputy Inspector ?)

C_Williams :: DI = Detective Inspector... the highest detective below the top two in the station.

Masters :: I'm Daniel Masters.

Masters extends his hand

Nick change: hammerspace -> john_spire

The_Director :: (I think it is Chief Superintendent at the top then just the Superintentent below him)

DI_Masroutha shakes Daniel's hand briefly.

DI_Masroutha :: We have reason to believe this fabric has been used by the Zodiac Killer. As you are the only manufacturer of this product...

DI_Masroutha :: ... and its only supplier ...

DI_Masroutha :: ... I was hoping you might be able to tell me how this person got his hands on it?

Masters :: There hasn't been any mention of any break-ins in my factory and I have a reputable business that does not sell it's produce to private persons.

DI_Masroutha :: That is very good of you, Mr Masters, but is obviously not true since the killer has obviously got hold of it.

Masters :: Are you insinuating anything Detective Inspector ?? *little bit threatening*

DI_Masroutha :: Whether you like it or not, someone has got hold of your material and we need to look at your records to find out who.

DI_Masroutha :: Now, it is your choice: you can give me what I need now, or I can come back with a warrant.

Nick change: vacant3 -> WPC_Hemmings

WPC_Hemmings is trying not to giggle.

Masters :: Mr. Williams please tell the Detective Inspector here to whom we have sold this fabric, and then send him on his way.

C_Williams :: Ah, yes sir.

Masters looks annoyed at the giggling person.

C_Williams pulls some pieces of paper out of nowhere.

C_Williams :: Currently our only client is The Royal Commissioner, buying for the British Army.

C_Williams :: The last despatch was... two weeks ago, confirmed delivered by Richard Hopkins, secretary to the Commission.

C_Williams shows the paperwork to the detective.

Masters stands there triomphantically (sp?)

The_Director :: (triumphantly?)

Masters :: (whatever, I just plainly hate this keyboard as my friend is using my "good" keyboard)

Masters :: (just go on)

DI_Masroutha :: Not good enough, Mr Masters.

DI_Masroutha :: One of my colleagues is dead, another is critially injured and I INTEND TO FIND WHOEVER DID THIS!

Masters :: (male or female this cop ?)

C_Williams is male.

The_Director :: (This info is new, btw. There have been no reported police deaths recently)

Masters frowns

Niles_Niven :: (Quite... besides wasn't Stokes in charge?)

WPC_Hemmings makes eyes at Daniel.

The_Director :: (no, Stokes is only a DC, a detective constable)

Masters :: Mr. Williams did we have any thefts that could explain that this fabric could have originated directly from our company ?

Masters smiles to Miss Hemmings while asking that.

C_Williams :: No sir. I would have to go through all the notes to be sure though.

Masters :: Please do so.

Masters :: Detective Inspector, perhaps you and your colleagues would care to join me for a cup of coffee in the company cafetaria..

C_Williams :: That would take me most of a week, and I would have to pass over control to Stokes.

Masters :: (okay take that back)

C_Williams :: I was telling that to the inspector earlier, but he wouldn't listen!

DI_Masroutha :: Damn right I would not listen! We do not HAVE a week.

WPC_Hemmings adjusts her uniform.

DI_Masroutha :: I can have half a dozen specially trained officers going over your records with a toothcomb and you will have them back in two days time.

Masters :: Mr. Williams I expect you to give the Detective Inspector here a specific anwsers to his question in three days. Take overtime if you have to. After you've done so I'll make sure we discuss your position in our company.

Masters smiles

C_Williams :: Yes sir!

Masters :: (Overwork, overwork, and get a raise/promotion)

C_Williams thinks . o 0 ( but I like this job! ).

Nick change: Niles_Niven -> WPC__Hemmings

DI_Masroutha :: Very well, if you insist on being obstinate over this... Thank you for your cooperation sir. Now I must attend to my colleagues at the police station and hospital.

