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Most of the information available on the Bead Werewolf website is available as a Rich Text Format (rtf) file. While both html and rtf versions ought to be the same, occasionally slight differences have been made in conversion to html. In case of a dispute, the rtf version stands because that is the version most likely to make it to my games.

All the content of these files is ©Aidan Bowes, apart from that ©White Wolf Games Studio. You are free to make copies of these files, as long as copyright is noted and changes to my originals noted. You can also send suggestions to
All files and fonts used in a .zip file (last updated 30 November 2000)

bead-intro.rtf - introduction, ammendments
bead-csheet.rtf - character sheet and cheat sheet
bead-starting.rtf - character creation and information
bead-rules.rtf - expanded rules
bead-gifts.rtf - gift listings
bead-equip.rtf - equipment (and Fetish) listings
bead-rites.rtf - rite listings
bead-about.rtf - About Werewolf: werewolf lexicon

All new material ©copyright 2002 Aidan Bowes. All rights reserved.
Werewolf the Apocalypse and Minds Eye Theatre are trademarks of
White Wolf Publishing, Inc.