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cast (saturday 2th march 2004)

Niles_Niven			-	Asmodai
Daniel_Masters/Black_Knight	-	Dingo D Dog
John Spire			-	Hammerspace
Director			-	Picks-at-Flies

episode 5: munching crisps on the roof

The_Director :: A week has passed.

The_Director :: You all have other work to do - you have to pay the rent after all (or earn it, in the case of Daniel).

The_Director :: Wounds have been healed, equipment recovered or repaired but you are still feeling annoyed that the Zodiac Killer has not been caught.

Nick change: Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

Niles_Niven :: (has he appeared since then ?)

The_Director :: No other killings have been reported to the police, but mention the name to your contacts on the street and they get a fearful look in their eyes.

The_Director :: Niles:  your contacts on the force get back to you on the white powder you found at the 3rd killing.

Nick change: martijn -> john_spire

The_Director :: It is a new drug, called Black Heroin, that is becoming the new hard drug of choice.

Daniel_Masters sighs

The_Director :: Were there any other unresolved leads?

Niles_Niven :: (yes there are and I think I gathered most of the threads)

Daniel_Masters will try and squeeze that lady cop that I invited for a cup of coffee somewhere for a bit more information...

Daniel_Masters :: as to what information the cops have.

Daniel_Masters :: And I will also keep "close" contact with Tessa Duin for the moment for the same reasons.

Daniel_Masters :: (And if I need to go a little bit further than just a nice date and so.... well so be it)

The_Director :: Sure, no problem.

The_Director :: That last one, especially, will bring in dividends.

john_spire will probably try to contact Mr Niven to give a description of what he saw

The_Director :: Well, since you don't really know each other, IIRC, why don't we play out the beginning of that conversation while Asmo is busy.

The_Director :: (of course, you could just talk to each other... but hey)

The_Director :: Oh hold on... you said Mr Niven... doh!

Daniel_Masters :: (The problem is that Daniel likes the hunt for females a bit more than he likes being tied up with just a single one. Cheating is something he wouldn't do)

The_Director :: hehe

Daniel_Masters will take the female cop (whom in my opinion was a lot cuter than Miss Duin) to a fancy coffee place and then order a tripple espresso and just be his charming self.

Nick change: vacant -> Miss_Hemmings

Miss_Hemmings looks uncomfortable.

Daniel_Masters gives her a comforting smile

Daniel_Masters offers his sympathy for the wasted time in his factory.

Miss_Hemmings is wearing a ruffled cream shirt and a long, pleated, crimson skirt.

Daniel_Masters is dressed in modern three piece suit with a brightly colored vest.

Miss_Hemmings :: ummm... that's ok

Daniel_Masters :: (no tie)

Miss_Hemmings gives a small smile and blushes.

Daniel_Masters is usually slightly overdressed for any occasion.

Daniel_Masters has to keep up the pretense of being a bored billionaire playboy.

Miss_Hemmings just looks deeply into your eyes.

Daniel_Masters just looks deeply back

Daniel_Masters seems to study her and is thinking about something

Daniel_Masters is wondering if I should take her to one of the events on tonights social callendar.

waitress joined #agww

waitress looks at Daniel, "Can I get you anything, sir?"

Miss_Hemmings shoots daggers at the waitress.

Daniel_Masters :: A tripple milk, no sugar and no cookie

Miss_Hemmings says quietly, "Coffee please"

Caelian :: (lol)

waitress returns a couple of minutes later with an expresso and a coffee.

Daniel_Masters :: (Director: Can I make the guesses as to her size ?)

Daniel_Masters :: (Director: You know... clothes size (I've got a plan))

The_Director :: That would be "Style".

Daniel_Masters :: (I've got that)

Daniel_Masters :: !roll 6d10

ST-Logger :: Daniel_Masters rolled 6d10 dice and got: 9, 5, 3, 2, 5, 6

Daniel_Masters :: (just a single success I think)

The_Director :: She is wearing such frumpy clothes... it is difficult to be precise but you know a good dress maker.

Miss_Hemmings stirs her coffee. Quite a lot. With 3 lumps.

Daniel_Masters :: How was work ?

Daniel_Masters is barely containing a grin when she puts the lumps in her coffee.

Miss_Hemmings :: Oh...

Miss_Hemmings :: Busy.

Miss_Hemmings :: We were patrolling in 34th and 7th...

Miss_Hemmings :: ... you know, above ...

Miss_Hemmings blushes.

Miss_Hemmings whispers something to Daniel_Masters.

Daniel_Masters smiles

Miss_Hemmings blushes again.

Daniel_Masters :: You do look cute when you're blushing like that.

Miss_Hemmings turns into a beetroot.

Daniel_Masters :: Do you like soccer ?

Miss_Hemmings looks up sharply. "I play on the team."

Daniel_Masters :: Nice, I played a bit back in Oxford University.

Daniel_Masters :: (I'll spend an inspiration point here)

The_Director :: ok... for what?

