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cast (saturday 3rd July 2004)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
John Spire			-	Hammerspace
Director			-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 7: "Fuckwit" gets a name

Nick change: D1ng0 -> Black_Knight

Nick change: hammerspace -> john_spire

Nick change: Picks-at-Flies -> The_Director

john_spire :: as I recall it this is what happend last time , other guys wanted me to join up, I didn't want to, got kidnapped and questioned by mobsters and set loose again and the black knight was being a jerk after that

The_Director :: Yeah, that about sums it up :)

The_Director :: So if we move the action forward about an hour.

john_spire :: (not that the black knight wasn't a jerk before)

The_Director :: By my reckoning it is about 12.30 on November 20th 2000.

The_Director :: Niles should have finished his reading, and the other two have, oh I don't know, possibly come up with a plan of action...

Black_Knight :: (okay, I wasn't being a jerk)

john_spire :: (a jackass then?)

john_spire :: (the only thing the black knight has tried to do is insult or bully me in a conversation)

john_spire :: (ok and he paid me for a delivery)

The_Director :: (Call it a clash of philosophies...)

Black_Knight :: (bullying does include threatening with psychological or physical damage and I did neither... I just tried to have a conversation with a yellowbelly.)

john_spire ::

bully doesn't have to verbally include threats, attitude etc also plays a part, asking someone if he's scared of you etc, I can't imagine the black knight asking that in a casual tone of voice)

Black_Knight :: (and besides, you still didn't give me a name to use... so Fuckwit it is)

john_spire :: (wanna continue where we left off?)

Asm0dai :: (Fuckwit is (c) 2004 by Niles Niven ;))

Nick change: Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

Black_Knight :: Not much use in heroism ?

john_spire :: hey, I don't have anything against heroes, other people can do stupid stuff if they want to, it's their life

john_spire :: just as long as I don't get bothered by them it's fine by me

Black_Knight decides it's no use talking to this coward and he will most definately not rely on him.

Black_Knight will wait for the sun to finally set.

john_spire decides it's pointless to talk to this nutcase

The_Director :: And as the Sun filters down through the smog, Niles slips into his own office by the back door.

Niles_Niven seems pretty haggard and tired... he clearly hasn't been shaving in a few days and hsi clothes are pretty unkempt... the thing is that there seems to be a fire in his eyes....

Niles_Niven :: (was there any corellation between the dates of the murders and the positions of the constelations?)

The_Director :: (no)

john_spire :: yo niven

Niles_Niven :: (did I learn anything about the Ophiuchus ?)

Niles_Niven :: ... so... you decided to stay, Fuckwit?

Niles_Niven :: is the knight around here?

The_Director :: (Ophiuchus?)

Niles_Niven :: (13th symbol of the Zodiac :))

john_spire :: well Zorro wasn't a sensible person to talk to so, I wanted to see if can say anything usefull

Niles_Niven :: What happend when you were taken away?

The_Director :: (Er... yes you did.  It almost certainly exists, and if you can direct me to a webpage I can tell you what it represents...)

Niles_Niven :: (

john_spire :: my hosts inquired about what I knew

Niles_Niven :: regarding what?

john_spire :: the zodiac killer

john_spire :: and what I was doing at your place

Niles_Niven :: .. how touching

Niles_Niven :: What did you tell them that they let you leave?

john_spire :: I told them I was after the killer for the reward

john_spire :: and they wanted me to get him

Niles_Niven :: and us?

john_spire :: us?

Niles_Niven :: the knight and moi?

john_spire :: well they don't seem to like you guys, but they didn't seemed to be after you at the moment

Niles_Niven :: at least they stopped buying into that Knight - Zodiac link...

Niles_Niven :: are you planning to stick with us now, or do I keep calling you Fuckwit?

john_spire :: but they do seem to suspect you have contact with the Black Knight

Niles_Niven :: geez... they couldn't have noticed him running out...

Niles_Niven smirks

john_spire :: what do you expect me to do?

Niles_Niven :: I expect you to either stick around and help or to go and look for your own way out)

john_spire :: ah, ok if you put it like that, i'll consider sticking around and see if things work out

Niles_Niven :: how nice of you...

