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Rank 2 Ragabash Gifts

Blissful Ignorance

While you are standing still you may gain Hide +1; this also affects spirits and technological monitoring devices (such as cameras)

Obscure the Truth*

Spend a Gnosis - for the duration of the scene all tests to see whether you are telling the truth or not show that you are (this includes Truth of Gaia, Aura Perception etc)

Sense of the Prey*

If using other forms of Heightened Senses, you may track a target using smell at full running speed; alternatively, you gain HS +1 for detecting hidden characters

Taking the Forgotten*

if you successfully steal something (using a profession or otherwise), the owner (or main person responsible for it) will forget they ever possessed it. The ST may require you to Pull Will

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Rank 2 Theurge Gifts

Command Spirit

Spend a Will to give a sentence command to a Spirit, although you cannot force it to break a ban or release from a binding. More powerful spirits may require 2 Will

Name the Spirit

Spend a Will and pull Will to obtain the power levels of a given Spirit - gain one of the following for each success: Name, Rage, Gnosis, Will or Power

Sight from Beyond

You become prone to visions of danger or the future, although they are rarely clear

Umbral Tether

You can leave a spiritual trail visible only to you as you travel the Umbra; requires one Gnosis per hour to maintain (else it dissipates)

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Rank 2 Philodox Gifts

Call to Duty

You may summon a spirit by name and give them one command before they leave (more powerful spirits may refuse the summons). Alternatively, you may spend a Gnosis to summon all spirits in the area to protect or assist you; use this gift carefully for Spirits do not like being misused

King of the Beasts

you may understand and command animals; if you are familiar with the animal this is automatic, if you do not you must both pull Will - if you pull more Skill you succeed; you may only communicate with one animal at once

Strength of Purpose*

Once per game, when you need more Will, you may pull Lore - each success returns one point of Will

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Rank 2 Galliard Gifts

Call of the Wyrm

This dangerous gifts attracts creatures of the Wyrm and is usually used to create an ambush or to flush prey from hiding: Pull Will - all Wyrm creatures must pull Will and gain more successes than you to resist


You can make annoying yips and howls to divert a target's attention - target is at -1 pull while he can hear you


You may enter and affect dreams of anyone you know wherever they are; spend one Gnosis to activate and consult a Storyteller

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Rank 2 Ahroun Gifts

Sense Silver

Pull Will - one success detects its presence, 2 the amount, 3 the location

Spirit of the Frey*

Spend a Gnosis - for the rest of the combat you always act first

True Fear

Pull Rage - each Fire bead prevents the target attacking for a round

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