Daniel_Masters :: (will become clear, some minor editing)

The_Director :: ok

Daniel_Masters :: You are aware that tonight FC Millenium plays against AC Milan here in the Millenium Dome ?

Daniel_Masters :: (Cup Finals)

Miss_Hemmings :: ....yes....

Daniel_Masters :: Well would you like to go there ?

john_spire phones Mr Niven

Miss_Hemmings drops her spoon, and it goes flying across the room.

Miss_Hemmings :: I...

Miss_Hemmings :: t...two hundred p..pounds

Daniel_Masters :: I've got access to a few good seats due to some sponsoring from my company.

Daniel_Masters :: (I own a box in the Stadium)

Daniel_Masters :: (this is "flavor" stuff)

john_spire :: (we like the flavor :))

The_Director :: (bah, can you lot not cope with simultaneous conversations?)

Miss_Hemmings starts to wriggle and tries to hide it by looking for her spoon.

Niles_Niven :: (yes we can... but I don't wanna... :))

john_spire :: (what he said :))

Daniel_Masters :: Well, Miss Hemmings....... hmmm that's too formal for two people who are going to a soccer match..... call me Daniel, how may I call you ?

The_Director :: Um... Teri...

Daniel_Masters :: Well then Teri, I'll pick you up this evening... shall we say around six ?

Miss_Hemmings looks flustered.

Miss_Hemmings :: *mumble* ..... wear ..... *mumble*

Daniel_Masters :: Don't worry too much about that, it's just a visit to a soccer game.

Miss_Hemmings finds her spoon.

john_spire :: (there is no spoon?)

The_Director :: (then what does she have in her hands?)

john_spire :: (sorry bad matrix quote :))

john_spire :: (the tick: SPOON!)

Miss_Hemmings blushes.

Miss_Hemmings :: ... The girls will be jealous ...

Daniel_Masters :: probably not only the girls

Miss_Hemmings :: ... Jeff ... was ... jealous.

Daniel_Masters :: Jeff ?

Miss_Hemmings :: He... likes you.

Miss_Hemmings covers her mouth with her hand.

john_spire :: (lol)(*munches some more chips*)(this is better then soap :))

Daniel_Masters :: Ahh, well I do get that occasionally...

Miss_Hemmings alternates between looking at her spoon and into your eyes.

Daniel_Masters is Mr. Cool

Daniel_Masters :: I still have some work to do. But feel free to finish your coffee and have another one. It's my treat. I'll see you this evening.

Miss_Hemmings :: ummm... ok.

Miss_Hemmings :: ... thank you ...

Miss_Hemmings gives another small smile.

Daniel_Masters smiles as if he's got something in mind

Daniel_Masters heads over to the register and pays for the consumptions and tips at least 50% so that Miss Hemmings can have another cup if she wants.

waitress :: You never take _me_ to football matches.

waitress pouts.

Daniel_Masters then heads out of the shop, making a quick glance back at Teri, then picks his cellphone from his pocket and calls his tailor for "special occasions" (women's tailor)

Daniel_Masters ingores the waitress.

Nick change: waitress -> vacant2

Nick change: Miss_Hemmings changed his nickname to vacant

Niles_Niven is sitting in his office... through the window a grey building next to him can be seen... he is deep inside a comfy chair, his legs on the wooden table... all over the desk are strewn papers., notes written I na quick cursive type, photocopies of police documents, photographs... he is leaning back, holding his saxophone on his thigh, and flipping through a small notebook in his hand...

Niles_Niven is whistling "The Entertainer" and is looking at the scribbled text in his pad...

Daniel_Masters has her (the tailor) deliver and make to fit a dress that has to arrive at exactly 17.15, then I'll call a beautician and have her arrive at the place at exactly 17:30. And after that we're going to a soccer game *G*

Niles_Niven :: (Snob)

Daniel_Masters :: (Yes, and ?)

Daniel_Masters also enjoys the ordinary movie & takeout dates...

The_Director :: ...but they just happen to be *extraordinary* cinemas and restaurants.

Daniel_Masters :: (No, rented movies, chinese takeout from around the corner, location: couch in the living room)

john_spire :: (if neccessary buy a new couch )

Niles_Niven finnaly flips the small notebook to a certain page...

Niles_Niven looks at the notes...

Niles_Niven :: 1. The Mysterious Killings

john_spire calls Mr Niven

Niles_Niven :: 2. The Zodiac Killer

Niles_Niven :: 3. The Vigilantes in Millenium city...

Niles_Niven is staring at the notepad, as the shrill bell of the phone makes him twitch... he quickly looks for the phone under all these papers, and soon digs out the phone from under a pile of clippings and a medical report on the weapon the Killer uses...

Niles_Niven :: ... Niles Niven here, investigator for hire... how can I help you?

john_spire :: Mr Niven, I was a witness to what happend on top of the policestation, and I would like to talk to you about that

Niles_Niven :: ... oh?

Niles_Niven seems to have an odd questioning edge in his voice...