Nick change: WPC_Hemmings -> vacant3

WPC__Hemmings is looking at Masters... she seems not to have moved her eyes of him as soon as she saw him

DI_Masroutha leaves the building with most of the police and 3 cars drive off.

WPC__Hemmings smiles and then quickly covers her mouth with both her hands..

Nick change: DI_Masroutha -> Browning

Masters smiles again

WPC__Hemmings notices the others are going and shrugs, waving sillily to Daniel and then traisl after the rest of her colleagues...

WPC__Hemmings blushes and heads offf

Nick change: WPC__Hemmings -> Niles_Niven

Browning :: ...Mr Masters? WPC Hemmings and I have been told to stay here and watch in case the Zodiac Killer returns.

Masters frowns

Browning :: ...We can just stay in the car.

Browning :: ...but it is a lot warmer inside.

Nick change: Niles_Niven -> WPC_Hemmings

WPC_Hemmings returns in tow

Masters :: I'll see if I can find an empty office for you to use for as long as it takes.

WPC_Hemmings is as red as a chilli pepper and is looking at her feet

Browning :: Thank you very much sir.

Browning follows Stokes to an office, leaving Masters alone with the policewoman.

WPC_Hemmings looks up and seems to be struggling to say something...

Masters :: Is there anything else, Officer (I know that's probably the american way... constable here ??)

Nick change: C_Williams -> A_Janitor

Masters smiles kindly

Nick change: Browning -> vacant2

WPC_Hemmings :: ummm... yes

WPC_Hemmings :: Well

WPC_Hemmings :: uhmmm

WPC_Hemmings starts looking at her feet

WPC_Hemmings :: ummm

WPC_Hemmings looks up as if she had an idea...

Masters checks her out when she's not looking (lemmme guess she's cute, but not beautifull)

WPC_Hemmings :: Well, sir, Masters...

WPC_Hemmings :: If you would excuse me being blunt...

WPC_Hemmings :: we at the sttion did... a little poll...

WPC_Hemmings :: ...about the most...

WPC_Hemmings ahemms

WPC_Hemmings :: desirable singles in whole Millenium...

WPC_Hemmings looks down

WPC_Hemmings :: You came out on top...

WPC_Hemmings looks as ife she will fall through the floor...

Masters :: I'm flattered.

WPC_Hemmings looks a bit better

WPC_Hemmings smiles

WPC_Hemmings suddenly looks worried...

WPC_Hemmings :: ...i meant..

WPC_Hemmings :: umm..

WPC_Hemmings :: the female police women...

WPC_Hemmings :: ...not thati said you would not... be attratcitve..

WPC_Hemmings :: men..

WPC_Hemmings :: umm..

WPC_Hemmings :: I didn't mean that like that

Masters laughs

Masters :: Miss Hemmings, how would you like to go for a cup of coffee sometime?

WPC_Hemmings starts slowly backign away towards the door...

WPC_Hemmings suddenly stops as if she was struck by lightning...

Nick change: vacant2 -> Browning

Browning :: Hemmings! Get your ass up here!

WPC_Hemmings has her jaw fall open, but quickly regains compsture and straightens her uniform... and smiles... still as red as a chilli..

WPC_Hemmings :: ...thank... you...

Browning looks over a railing.

Browning :: Oh, sorry Mr... um, Masters. I didn't realise you were still here.

Masters :: It's all right, I was just talking with your colleague.

Browning :: Well, if I may borrow her for a few minutes?

Browning glares at Hemmings.

Masters :: I'm sorry if I kept her from doing anything important.

WPC_Hemmings looks sheepishly at Browning...

A_Janitor is brushing in the corner.



WPC_Hemmings dissapears while being chastised by Browning... yet she is happy... she has a nice story to tell to the girls back at the station

Nick change: WPC_Hemmings -> Niles_Niven

A_Janitor whips out his concealed Daiklaive and massacres everyone.

Masters leaves the rest to Williams and Stokes and heads home.

