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Rank 1 Ragabash Gifts

Blur of the Milky Eye

Pull 1 when no one is looking - gain Hide +1

Open Seal

Spend Gnosis to open any lock (in high gauntlets the ST may ask you to Pull Gnosis as well)

Scent of Running Water*

you mask your scent - hunting you by scent requires HS +2

Spider's Song

Put your ear to a telphone wire and spend a Gnosis - the spider spirits whisper the conversation to you

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Rank 1 Theurge Gifts

Mother's Touch

Spend a Gnosis to heal one wound on another person for every three Gnosis you possess (round up)

Sense Wyrm

Pull Will and inform ST of result

Spirit Speech

You may talk to all spirits (except some Wyrm or Weaver Spirits)

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Rank 1 Philodox Gifts

Resist Pain*

Spend a Gnosis - ignore Wound penalties for the current combat

Scent of the True Form

Spend a gnosis and Pull Will to identify the nature of a target (1 sx for most, 2 to identify nature of human)

Truth of Gaia

Each player (starting with the target) draws beads in turn - if your opponent draws the first Fire, he must tell you if his character's last statement was a lie

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Rank 1 Galliard Gifts

Beast Speech

You may talk to animals; this does not change their reaction

Call of the Wyld

You can emit a huge howl - pull Will and tell the ST what you wish to convey; more successes mean the howl travels further (and occasionally other effects)


Spend a gnosis and pull gnosis - you may add the number of successes to a telepathic mind link; each member is -1 to all Pulls, but can cut their link at any point (if the initiator does this, all links are broken)

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Rank 1 Ahroun Gifts


Spend a gnosis - each of your other pack members gains 1 Will for the scene, which does not add to Pulls but may be spent

Razor Claws

Scratch your claws on a hard surface to gain Pull +1 on claw attacks for the rest of the scene

The Falling Touch*

Spend a Gnosis before you Pull to brawl someone - if you Pull any Fire beads, they take a step back (if possible) and fall over; their next action must be to stand up

Trick Shot*

Any gun shot that is not intended to cause damage gains automatic successes equal to your rank

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