Niles_Niven :: ... what exactly do you mean?

john_spire :: not over the phone, meet me at the Millenium City main trainstation, track 4 at 7 o'clock (during the football match :)) [ST note: that would be Millenium Central then.]

Niles_Niven :: No

Niles_Niven :: ... my office...

Niles_Niven :: when you have the time...

Niles_Niven :: or rather when I'm there

Niles_Niven :: that means for the next two hours

john_spire :: no .... bloody ... way. I do not want to get more involved then I already am.

Niles_Niven :: ... if you saw what you saw on the rooftop... then you'd know why I am not planning to meet anyone who knows that where he would like...

Niles_Niven :: therefore if you wish... you may come and pay me a visit... otherwise... do have a nice day...

john_spire hangs up the phone

Niles_Niven makes another note under the Zodiac killer heading...

Niles_Niven :: The Strange bystander

Niles_Niven scribbles something below it

john_spire :: (hmm this seems a bit like a dead end for this char ... )

Niles_Niven :: (how many people other than the cops know what happened there?)

Niles_Niven :: (The killer, you and me... and with the killer trying to get Niles already...)

john_spire :: (that means that the killer might be watching niles place, so I don't want to be seen there)

The_Director :: (sounds right to me)

The_Director :: The match is due to kick off at 6.30 in the evening.

john_spire buys some beer and chips and watches the match on the telly

The_Director :: Daniel and Hemmings get there at about 6.10 by helicopter.

The_Director :: Niles, you will have to wangle your way in, but you have to do so early.  But games are great places to pick up rumours anyway.

The_Director :: John, you can make your way onto the stadium any time you like... there is no way anyone will catch you... probably.

Niles_Niven :: (ummm why would he go to the game... he is totaly uninterested in football... he would probably head to the pub while everyone's there and use that to gather info...)

Teri_Hemmings joined #agww

Daniel_Masters has presented Teri with the biggest bouquet of roses she will have ever seen...

The_Director :: Normal spectators and security have to be there early.  And I believe you arranged to meet in the stadium. [ST note: actually the ST made an error here... Many apologies.]

john_spire :: (hmmm that would give me a better view of the game :))

john_spire goes to 'his' personal skybox, the roof :)

The_Director :: There is a gentle breeze and light rain.

john_spire :: (and brings chips and beer ofcourse :))

john_spire :: (and an umbrella)

The_Director :: Daniel, what does the dress look like?

Daniel_Masters :: (How would I know. It's an expensive couturier, so it's probably a very high class dress)

Daniel_Masters has just put on a Tuxedo, which is always handy if you do not know what your escort is wearing

Daniel_Masters :: Anywas, I'll escort her through the VIP entrance up to my box, shake hands with the Mayor and the Chief of Police on my way up past the VIP lounge.

Niles_Niven is looking at his notes trying to connect as much as he can

Teri_Hemmings is wearing a thin black dress, stretching down to her ankles, but with a cut diagonally across the front of the legs. The top Vs from the navel to the shoulders, crossing over at the back, and a loose white stripe parellel to the cut in the legs masks her breasts.

Daniel_Masters :: and of course Premier Bellusconi

The_Director :: About 6.25 you all become aware of a slight disturbance.

The_Director :: Daniel notices it first, an angry argument in the corridor behind his box.

Daniel_Masters is a bit annoyed by the disturbance

The_Director :: Then Niles hears a fragment of something on the radio of the security guard he is hanging with.

The_Director :: Finally, John notices groups of security hurrying around the stadium.

Niles_Niven :: (me sighs and play along)

Niles_Niven looks at him... what was that?

Daniel_Masters goes to see who is causing all that ruckus in the hallway.

Teri_Hemmings looks confused, and just turns around in her seat as you go out.

Nick change: Miss_Hemmings -> Security_guard

Daniel_Masters excuses himself with the "bathroom break" argument

Security_guard :: Some kid gone missing.  The father is making a fuss.

john_spire :: (do the security guards seem to notice me or is there an other reason for the excitement?)

Niles_Niven :: How much fuss can it be?

Niles_Niven :: ...

Niles_Niven :: wait...

Nick change: Teri_Hemmings -> Mr_Sommesmore

Niles_Niven :: where did the father arrive?

The_Director :: John:  the guards seems to be looking for somebody.

Niles_Niven :: Where is the father asking for his kid?

Security_guard :: It sounds like some guy in one of the boxes.  Look, if you see a girl so high with blond hair and a pink teddy, let me know, yeah.

Niles_Niven :: Which box?

Daniel_Masters :: (Niles if she's somewhere in the public, you should pick it up quite easilly...)

Niles_Niven :: (that's not what I'm currently thinking about...)


Mr_Sommesmore :: (Niles, Daniel, please reference cast list...)

Daniel_Masters :: (??)

Mr_Sommesmore strides around.

john_spire doesn't really feel like moving from his prime location, but tries to look around what the reason for the excitement is


Nick change: Security_guard -> Head_Guard

Head_Guard :: Please Mr Sommesmore.  We are doing everything in our power to bring your daughter back.