A_Janitor reaches out to nudge Masters.

A_Janitor :: You still offering that reward for the Black Knight?

Masters :: Yes, I am.

A_Janitor :: Well, remember me when he is caught!

Masters :: What do you mean by that ?

Masters :: Do you know anything about his wereabouts ?

A_Janitor :: See what blokey forgot was this van driver what went missing last month.

A_Janitor :: We had a driver - a proper weirdo he was.

Masters is really paying attention.

A_Janitor :: I remember he was into voodoo or something - he did seances or something like that at nights.

A_Janitor :: Anyway he drove off one night and never came back.

A_Janitor :: 'Cause no one liked him so no one cared.

A_Janitor :: Richard Colts his name was.

A_Janitor :: Anyway, remember me when the you catch him.

Masters :: I sure will ?

A_Janitor looks up and winks.

Masters follows where he's looking

A_Janitor :: And if you ever have too many birds, an old man like me still has a bit of the old action left in him...

Masters grins.

A_Janitor cackles.

Masters :: I think I can handle a few birds myself... but I'll keep that in mind too.

Masters grins.

A_Janitor starts sweeping the floor again, humming "Me and My Gal".

Masters :: Thank you.

Nick change: A_Janitor -> vacant

Nick change: The_Director -> vacant3

Masters :: (offices here are with all kinds of passwords.. do I have an override password to access information from most places ?)

The_Director :: probably not.

Masters heads over to Mr. Williams's office.

The_Director :: I'll summarise the next bit:

The_Director :: You find get his employee records

The_Director :: he did his job, but didn't shine. Bad attitude towards authority.

The_Director :: No record of any hobbies.

The_Director :: Anything else?

Masters :: (Last known address and whom to call in case of emergency)

The_Director :: you get the former, no record of the latter.

Masters will call Mr. Niven.

The_Director :: Cut to the police station an hour earlier.

The_Director :: Millenium City police station is a purpose built building, that rests on level 1 and has eight stories.

Niles_Niven hurriedly walks in, waving to the constable on duty and proceeding towards Jon's office...

The_Director :: The main police entrance is on level 1, level 2 for the public, is connected pedestrian bridges to the town hall, as well as other nearby public buildings.

The_Director :: Interviews tend to take place on levels 3 and 4, and the top stories are reserved for conferences and office work.

The_Director :: At the time Niven and John Spire arrive, there is panic of people running out of the exits on levels 1 and 2, and there seems to be a whole in the building on the side of level 4.

The_Director :: Ambulances are parked outside.

Niles_Niven :: What the...

Niles_Niven hurries on worried...

Niles_Niven tries to get through the crows.

The_Director :: John - you just happen to be passing, perhaps hoping to see if the police had any word on the zodiac killer.

The_Director :: Niles: you see a black body bag being taken towards the exit on a trolley.

Niles_Niven gets more and more worried.

john_spire :: (can I get closer to take a look?)

Niles_Niven tries to find someone he can talk to...

The_Director :: John: sure... where do you want to look at?

The_Director :: Niles: there are lots of police here, some of which you know.

Nick change: vacant2 -> Serg_Marswell

Niles_Niven fights through the crowd looking confident, though worried and tries to get to somone who he knows and is in charge...

Serg_Marswell :: Chris! Get the press out of here. Sally find out where that helicopter has got to!

Serg_Marswell :: Make room for the medics!

Niles_Niven finally pushes through the crowd, holding his fedora on...

Niles_Niven :: (do I know Serg ?)

The_Director :: The lift opens and the medics bring out another body. They look as if this one might still be alive.

Niles_Niven is standing there and trying to see what is going on.

john_spire :: (can I ask anyone around what is going on? )

Nick change: vacant3 -> crowd

crowd :: Someone came in through the window!

crowd :: Was it the Zodiac Killer?

crowd :: Ooh, I don't like that Black Knight fella.

crowd :: It was aliens I tell you!

john_spire listens to the crowd

Niles_Niven fought through all of them and can probalby see the live one now...

crowd :: Did you see him come out?

crowd :: Perhaps he is still in the building?

crowd :: Ooh, I can't stand heights me... I remember the time I wa...

