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Rank 2 Homid Gifts

Jam Technology

Spend a Gnosis and pull Will to stop technological devices from functioning - all devices of the chosen complexity and higher cease to work; difficulties are typically: electronic device (phone) 1, mechanical 2, no moving parts 4


Stare into a targets eyes to prevent a Garou attacking or to make anything else run away; pull Will - successes is number of rounds of effect; target may spend Will to counter all effect

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Rank 2 Metis Gifts


Spend a Gnosis - for a scene you can burrow a semi-permanent tunnel into earth the size of a Hispo wolf (1 yard per round)

Curse of hatred

spend a Gnosis - target loses a point of Will and pulls -1 Rage for the scene

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Rank 2 Lupus Gifts

Scent of Sight*

You can use your sense of smell instead of your eyes; may compensate for darkness or blindness

Sense the Unnatural

Pull Will to sense presence of supernaturals or their effects - consult a storyteller (typically 1 success will detect a presence, 2 will identify it, 3 will locate it)

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