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Rank 2

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Rank 1 Homid Gifts

Master of fire*

Spend a Gnosis - for the rest of the scene treat Fire damage as lethal (not aggravated).


Gain an Influence of your choice each month

Smell of Man*

Pull 1 - all mundane animals nearby leave; you have toughness +1 against all animals

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Rank 1 Metis Gifts

Create Element

Pull Gnosis - each success above 2 gives 1 cubic foot of Element (Earth, Water, Air or Fire)

Primal Anger*

Take X aggravated wounds - for the rest of the scene you have +X Rage (increase the number of Fire Beads in your Pull Bag if necessary).

Sense Wyrm

Pull Will and inform ST of result


If activated, Resistence +1 vs grappling attacks, +1 pull when restrained

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Rank 1 Lupus Gifts

Heightened Senses*

Spend a Gnosis to activate this for the scene

Rabbit's Leap*

Spend gnosis to make a huge leap; in combat, use this gift to gain additional movement equal to running speed for one round

Sense Prey

This gift reveals enough prey to feed your pack. Once per day you may Pull Gnosis - each success gives you the location of enough food for one Garou for one day; normally this just takes an hour per success to find, although the ST may ask you to roleplay the hunt.

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