Nick change: vacant -> Jon_Stokes

Jon_Stokes is being taken by medics outside. There seems to be huge amounts of blood covering his trousers.

Niles_Niven ::

Niles_Niven :: bloody... idiot...

Niles_Niven tries to get to him.

Jon_Stokes passes right by Niven.

Jon_Stokes grabs him feebly.

Niles_Niven follows trying to get to the ambulance...

Jon_Stokes :: ...I seen him Niles. I know what he wants.

Jon_Stokes :: ...he is...taking over.

Niles_Niven :: who?

Jon_Stokes :: were right Niles... you were right...

Jon_Stokes coughs up blood into his oxygen mask.

Niles_Niven walks right b the stretcher trying to stay with him and keep himself from trying...

Jon_Stokes slips a note into Niles's hand.

Niles_Niven :: (crying)

Niles_Niven quickly palms it and hides it in his sleeve...

Serg_Marswell holds you back.

Niles_Niven tries to talk to him.

Niles_Niven :: Jon...

Niles_Niven :: no..

Serg_Marswell :: Sorry Mr Niven. I can't let you do that.

Niles_Niven tries to continue...

Serg_Marswell grips tighter.

Niles_Niven turns to Serg and looks at him coldly...

Niles_Niven :: let... me... GO

Serg_Marswell :: I'm sorry.

Serg_Marswell does look sympathetic.

Niles_Niven seems to be gritting his teeth...

Niles_Niven :: what... happened..

Niles_Niven :: why are they taking him?

Niles_Niven is looking at the ambulance and trying to get his own conclusions about it.

Jon_Stokes is put in the ambulance, which now drives off, sirens blaring.

Nick change: Jon_Stokes -> very_vacant

john_spire tries to take a quick look through the window

Serg_Marswell :: This way Mr Niven. I need to sort out this mess and then I'll tell you what I know.

The_Director :: john: you see a man bleeding profusely being treated frenetically by paramedics.

Niles_Niven is still looking where Jon was taken away...

Niles_Niven :: ...sure...

The_Director :: The man chasing after the ambulance you know as Niles Niven, a well-known detective, although he tends to specialise in wierd stuff.

Niles_Niven goes limp and calmly heads after Serg.

The_Director :: A few minutes later, unless John wants to do something, Niles and Sergant Marswell are talking.

Serg_Marswell :: About ten minutes ago I booked in a suspect by the name of Adrian Waffles - also known as No-Shoes Waffles, at least he was before the explosion.

Serg_Marswell :: We thought he had retired, but DC Stokes found him.

Niles_Niven :: ...yes?

Niles_Niven is looking down... he feels like crap...

Serg_Marswell :: He was the right man, Mr Niven.

Serg_Marswell :: All we had to do was get him to spill.

Serg_Marswell :: DC Stokes and DC Harvey took him up to interview room 43.

Niles_Niven :: What were they talking about?

Serg_Marswell :: Next thing I know was talk of a fight upstairs.

Niles_Niven :: What happened?

Serg_Marswell shakes his head in despair.

Serg_Marswell :: Whoever was up there piled in, but this clown in green sprayed them with some kind of water cannon. When they looked again he was gone.

Serg_Marswell :: Harvey is dead. Stokes does not seem much better. And No-Shoes was gone.

Niles_Niven :: (piled in huh what ?)

Niles_Niven holds his forehead in his hand...

Niles_Niven :: okay...

Serg_Marswell :: (he probably means all the police up there)

Niles_Niven breathes in loudly...

Niles_Niven :: You are telling me that Stokes and another guy were questioning someone?

Niles_Niven :: Suddenly a guy in green popped in squirting them with something...

The_Director :: John: from outside you can hear a scream carried very faintly from the roof of the police station.