Mr_Sommesmore pokes his hand into the guard's stomach, who doubles up.

Daniel_Masters :: (Have I ever heard of this fellow ?)

Mr_Sommesmore :: DO BETTER.

Daniel_Masters :: (He sounds arrogant enough)

The_Director :: "Ron Sommesmore, a famous unconvicted mobster"

Niles_Niven moves to the edge to see the crowd and looks for the girl...

Daniel_Masters :: Sir, please calm down. Your freaking out doesn't solve anything.

Niles_Niven :: ... who's in that box ?

Niles_Niven :: (oh I see where this is going...)

Mr_Sommesmore stares into Daniel's eyes.

Mr_Sommesmore :: And WHO    are you?

Nick change: Head_Guard changed his nickname to Security_guard

Security_guard :: Smore... something like.

Nick change: Security_guard -> Megaphone

Niles_Niven has a brainstorm

Niles_Niven :: is that the VIP box?

Daniel_Masters :: I'm Daniel Masters.

Niles_Niven :: Sommersmore?

Daniel_Masters :: Mr Sommersmore calm down. With you overreacting you will not find your daughter back.

Megaphone :: Please could Angelique Sommesmore find the nearest security officer.  Please could Angelique Sommesmore find the nearest security officer.

Megaphone flashes a picture a picture of a young girl, about 8 with blond hair and an Alice band, onto the stadium screens.

Daniel_Masters :: Why don't you return to your box and wait there untill the security guards have found her, or something else happens.

The_Director :: Everyone make Occult rolls... :)

Niles_Niven :: >3 5d10

john_spire :: (me too?)

The_Director :: of course

Daniel_Masters :: !roll 2d10

Niles_Niven :: !roll 5d10

ST-Logger :: Niles_Niven rolled 5d10 dice and got: 7, 6, 6, 8, 1

ST-Logger :: Daniel_Masters rolled 2d10 dice and got: 10, 8

john_spire :: !roll 2d10

ST-Logger :: john_spire rolled 2d10 dice and got: 7, 3

The_Director :: (as always, Daniel rolls better on his two dice than Niles with 5)

The_Director :: Anyone notice that Virgo is next?

Niles_Niven :: (well you didn't go chronologicaly)

The_Director :: (oh yes I did... but reverse order)

Daniel_Masters :: (then was the last one Leo ?)

Niles_Niven :: (hmm I should have looked at the order instead of just leaving it be and studying for exams)

Niles_Niven :: (;))

Niles_Niven :: Oh... no...

Niles_Niven :: Tell your men to be on the lookout for a man in green...

Mr_Sommesmore tries to pick Daniel up by the scruff.

Niles_Niven :: he will be all in green with a mask

Niles_Niven :: I'll try and find the girl...

Niles_Niven quickly tries to find a vantage point from which he'll see the crowd well enough to find her.

The_Director :: Niles, John, make Awareness rolls.

Niles_Niven :: !roll 8d10

ST-Logger :: Niles_Niven rolled 8d10 dice and got: 9, 4, 9, 5, 3, 4, 10, 2

john_spire :: !roll 9d10

ST-Logger :: john_spire rolled 9d10 dice and got: 5, 2, 1, 8, 7, 4, 8, 5, 7

The_Director gasps.

Nick change: Megaphone -> Zodiac_Killer

Zodiac_Killer is running along the roof, girl in hand, on top of the stadium, 90 degrees from Niles, not far from John.

Niles_Niven :: Oh... cripes...!

Niles_Niven tries to find some stairs that would take him up...

Mr_Sommesmore throws Daniel against the wall.

Mr_Sommesmore points, "Get your nose out my business before you lose it."

john_spire :: (john is going to try something stupid again)

The_Director :: shoot

Daniel_Masters hmpfs

john_spire tries to snatch the girl, then run like hell

john_spire :: (while trying to think of a good excuse for himself why he would do something this stupid)

The_Director :: That's Brawl or Martial Arts, at -2 dice.

john_spire :: (how do my speed powers work btw?)

The_Director :: Oh I forgot those... what do you have?

john_spire :: (blazing speed and a single bound)

The_Director :: Single bound means you can leap virtually anywhere...

The_Director :: Blazing speed costs 1 Inspiration per use but gives you an extra action after everyone else acts.

The_Director :: So, if you spend inspiration you can use your full dice pool.

john_spire snatches the girl, then uses blazing speed to get the hell away)

Daniel_Masters :: I will forgive you this insolence just this once, for you are in a situation that this emotional reaction is waranted. But do not touch me again, Sir....... (my intimidation *G*)

The_Director :: (John:  roll Brawl or MA)

john_spire :: (at full dicepool?)

Niles_Niven looks around him trying to see the potentional routes... or something he could use to get there...

Mr_Sommesmore :: All right, you have balls - so what in *********** you think I should do?

john_spire :: !roll 10d10

ST-Logger :: john_spire rolled 10d10 dice and got: 5, 8, 5, 9, 7, 1, 6, 7, 4, 8

Zodiac_Killer :: !roll 4d10

Daniel_Masters :: Stay calm. With panicking and shouting around and confusing these slow witted security guards you will not get your daughter back any sooner.