Niles_Niven :: now do I keep calling you Fuckwit, or do you plan to introduce yourself?

john_spire :: hey. I'm usually a nice guy

john_spire :: the name is john spire

Black_Knight sits around and is quietly cleaning his sword and checking his equipment.

Niles_Niven :: So... knight... may I introduce Mr. Spire, formerly known as Fuckwit?

Black_Knight :: So John it is.

Niles_Niven :: okay...

Niles_Niven :: now... if you will get seated Mr. Spire I have a small lesson in astrology for all of you...

john_spire :: hmm ok

Niles_Niven :: The Zodiac, it comes from the Greek word Greek "zoon"and means "animal"... is an imaginary belt in the heavens extending approximately 8 degrees on either side of the Sun's apparent path, that includes the apparent paths of the Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn...

Niles_Niven :: In astronomy the zodiac represents the constellations...

Niles_Niven :: but in astrology it shows the signs... these signs are used in horoscopes and certain types of "magick"

Niles_Niven :: these are what is inspiring our wonderfull friend in green...

Niles_Niven :: we have already concluded that he is killing people in ways that are within the mindset of a certain sign...

Niles_Niven :: mind you... he is creative, and it shows quite well that he is not only mad, but organised enough  to think up different ways to kill people...

Niles_Niven :: though his imagination is lacking at times...

Black_Knight :: So everything he does has a reason... what function does green have in correlation to the zodiac ?

Niles_Niven :: hmmm... I'm not sure

Niles_Niven :: green as a symbol iof Islam...

Niles_Niven :: or nature...

Niles_Niven :: or just the default color of the material stolen from that millionare's factory...

Black_Knight :: What I know of sickos like that... they always do things with a reason. So there's no accidental choosing for Green just because it was convenient.

Black_Knight :: Anyways, anything else we can go on ?

Niles_Niven :: you were skulking there in the dark

Niles_Niven :: is that material green by manufacture?

Black_Knight :: It's green, at least it was produced for the army so it's logical to assume that it's green.

Niles_Niven :: so... whoever did it stole it since it makes a good disguise and is an excellent form of armor...

Niles_Niven :: we may take green as a coincidence for now...

Niles_Niven :: now for the rest

Niles_Niven :: this man is a vigilante...

Niles_Niven :: not unlike our BLack Knight

Niles_Niven :: but this guy has a twisted idea about bringing order to the people who he sees as evil, wrong or corrupt...

Niles_Niven :: and he is making it a point at striking at people police cannot or won't touch for this reason or that...

Niles_Niven :: this is a clear application of some very Old Testament considerations

Niles_Niven :: now... there are three options for his reasons

Niles_Niven :: (i'll stall before PaF gets me the names of the dead)

The_Director :: (er... can't find the first two)

Niles_Niven :: He could be feeling wronged by someone and taking it against crime in general... he possibly lost someone or something close to to him and he felt justice was not given...

Niles_Niven :: so he's taking it up against them

Niles_Niven :: the 2nd option is that he felt someone who was making mockery out of law and took it upon himself to inflict vengeance or destruction...

Niles_Niven :: the third one is simple... he's either some sort of religious or occult zealot or a madman... I don't distinguish much...

Niles_Niven leans back in his chair putting his feet on the table crossing his fingers beneath his chin...

Niles_Niven :: now then...

Black_Knight :: and there's fourth one that makes him even more dangerous.

john_spire listens to niven's lecture

Black_Knight :: There's a whole cult of them..

Niles_Niven :: no...

Black_Knight :: There is an indication to that..

Niles_Niven :: there is no indication to that...

Niles_Niven :: unless you found something out while I was out reading up...

Black_Knight :: You remember that man we investigated ?

Black_Knight :: Richard Colts, that employee who stole from Masters Enterprises ?

Black_Knight :: The one we found dead...

Niles_Niven :: (we found him dead ?)

Niles_Niven :: (weren't we attacked by the Zodiac in HIS appartment ?)

Black_Knight :: (we found human remains in that fire too didn't we ?)

john_spire :: btw who was the guy that the zodiak killer killed on top of the police station

The_Director :: (No-Shoes Waffles)

The_Director :: The_Director :: The other smell - apart from that of burned carpet - is from a dead cat hanging in the window.

Niles_Niven :: (hmm I'm not sure...)