Niles_Niven :: ...and dissapeared with the man they were questioning?

Serg_Marswell :: Something like that. Yeah

Serg_Marswell looks despondent.

Niles_Niven :: Now for the real questions...

Niles_Niven :: One - How did a water gun do somethign like that? Was it acid?

Niles_Niven :: Two have the interview recordings been destroyed?

john_spire :: (how high is the police station?)

Niles_Niven :: Three - What can you give me on this No-Shoes guy

The_Director :: 8 stories - 7 from where you are.

Niles_Niven :: and Four... let me in tht room befoere the forensic elephants get in...

john_spire :: (and are there any quick ways to get there?)

Niles_Niven :: ... I will be going by protocol...

The_Director :: (for you, yes :) )

john_spire goes against all better judgement and goes up the roof

Serg_Marswell :: Look... I can get you up there, and I can get you that file. Anything else is up to you.

crowd :: Oooh, look, there's a man climbing the building.

crowd :: He must be mad!

crowd :: Oh, he's very good!

crowd :: Is he the Zodiac Killer?

Niles_Niven sighs and puts on his Fedora so it covers his eyes and gets up...

crowd :: He doesn't look like a killer. He looks just like my little boy...

Niles_Niven :: Let's go...

Niles_Niven :: ... I want to take this on right now... work will help me focus...

john_spire :: (do I see anything on the roof?)

Serg_Marswell assigns a PC to take you up to the top floor. You somehow blag your way through the policemen standing in the hallways and get into the room.

Niles_Niven stops at the entrance and surveys the room... sniffing the air and trying to see it whole.

The_Director :: As you are looking through the room, Niles, you notice someone passing outside.

The_Director :: John; as you pass the hole in the wall, you spot Niles Niven snooping around.

john_spire :: (did he see me?)

The_Director :: As you reach the roof, you see a ghastly sight:

Niles_Niven :: (there is a 99% chance that I did ;))

Niles_Niven hurries across the room carefully toward the hole in the wall and looks up.

john_spire looks at the ghastly sight and wonders why in heavens name he had to climb this roof.

The_Director :: A man has been impaled on an arial, while a green-clad goon slashes the man with what seems to be ... his hand.

The_Director :: Niles: you just see some man climbing up the wall. He stops in shock when he reaches the top.

Nick change: very_vacant -> Zodiac_Killer

Zodiac_Killer throws his head back and cackles gleefully.

Zodiac_Killer :: I know this hurts you. But it helps me lots.

Zodiac_Killer :: And lets face it, you will never speak to anyone about me again...

john_spire prays to god Budha, Allah and anyone out there that the Zodiac Killer doesn't see him

Zodiac_Killer eats what might be a tongue.

Niles_Niven spreads his eyes...

john_spire tries to quietly get the hell out of there

Niles_Niven :: Serg, take a few officers with guns... run to the roof!

The_Director :: Roll Dex+Stealth.

Niles_Niven :: NOW!

Niles_Niven runs out of the room jumping thrugh anythign he knows may be a clue... john_spire rolled 5d10 dice and got: 7, 3, 5, 1, 3 The_Director rolled 1d10 dice and got: 1

Zodiac_Killer carries on with his sick antics oblivious...

Zodiac_Killer :: You know (slash)

Zodiac_Killer :: I thought it would be fun (slash)

Zodiac_Killer :: to have someone along ...

Zodiac_Killer :: but it turns out (slash)

Zodiac_Killer :: that you are just a liability (slash)

Nick change: Serg_Marswell -> Police_Mob

Police_Mob gets into a lift, after some confusion.

Niles_Niven :: (we are on the fourth floor? I am running up the stiars with whover was fast enough to follow me)

Police_Mob meets on the top floor and thunders up the stairs to the roof. Zodiac_Killer rolled 1d10 dice and got: 5

The_Director :: OK... everyone except the zodiac killer knows that the reinforcements are arriving next round. What are you all doing?