ST-Logger :: Zodiac_Killer rolled 4d10 dice and got: 8, 2, 8, 9

Zodiac_Killer turns his body as you attempt to twist the girl loose. You manage to free her, but fail to catch her as she goes careering down the sloping roof towards the edge.

john_spire jumps down after the girl, graps her during the fall and lands on his feet

The_Director :: Where are you landing?

john_spire :: (in the audience if she was falling that way)

The_Director :: The crowd gasps, as a mysterious assailant leaps at a green figure...

Niles_Niven is looking up trying to find a way to get there... but he stops in his tracks looking at someone attacking the ZOdiac

The_Director :: before preternaturally diving after a young girl and somersaulting with her into the crowd below, landing on top of the rail at the front of the stand.

The_Director :: Everyone has an action this round, so first come first serve.

The_Director :: (assume, you saw the end of this)

john_spire jumps onto the field with the girl in his arms

Daniel_Masters :: What the...

Daniel_Masters :: (my action)

Mr_Sommesmore :: ANGEL!!!

Mr_Sommesmore dives over the balcony and starts making his way through the stands to the field.

Niles_Niven flips over the wall into the passages through the seats to get below

Zodiac_Killer disappears behind the stadium.

The_Director :: Normal time.

Nick change: Zodiac_Killer -> Angelique_S

Niles_Niven tries to see where the Zodiac is...

Angelique_S :: Daddy!!!

john_spire looks around for the nearest security guard

Niles_Niven tries to get to the girl and her rescuer...

Angelique_S starts crying.

john_spire tries to calm down the girl

The_Director :: Several bands of security rush towards John and Angelique, slightly ahead of Niles, but behind Mr Sommesmore.

Angelique_S tries to wriggle free towards her daddy.

john_spire gently puts down the girl and bounds to safety

Niles_Niven tries to get to the girl

The_Director :: The guards divide between Angelique and John.  Niles, who are you running to?

Niles_Niven :: the girl

The_Director :: One action, Niles.  One action.

Niles_Niven quickly moves towards the girl and saying "I'm a police officer and flashing my old police badge crouch by her and stop her in her tracks using the chance to quickly see if she has any dangerous objects on her person (visual analysis should be enough for this with my knack)

The_Director :: Yes she does.  As her father runs to embrace her...

Angelique_S :: BANG!!!

Niles_Niven :: (hey - I'm faster than that)

Picks-at-Flies :: Actually, we can go on, if you want to skip ahead when all 3 of you are talking.

Picks-at-Flies :: After all, that is why you were at the stadium.

Daniel_Masters :: (I want at least 1 temporary inspiration point back now...... this was supposed to be a really impressive date.....)

john_spire :: (does that mean that john can't get away?)

Picks-at-Flies :: You can get away... I was assuming you met up later, since your first meeting was postponed.

john_spire :: (btw I assume I have probably been seen on live tv now by almost everyone, right?)

d1ng0 :: Besides... with life coverage on international television, the big reward on the Zodiac Killers head, it won't be long till some foreing bounty hunter is going to arrive to take him in.

d1ng0 :: I spent an inspiration point to create a bit of extra background for Daniel (and to have a perfect date), Hammerspace did a very cool rescue, and how are we rewarded......... more dead people.....

d1ng0 :: Of course there is a way to safe your graces next session which is fairly easy....

john_spire :: (;_;)

Picks-at-Flies :: Who says he is dead??

john_spire :: (the girl?)

d1ng0 :: Then continue.

Asm0dai :: The girl was brainwashed by the Zodiac (with a spell or hypnosis)

Asm0dai :: he was counting on either a hero to save her or was planning to insert here into the crowd and let her be found...

d1ng0 :: Okay: I'll do a little rant now.

d1ng0 :: A) We did something to the Zodiac that should have killed him last session.

Picks-at-Flies :: Anyway, Dingo you regain your point 'cause it was for a cool use.

Picks-at-Flies :: Sorry, I wrote in the wrong screen first off.  The girl is seemingly unharmed.

d1ng0 :: B) The Zodiac Killer has powers that makes everyone an easy target. Including ourselves.

john_spire :: (*munches on some chips*)

d1ng0 :: C) We (at least I) have no clue as how to get the Zodiac Killer.

d1ng0 :: D) Untill the Zodiac Killer is caught I can't assume my Black Knight guise (at least not without severe risk to my own wellbeing. I know that's my own mistake, but it's still not that good).

The_Director :: Does anyone think that John, Daniel and Niles would *not* meet up after this?

d1ng0 :: E) Twarting the Zodiac Killer here would have made us all feel better about it.

Asm0dai :: Dingo

d1ng0 :: And I still have as much reason to meet up as before.

Asm0dai :: the Zodiac makes perfect sense

john_spire :: (btw what excactly happend with the girl after i put her down?)

john_spire :: (she fired some weapon at her father?)