Niles_Niven :: (ah... see :))

Niles_Niven :: (you rattled me as I was planning to mention him as a suspect by the end of my exposition :))

Black_Knight :: I mean the one where we found that dead cat..

Niles_Niven :: no... Colts is a suspect if anything...

Niles_Niven :: he has gone missing...

Black_Knight :: The stuff also showed up in Iraq..

Niles_Niven :: and no one has seen him...

Black_Knight :: So he must have sold it...

Niles_Niven :: not necessarily...

Black_Knight :: Do you know who here in London would buy something like that cloth?

Niles_Niven :: Mr. Spire may have more information on that...

john_spire :: I can ask around

Niles_Niven :: There were 4 deaths that conform to the system...

Niles_Niven :: 1 that conforms but has not been fulfilled and one that is off...

Niles_Niven :: the first death was No Shoes Waffles... he was staked in the rain with twin stakes...

Niles_Niven :: this was Capricorn

john_spire :: how do we know that was the first one?

Niles_Niven :: the 2nd one was the accountant found shot... he was Saggitarius...

Niles_Niven :: the 3rd one was the councilor...

The_Director :: (Correction, No Shoes was the guy killed on the police station.  The first death is unnamed)

Niles_Niven :: the councillor was stabbed by a very distinctive weapon into his forehead... and that's where Orion would be hit if the Scorpio got to him...

Niles_Niven :: the barrister of Mr. Sommesmore was the fourth... quite poeticly he was crushed by the scales... of justice... that he was supposedly messing with in the name of a certain well known businessman...

Niles_Niven :: now we get to the fourth one...

Niles_Niven :: here we have a problem...

Niles_Niven :: chronologicaly the next one should be Virgo...

Niles_Niven :: but I have a nagging supicion that the Zodiac sprang for Leo instead of Virgo...

john_spire :: hmm he is making the zodiacs kill each other?

Niles_Niven :: you see...

Niles_Niven :: a few nights back

Niles_Niven :: there was an assault on the central police station

Niles_Niven :: a certain thief and master lockpicker was there...

Niles_Niven :: he knew somethin the Zodiac didn't want to go out...

Niles_Niven :: that's why he dragged him out of the interrogation room and onto the rooftops...

Niles_Niven :: there I think he had the idea to use him inside his sick little world...

Niles_Niven :: and started to rip bits out of him...

Niles_Niven :: in a way quite remiscent of lion rakes...

Niles_Niven :: it was a sight that made police veterans queasy... and that's a hard thing to achieve...

Niles_Niven :: at first it thought he was only being particulary sadistic...

Niles_Niven :: but when he was dispatching people in simpler ways he used bombs and slitting throats...

Niles_Niven :: so that means he sprang for Leo...

Niles_Niven :: the next killing is the latest one...

Niles_Niven :: we were all present...

Niles_Niven :: and thankfully it failed...

john_spire :: why did he use the girl?

Niles_Niven :: he used some sort of drugs or hypnosis to control Sommerses daughter...

Niles_Niven :: why that's elementary...

Niles_Niven :: she is an innocent, a little girl... and a virgin to boot...

Niles_Niven :: and guess what goes after Capricorn, Saggitarius, Scorpius and Libra?

Niles_Niven smirks

Niles_Niven :: funnily... if the thief on top of the station was Leo... then his next target is Cancer... or crab...

Niles_Niven :: now he has clearly been targeting people connected to the crime in Millenium City...

Niles_Niven :: and he has been moving up...

Niles_Niven :: Sommesmore was quite a target... even if his connections are quite unproven...

Niles_Niven :: now Sommesmore is under protection...

Niles_Niven :: of both the police and his organisation...

Niles_Niven :: and after that attack...

Niles_Niven :: The Zodiac Killer is a new target for them...

Niles_Niven :: we have given the police the info on Mr. Colts, after our unfortunate encounter in his appartment...  they are looking out for him...

Niles_Niven :: now...

Niles_Niven :: we are here...

Niles_Niven :: we will leave Mr. Sommesmore to the police and the mob...

Niles_Niven :: we need to find the Zodiac...

Niles_Niven :: becuase I'm quite sure he will be able to elude the blunt manouverings of the mafia or the attempts of the police...

Niles_Niven :: what we need now is the potential victims, and means of death...