Niles_Niven is going to bang through the door with the cops and try and try and asses the situation... I will also count on the fact that the cops will go quite hostile on his butt and move out of their line of fire... (threat awareness will be quite useful here.

john_spire is getting the away and go back to doing what I was doing and read about what happens in the headlines tomorow

Police_Mob bursts through the door and draw their batons. One draws a gun to the amazement of his colleagues. They see the zodiac killer at the same time as he finally sees them.

Niles_Niven :: (PAf... we are talking about cop killers... cop killers that had explosives to open the wall... and they are running up with BATONS in their hands ? It isn't very plausible that they will just get out with batons...)

The_Director :: (this is Britain... we don't carry guns as standard! Armed patrols exist, but they are unlikely to be found on the 4th floor of the police station)

Niles_Niven :: (sorry then... I forgot about that... guns are standard issue here... though I don't think I ever heard of policemen using them here... if you discount the two accidental shootings in the last year... both shot themselves in their legs :))

The_Director :: (heh)

john_spire :: (btw did I get a good look at the zodiac killer?)

The_Director :: Both of you now have a good look, especially John since he has had more time.

The_Director :: Right, we have one round for snappy repartee. Anyone?

Zodiac_Killer :: Oh look, the pigs have come to play!

Niles_Niven :: (this is the guy we see on the recording ?)

The_Director :: oh yeah.

Niles_Niven :: Oh look it's the mister blow up guy...

Niles_Niven :: ... from vutting stakes to filleting, I see...

Police_Mob :: Get him!

The_Director :: As the police charge towards the zodiac killer, the killer runs towards the far edge of the roof - a sheer drop of 10 stories.

Niles_Niven runs after him being very carefull

The_Director :: John: make a luck roll (1d10)

john_spire :: roll 1d10 john_spire rolled 1 dice and got: 1 john_spire rolled d10 dice and got: 4 This completes john_spire's rolls.

Police_Mob fires a single shot. Police_Mob rolled 5d10 dice and got: 2, 2, 8, 4, 5 Police_Mob rolled 2d10 dice and got: 6, 7

Zodiac_Killer :: Sorry to drop out on you like th... ouch, that hurt!

Zodiac_Killer jumps off the side of the building.

Nick change: Zodiac_Killer -> vacant

Niles_Niven comes to the edge from the side.

Niles_Niven tries to see him...

The_Director :: You can just about make out the killer drifting down the side of the building... he will land in the undercity.

Niles_Niven :: ... so we can add wings to the Zodiac Killer... wonderful... now noone will believe in him.

Niles_Niven curses and turns around to take a look at the poor victim and this place where he was filleted by the madman

Police_Mob joins Niles at the roof edge.

Police_Mob :: I don't believe it!

The_Director :: Some things that you will notice:

The_Director :: The killer seemed to be wielding a knife... except it seemed to be where his hand should be. You are fairly certain that he had his hand back when he jumped off.

Niles_Niven :: Hmmm... soem sort of an exotic weapon...

Niles_Niven :: (now that I saw his costume... can I be sure it was made from that crap ?)

Niles_Niven :: (did he have the physique of the Bull Man ?)

The_Director :: He was wearing some kind of green outfit, probably of the same material as the last one.

The_Director :: The outfit had a cloak which concealed his real physique. He seemed smaller than a rugby player (if that helps).

The_Director :: The man is dead. He will fit the description of the man being questioned.

The_Director :: For niles:

The_Director :: The room was broken into from the outside. It looks as if a very strong man was standing (!) outside the window and punched straight through it.

The_Director :: The shutters would have been drawn so they would not have seen him until he burst in.

Niles_Niven is making a mental file on this maniac... and listing his known feats...

The_Director :: It looks as if he slashed Jon's leg before throwing him against the wall - the killer probably left him for dead.

The_Director :: The other detective tried to fight him with his baton, there was a brief struggle before the killer gutted him.