Asm0dai :: the thing is that I messed up by thinking something was given by writing something down that was different

d1ng0 :: Oh yes... with a dark and gritty city with at least a million inhabitants of who

The_Director :: I would also point out that at least one of you predicted exactly who was the next target.

d1ng0 :: 5% are criminals...

Asm0dai :: all of them are criminals

d1ng0 :: Divided over the 12 signs of the Zodiac...

The_Director :: If everyone wants to meet up, I will do an overview of what happened.

d1ng0 :: Gives a whole lot of potential targets.

Asm0dai :: and all of them are "clean"

d1ng0 :: Heck, as the owner of a mulitbillion coorperation there's bound to be some things that are criminal that Daniel did.

The_Director :: (meet up IC, that is)

john_spire will go to Mr Nivens office the day after the match

d1ng0 :: or at least that were done by him.

Asm0dai :: umm dingo

Asm0dai :: the targets were:

Asm0dai :: A traitor

Asm0dai :: Corrupt officialas

john_spire :: (there isn't really much use in hidding after being on live tv for all of europe)

Asm0dai :: A mob man who noone could prove was guilty of anything

d1ng0 :: Next on the list a vigilante (which is still a punishable offense)

The_Director :: Guys, discuss it IC!

john_spire will go to Mr Nivens office the day after the match

Nick change: D1ng0 -> Daniel_Masters

The_Director hugs John close.

Nick change: Asm0dai -> Niles_Niven

The_Director :: To clarify:

Daniel_Masters is totally pissed that his date has failed miserably.... that the match of his favorite soccer club has been cancelled due too a murder investigation in progress and that this sick bastard the Zodiac Killer is still making life impossible for his second life.

Daniel_Masters hides this all quite well though.

john_spire knocks on Mr Niven's door

The_Director :: Sommesmore and his daughter were together in the match, when she went missing.  How long she was missing is disputed - security claim that Sommesmore was on the phone for half an hour, leaving his daughter unattended.  Sommesmore denies this violently.

Niles_Niven has ended up drunk last nigth for his slow witted action... after going drunk to the hospital to see hsi friend, he was expediently thrown out... after that, he came back into the office and collapsed into the sofa in the back room...

john_spire knocks on niven's door again

The_Director :: John Spire has not had his name released to the press... yet.  Niles and Daniel both have contacts who can tell them who he is.

Nick change: Daniel_Masters -> Black_Knight

The_Director :: However, his image - and Niles's - have been broadcast to the nation.

Black_Knight knows now why he assumes this identity. To vent his anger at all the injustice in this world.

Niles_Niven :: (hey I'm known aroudn the place)

The_Director :: Sommesmore was taken to the hospital - there is always several on hand, and has been described as critically injured.

The_Director :: Anything else?

The_Director :: Oh yeah, Daniel, your date.

Black_Knight dresses up, takes his trusty steed (motorbike) from the garage and goes on patrol. Driving with a determination that makes most people back off quickly.

The_Director :: Hemmings approaches you later and says,...

Black_Knight will patrol the area of the hospital

Teri_Hemmings :: ... I'm... working.  Sorry.... sorry...  She looks very professional - and beautiful in that dress - when she works.

Nick change: Teri_Hemmings -> vacant1

The_Director :: BK:  ok, you find Niles stumbling around the hospital car park, drunk as a skunk.

Black_Knight will now not "rest" untill the Zodiac Killer has been caught. Daniel Masters has left the country for an unscheduled holiday in the Himalayas.....

Niles_Niven :: (in the Himalayas... ROTFL


BLack_Knight :: Mr Nivens.

Niles_Niven :: ...ohhh... itsh... you...

Black_Knight parks his bike and walks over the Niven

Niles_Niven :: ... nice... to... know... that.. youshcan.. cooover... all .. your... mistakes... by dressing up... and running in the night...

Black_Knight :: Nice to know that you can hide all your problems by trying to drown them in large quantities of alcohol.

Black_Knight :: Now get on the back of this bike and hold tight, I'll bring you home.

Niles_Niven :: ... I...don't...need.. hick... you... help... I... can... fuck up...on myown quite niceley, thank you...

Black_Knight uses one hand to push him down

john_spire :: (*munches on some chips*)

Niles_Niven tries to push him away

Black_Knight steps aside and catches Niven who almost tumbles over. He then "as gently as possible" uses his fist to knock Niven out cold.

The_Director :: (no contest)

Black_Knight then lifts Niven on the front of his bike and drives him to his home.

The_Director :: (actually....)

john_spire :: (yeah next morning around 10 :))

john_spire knocks on Mr Niven's door

Black_Knight then uses Niven's keys to open his houses door.

Black_Knight then crashes in Niven's place on the couch. Keeping his black mask on...

Niles_Niven :: (actually I would have dodged that and hit him under the helmet... but sicne the ST doesn't like me... ;))

Black_Knight :: (when dead drunk ???)

Black_Knight :: (against a combat monster like ME ?)