Niles_Niven :: the logical idea for Crab is death of cancer... but that would have to be either forseen or expected... a possibility would be exposure to extreme radiation...

Niles_Niven :: ... or some sort of a giant crab claws...

Niles_Niven :: Gemini is clear...

Niles_Niven :: brother will kill a brother...

Niles_Niven :: does anyone have any ideas about brothers involved with crime?

john_spire :: I can ask around

Black_Knight grins

Black_Knight :: There is another option for the Gemini..

Black_Knight :: Don't look for 2 men, look for one man with two faces...

The_Director :: (You will all have heard of the Graysons - one is in jail, the other runs a casino)

Niles_Niven :: there is also the problem of the tape... someone taped the knight's nightly ventures and gave it to the news... with clues as to it showing him being the brutal slayer known as the Zodiac...

Niles_Niven :: I would disagree... most of these men were men with two faces... i'm quite sure we are looking for brothers and not a modern Janus

Black_Knight :: why would he do that ?

Black_Knight :: Perhaps he sees me as competition.

john_spire :: but are the brothers the target or the means to kill?

Niles_Niven :: both

Niles_Niven :: he wants to take out people... I think the Greysons would fit the bill...

Niles_Niven :: and one of them is already punished... he is sitting in the prison...

Niles_Niven :: the other one is free....

john_spire :: I think he'll find a way to take them both out

john_spire :: something nasty , like how he used the girl

Black_Knight :: Anyways, who cares about this speculation.

Black_Knight :: We've got a bar to raid..

Black_Knight :: and get some anwsers.

john_spire :: I have some people I want to talk to, i'll see you guys later

Niles_Niven :: Knight

Niles_Niven :: there's something else I need you to tag along with me...

Niles_Niven :: Spire...

Niles_Niven :: you drop in or call when you have information...

Niles_Niven :: We are going to a fe places...

john_spire nods

Niles_Niven takes out a map of millenium city...

john_spire leaves

Niles_Niven points to it being marked with all sorts of wiggly and tardy writings... there also seems to be some spilled drink markings on it...

The_Director :: And so we move to John Spire has he takes the scenic route through Millenium City.

The_Director :: Where are you heading John?

john_spire visits one of his contacts

Nick change: vacant -> Raef

Raef is packing up his bags in the back of his betting shop.

john_spire :: yo raef

john_spire :: how's business?

Raef :: Spire!  What are you doing here?

Raef tries half-heartedly to hide his suitcase.

john_spire :: I am looking for some info

Raef :: Oh.  Sure!  Anything for an old friend.

john_spire :: if someone stole some rare possible military equipment where could one sell it?

Raef scratches his head.

Raef :: You looking to sell?

Raef :: Crackers used to take that kind of thing... nah, he's dea...

john_spire :: since when?

Raef :: I heard about a lad called Fisher Mark, geeky kid.  Apparently he sells stuff over the internet.

Raef :: I don't know where you would find him.  His neighbourhood has...

Raef 's eyes glaze over briefly.

Raef :: If I were you lad, I would get out of town.  It's not safe anymore.

Raef resumes his packing.

john_spire :: what are the problems?

Raef :: I can't say.

Raef gets an idea.

Raef :: I tell you what.  If you can get me and my stuff out of the city safely, I will tell you everything you need to know.

john_spire nods

john_spire :: sounds like a good deal for a delivery

Raef :: The streets aren't safe.  But I know you have... other ways.

The_Director :: And here we move back across town, to where Niles and the Black Knight are deliberating.

Niles_Niven is pointing out the locations in the town where the Zodiac striked and was noted...

Niles_Niven :: (any patterns ?)

The_Director :: (not really)

Niles_Niven :: Okay

Niles_Niven :: we have two places to go to before you go and make an impression on that bar

Niles_Niven :: there's a certain Occult Shop... that has had something odd happening... I want us to check it out...

Niles_Niven :: I also wont to get back to Colt's apprtment... maybe we missed on something... and maybe he came back...

Black_Knight :: So you want to go back to the appartment, if there was something it's gone now for sure..

Niles_Niven :: I'm not that sure...

Niles_Niven :: but first the Occult Shop...

Niles_Niven :: shall we?