Niles_Niven :: (what seems to be the weapon?)

The_Director :: As for the water cannon, it looks like it was merely a short burst of a high pressure hose, or something smaller that did the same job. It was enough to knock over the police coming through the door and to obfuscate his exit.

Niles_Niven :: (and what was that about the water gun ?)

The_Director :: probably the same blade you saw earlier at a guess, but without seeing the autopsy you won't know for sure.

Niles_Niven :: (can I find any remains of the liquid ?)

The_Director :: it's in the carpet :)

Niles_Niven :: (what does it seem to be ?)

The_Director :: It is almost certainly pure water.

Niles_Niven :: (was the conversation recorder found?)

Niles_Niven :: (are there any clues of soem sort of a climbing implment used around the window ?)

Niles_Niven :: (are there any usefull pieces left of his costume)

Niles_Niven :: (was there anything in possesion of the guy Jon was questioning ?)

The_Director :: The recorder has been smashed...

The_Director :: no grapples. It really looks like the guy was standing in midair.

The_Director :: you get some more scraps of material, but they hardly look any different to the others.

The_Director :: The police let you see his possessions...

The_Director :: You see his national insurance card, drivers licence, a small strip of ecstacy tabs and most significantly a wad of money thicker than you would expect this lowlife to have spare.

Niles_Niven :: (can anything be retrieved from the tape recorder?)

The_Director :: no.

The_Director :: Or rather, they can try but the tape is all twisted.

Niles_Niven will go through everything and then get back to his office and start brooding... only to try and call the hospital to see when he can see Jon...

The_Director :: If I may, I would like to move on to a few minutes time when Niles's phone rings.

Masters :: *RING* *RING* *RING*

Masters waits patiently.

Nick change: Masters -> Black_Knight

Niles_Niven grabs the phone and hears a voice on it

Black_Knight :: Greetings Mr. Niven.

Niles_Niven :: Cut the crap...

Niles_Niven :: I want to know where those fabrics you made could end up...

Niles_Niven :: you see that maniac that tried to blow us up was wearing your wares...

Black_Knight :: (can you be more blatantly obvious ??)

Niles_Niven :: (no... and this is the level I am happy with... do you really think he is into cloak and dagger after his evening ?)

Black_Knight> Through some sources I've discovered an interesting lead that may be worh persuing. A former driver for Masters Industries disappeared over a month ago with one of the companies vans. One of his hobbies was the paranormal. He left with a cargo of the cloth. His name is Richard Colts and he lives (insert adress).

Niles_Niven :: In that case... we should meet...i should warn you that you are probaly goign to have a visit soon from the police about the fabric...

Niles_Niven :: An hour somewhere private?

Black_Knight :: Mr. Masters already has some of Millenium Cities finest residing in his factory.

Black_Knight :: And it would not be wise for me to cross the streets.

Niles_Niven :: Then maybe you should try something lite for this evening...

Niles_Niven :: something more casual...

Niles_Niven :: I don't care...

Niles_Niven :: I want you to be in front of The Dancing Lamb in an hour.

Niles_Niven stands up holding the phone and opens a drawer taking out a old revolver covered in dust.

Niles_Niven opens the revolver and puts bullets in...

Niles_Niven sets it aside.

Black_Knight :: I will be there.

Niles_Niven :: Okay...

Niles_Niven :: And though it is closing time we can have a normal talk there...

Niles_Niven :: So i will see you there...

Niles_Niven hangs up...

Niles_Niven puts the gun in his bag, and calls his uncle to tell him that he will use the Lamb for a private interview with an informant...

Niles_Niven unwraps his jacket and takes out the small paper that Jon handed to him carefully unwrapping it.

Nick change: Black_Knight -> Masters

The_Director :: This is 8:30 on November 12th.

Niles_Niven :: (that early ? then after closing time)

Nick change: The_Director -> Picks-at-Flies

Picks-at-Flies :: um, game is over folks. Sorry.

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people, organisations and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
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