The_Director :: (I just realised that even when drunk, Niles is as good a brawler as the Black Knight)

The_Director :: (Of course, he does not have the stun rods...)

Niles_Niven :: (that's what  i know :))

Black_Knight wears armor

Black_Knight has "gadgets"

Niles_Niven :: (true... but even drunk I'm faster :))

Black_Knight has a good sword

The_Director :: I did say brawling.

Black_Knight :: (and besides it's the only way that you get me in Niven's place)

Niles_Niven :: (and if I hit you on the underside of your helmet with a open palm and drive it upwards you will be in a world of hurt :))

john_spire :: (* get on with the story ......)

Black_Knight :: (The Next Morning)

john_spire knocks on Mr Niven's door

Black_Knight goes to the bathroom and wets a towel and throws it over Niles's face

Niles_Niven is probably dead on the sofa... he has bruises from his encounter with the knight... as does the knight...

john_spire :: *knock* *knock*

john_spire :: *KNOCK* *KNOCK*

Black_Knight :: (Niles, you're in your own place....... so WAKE UP)

Niles_Niven :: (I drank to much, and I got into a brawl with an armored guy... I'm so fully functional now :))

john_spire :: *BONK* *BONK* *BONK *BONK* *BONK

john_spire :: HEEEEY!!!

Niles_Niven makes some odd sounds and turns to the other side of the sofa...

Black_Knight whispers to Niles: "You bloody aggressive drunk, answer that person on the other side of the door."

john_spire :: (I'm knocking on the door and shouting)

The_Director :: You reckon you could probably open the door... it looks like the security system wasn't activated last night.

john_spire :: (i don't wanna kick in the door, because now I have been on television, getting new courier jobs might be a bit harder so I can't afford to buy a new door for Mr Niven)

john_spire :: (the door isn't locked?)

Niles_Niven makes a loud humming noise and gets up, and shuffles next to the Knight not noticing him... then he walks to the toilet and after 30 seconds he comes back and passes by the knight again, and heads back to the sofa...

Niles_Niven suddenly turns around

Niles_Niven :: ...whut the Heck?!

The_Director :: (you are sure that it just takes a pen knife in the lock to open it... loads of your friends can do it)

john_spire :: (john doesn't seem to have any legerdemain skills)

Niles_Niven :: (do I hear someone banging on the door now ?)

john_spire :: (what a master of perception :))

Niles_Niven points his finger to the knight and opens his mouth noticing the banging...

Niles_Niven :: ... we need to talk...

john_spire tries to open the the door and let himself in

Niles_Niven shuffles towards the door, and opens it... he is standing hthere in his ruffled and messed up trenchoat, his clothes look chewed, his hair is in all the directions, and he looks like crap...

Niles_Niven :: WHAT!?

Niles_Niven :: Are you trying to rip my doors out!?

john_spire :: (nah just trying to pick the lock)

Niles_Niven grabs hismelf for the head and makes a Uuuugh sound

Niles_Niven :: Who the hell are you... anyway...

john_spire :: ummm ummm

Black_Knight is just silent

john_spire :: umm perhaps I can come around at a different time, you seem to be busy

Niles_Niven :: ... I'm not busy fuckwit... I'm just half dead...

Niles_Niven :: you'd be too if someone was in the hospital because of your incompetence

Black_Knight :: Mr Niven, you policemen friend is in the hospital because a sick bastard called the Zodiac Killer put him there.

Niles_Niven :: and since you were as nice as to get me up now, you may as well come in...

john_spire :: my bloody face has been on national television, I assume everyone and their pet dog is out looking for me and I missed the match yesterday so stop whining

Black_Knight :: It's not your fault that sick bastards like that walk around in the world.

Niles_Niven just turns around and leaves the doors open

Niles_Niven heads to tthe kitchen behind the office and puts some coffee to boil...

Niles_Niven take of his trenchcoat and throws it in a corner, and then disaperas to a side room with a larrge wet towel on his head...

Niles_Niven :: hey blackie, get your arse over here...

john_spire :: umm you seem to have company, perhaps I should see you at a different time

Black_Knight :: Shut up and sit down.

Black_Knight heads to the side room

john_spire :: umm, yes sir

Black_Knight :: What is it Mr Niven ?

john_spire sits down

Niles_Niven :: Fuckwit, knight

Niles_Niven :: knight, Fuckwit

john_spire blinks

The_Director takes John's bag of crisps. *munch*

john_spire :: (* hey *)

Niles_Niven heads back and coming out with a "Planetery" pint mug filled with something steaming sits down into his large comfortable chair and looks at them both...

Niles_Niven :: (hey you woke the guy... he has a horrid hangover, he fought a costumed vigalante, and now you wake him up...)

Black_Knight :: So drunkard, you're supposed to be the detective guy here.

Black_Knight :: Who's going to be the next target ?

Niles_Niven :: I'll be the detective Blackie... but let my head stop spinning...

Black_Knight :: Or is he going to finish his job on Sommersmore ?