Black_Knight nods

Black_Knight :: just give me a minute

Black_Knight puts on his chainmail shirt, fastens his long black cloak and puts on his helmet.

Niles_Niven :: (you were unmasked before Spire!?)

Black_Knight :: (no, I've got a smaller black mask not unlike zorro's beneath the helmet)

Niles_Niven :: lol ;=

The_Director :: The New Tarot Shop is a garish place in the middle of Tyne Shopping Mall

Black_Knight :: (actually I think it's called a hood)

The_Director :: but it is hidden around the back of the other shops to give it that "goth" look.

The_Director :: The sign is currently set to "closed" and the lights are off.

The_Director :: Apart from the luminescent Book of E-ville.

Niles_Niven :: ...Yuck...

Niles_Niven :: their taste in decor is horrid...

Black_Knight :: Where's the time of "ye real magick shoppe"

The_Director :: Oh, there is a *sign* "ye olde magick shoppe" stuck inside above the till.

Black_Knight :: Mr. Niven, can you open the door ?

Niles_Niven checks to see if anythign is inside?

The_Director :: You notice a reflection of someone behind you.

Niles_Niven :: (look through the window for now )

Niles_Niven twirls backwards preparing to step aside...

The_Director :: You recognise the hermit from act 1...err, the guy with a cloak from your run in with the goons.

Black_Knight turns around too

Niles_Niven :: (ummm wasn't that the Black Knight ?)

The_Director :: He is standing by a different alleyway, and beckons you both over.

Nick change: vacant -> a_stranger

Niles_Niven looks at the Knight, half confused and then back at the man...

Niles_Niven :: (Ummm Director refresh my memory... ) [See the first log - PaF]

a_stranger beckons again.

Niles_Niven carefully looks around him and then starts walking towards the hermit, being very cautius...

Black_Knight :: Akubo, I presume ?

a_stranger nods, and beckons again.

a_stranger whispers, "Please conceal yourselves quickly and all will be revealed."

Black_Knight heads towards the stranger.

Niles_Niven closes the distance quickly

The_Director :: You hear the sounds of clumsy running coming around the corner you originally arrived from.

Nick change: Raef -> kid

kid comes running round the corner, wearing an old shell suit and sweating like a pig.

Black_Knight smiles

Niles_Niven :: (shell suit ?)

kid is quite emaciated and pale, and doesn't notice anyone as he fumbles with a key to the New Tarot Shop.

kid fumbles with the light switch and disappears into the shop.

Niles_Niven :: hmmm

Black_Knight :: (WAITING)

Niles_Niven :: (ditto)

kid emerges about 10 minutes later, and leaves without bothering to turn off the lights or lock up.

Niles_Niven :: ... what the...

Niles_Niven :: I wish I had that catburglar... he could follow that guy easily...

kid is holding several bags of things, and is scurrying away.

Black_Knight :: Let's follow him.

kid goes around the corner.

Black_Knight follows him

Niles_Niven darts across the room into the shop and takes a look

Niles_Niven counts on the Knight knowing how to track a man through the dark...

Niles_Niven looks across his shoulder to see if Akubo is going to follow...

kid leads the Knight quickly down through the mall into the carpark below it...

a_stranger follows Niles into the shop.

Black_Knight heads for his bike and down to the exit (I take it the carpark only has one exit?)

The_Director :: The shop is pretty much what you would expect - except for the back room.

The_Director :: (BK:  no, but it is not difficult to find the right exit)

The_Director :: There are some cupboards in the short corridor to the back room which appear to have been ransacked recently.

The_Director :: Beyond them you can see a red circle and other red lines.

a_stranger :: A Circle of Summoning.

a_stranger :: They used their own blood.

Niles_Niven :: Idiots...

Niles_Niven :: they actually believed in this crap

a_stranger :: I believe they found some of the books from our libraries.

Niles_Niven :: they probably thought they saw something and ended up freaked...

Niles_Niven crouches and inspects the place

Niles_Niven :: ...your libraries?

a_stranger :: Our numbers are depleted, and those of us that are left have not been able to keep track of everything.

a_stranger :: We don't even know what everything was.

Niles_Niven :: actually... what library and what us are we talking about...?

a_stranger :: Come, there is nothing for us here.  We must catch up with the pr... your friend.