Niles_Niven :: maybe you two could put some brainpower into this...

john_spire :: hey look I'm just some normal guy trying to mind his own business, I don't want any more trouble

Black_Knight :: So how are you connected to this all, Fuckwit ?

Niles_Niven grins and suddenley takes a large sip from his mug...

john_spire :: nothing, I am just a normal guy who was minding my own business, I was just preparing to watch the match from my private boot, when is see this guy carrying this girl

Niles_Niven makes a face as if he just bit into something repugnant

Black_Knight :: normal guys don't jump from the roof of soccer stadiums, Fuckwit

john_spire :: hey stop the name calling already

Niles_Niven :: ... and land on their feet, without braking them to boot...

john_spire :: let's not fuss on little details


Niles_Niven coughs and spurts soem of the steaming coffe back into the mug

john_spire :: careful with that coffee , it seems hot

Black_Knight :: Now let's try to explain stuff...

Black_Knight :: From what we know.

john_spire :: (* btw has the media made up a name for me yet *)

Niles_Niven :: No... you almost made me spill...

The_Director :: (no... you have to wait for a couple of days of tabloids for that).

Niles_Niven :: ... oh and I would offer some to you guys, but the tall dark and mysterious bashed me a couple of times last evening and you almost broke my doors

Black_Knight :: Do you guys guess that the Zodiac Killer is going for Sommesmore again, or call him lucky and go on ?

Niles_Niven :: With the ammount of effort he puts in his kills, he will be going back...

Niles_Niven :: the thing is he needs to do it within his silly little mind game

Niles_Niven :: it has to do something with virgins...

Niles_Niven :: the bastard probably hypnotized the poor girl to kill her daddy...

Niles_Niven :: she may try again...

Niles_Niven is holding his head and leaning with the elbow on the table making creases in soem of the papers...

john_spire :: well that isn't really my problem

Black_Knight :: It is now, Fuckwit

john_spire :: and stop the name calling already

Black_Knight :: The what do you want to be called, Fuckwit ?

The_Director :: Does everyone want to make me a straight Intelligence check?

john_spire :: and I didn't come here to see you, I came here to talk to Mr Niven

Black_Knight :: !roll 2d10

ST-Logger :: Black_Knight rolled 2d10 dice and got: 10, 1

john_spire :: !roll 2d10

ST-Logger :: john_spire rolled 2d10 dice and got: 2, 3

Niles_Niven :: !roll 4d10

ST-Logger :: Niles_Niven rolled 4d10 dice and got: 3, 8, 8, 6

The_Director :: Some reminders of leads you have not explored yet;  if you have remembered about them, tough I guess.

The_Director :: BK:  the occult connection has not been explored

The_Director :: NN:  There is the club which you traced the bloke to...

The_Director :: Um... there were some more... hold on.

The_Director :: Well, there is the new drug which only recently appeared on the streets.

Niles_Niven :: (tape, symbols, murders, zodiac...)

Niles_Niven :: (note... you haven't mentioned the drug up untill this evening when I got the report that the powder I found was the drug)

The_Director :: (yep... new lead)

Black_Knight :: (aargh)

The_Director :: Oh... and finally, all your contacts on your street... you know some of them know something, but they need the right incentive to speak.

Niles_Niven :: (oh and the materal from the plant

Niles_Niven :: (and the missing worker

Black_Knight :: (who appears to be the Zodiac Killer)

The_Director :: Anyway, carry on (if you can)

Black_Knight :: Isn't that guy from Mr. Master's plant the Zodiac Killer.....

john_spire :: look , Mr Niven I just wanna mind my own business, I'll give you my account from what I saw at the police station and the soccer stadium

Niles_Niven :: You were somewhere on the roof and then you saw the Zodiac running there and intercepted him

Niles_Niven :: ... upon catching the girl you jumped down trying to get away from him... he used the focus on you to conveniently disappear...

Niles_Niven :: am I correct?

john_spire :: like I said I was watching the game from umm my no-budget private booth

Niles_Niven is looking different know... though he looks still haggard, his eyes seem to have taken a glint of some sort

john_spire :: when I saw the zodiak killer carrying this girl

john_spire :: in  brief moment of temperary insanity I tried to get the girl away from the zodiak killer, and that's all that happend

Niles_Niven :: (hmm can we stop here ?)

john_spire :: (why?)

Black_Knight :: (yes, good idea)

Nick change: Black_Knight -> d1ng0

john_spire :: (awwww)

Nick change: Niles_Niven changed his nickname to Asm0dai

Asm0dai :: Why?

Nick change: john_spire changed his nickname to hammerspace

Nick change: The_Director -> Picks-at-Flies

Picks-at-Flies :: Cheers guys.

Picks-at-Flies :: Good stuff all round.

Picks-at-Flies :: Everyone get a bonus XP.

This is fictional setting. Although it may feature real people, organisations and places, they are mentioned in an entirely fictional manner.
This log has been 'cleaned': comments too off topic have been removed, a couple of typos corrected and some discussion about game mechanics has gone. In addition, some private dialog was not logged.

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