Niles_Niven :: from your MO I am pretty sure you have nothing to do with the Zodiac...

Niles_Niven :: (with the pr ?)

Niles_Niven gets up hiding his supicion...

a_stranger :: I can explain more on the way, but some should wait until the three of you are together.

Niles_Niven :: ... three?

Niles_Niven :: you know about our... interpid helper?

Niles_Niven :: and what did you mean by that pr on Knight's account...

kid leads the Black Knight into the undercity, towards the remains of Kings College.

The_Director :: Rubble and broken fencing make passage with a bike impossible, but simultaneously make cover widely available.

kid disappears into the remains of a building next to Kings College Chapel.

Black_Knight will follow the kid as carefull as possible...

The_Director :: The place has a very eerie atmosphere.  Stray archaeologists can be heard among the rubble.

Niles_Niven :: (archeologists? middle of the night?)

The_Director :: Buildings have lost their roofs, but the city has been built right over the top letting only small slivers of streetlight through.

The_Director :: (it is currently about 3pm)

Nick change: vacant -> Raef

Raef is panting after - for him - an exhausting journey.

Raef :: Spire, have you heard of the Zodiac Killer?

john_spire nods

Raef :: I know some of his killings got onto the news, but those are only the high profile ones.

Raef :: His company is taking over and he is killing anyone who gets in his way.

john_spire :: his company?

The_Director :: BK, you follow the kids footsteps to the top of a tower at one end of the building.  You only see one set of footprints coming back down again - the same ones.

Raef :: His outfit, Spire!  I have heard one or two other rumours too.

a_stranger is in a car with Niles, yours or his.

john_spire :: what are the rumors?

The_Director :: Up ahead of him, the Black Knight can see a double door into what was clearly some kind of tutorial room.

The_Director :: Looking through the window from the stairs into the room, he can see some kind of giant glass sphere.  It has something in it...

a_stranger :: I don't know what we do now, Mr Niven.  Somehow you are all mixed up in this, you will be the ones to end it.

a_stranger :: I do know that we need to retrieve the library that the Zodiac Killer has stolen before he can do any more harm.

a_stranger :: We are almost out of time.

Niles_Niven :: How do you mean?

a_stranger :: I don't know.  And that worries me.  Understand that I only have small glimpses of the future.

Raef :: The rumour is that he is running a new drug out there, superaddictive and maybe fatal.

john_spire :: any known side effects?

Niles_Niven :: Wait a second... you think there's actually more to this then delusions of magic and problems with justice?

Raef :: I have also heard that he is offering to give weapons out to the street kids.  I don't know why, and I don't know when.  But I am getting out while I have my skin.

john_spire :: and what is the drug called?

Raef :: That is all I know, John.

john_spire :: I know some more things myself

Raef :: The young kids probably know more than I do now.  Ask them, if you dare.

john_spire :: I have done some stupid things and I'm in too deep to run away now

Black_Knight :: (the kid still there ?)

a_stranger :: I don't think you have begun to understand what this is about Mr. Niven.  I think your friend the Knight may learn more soon.  If he survives.

Black_Knight :: (okay, comforting *G*)

The_Director :: (the tracks suggest the kid went through the doors)

The_Director :: BK, you can hear chanting coming from inside the room.

Niles_Niven :: Oh no...

Niles_Niven :: that kid?

Niles_Niven runs faster and checks his pocket for his gun...

The_Director :: Reflected in the glass sphere is the glow of many candles.

Black_Knight decides to crash his little party (not by crashing through the door, but by just entering)

Niles_Niven :: (ouch)

The_Director :: And through the reflected candle light you can just make out the pale bodies of young, naked children suspended inside the sphere...................

Black_Knight kicks in the door

The_Director :: And so we leave our intrepid investigators with more information they had this morning, but wondering if that knowledge is for good or for bad...

Nick change: Black_Knight -> d1ng0

The_Director :: Thank you everyone.

Nick change: The_Director -> Picks-at-Flies

Nick change: Niles_Niven -> Asm0dai

Nick change: john_spire -> hammerspace

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people, organisations and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
This log has been 'cleaned': comments too off topic have been removed, a couple of typos corrected and some discussion about game mechanics has gone. In addition, some private dialog was not logged.

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