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Character Information

- Creating a Character
- Breed and Auspice benefits
- Tribe benefits
- Merits & Flaws
- Deformities
- Derangements
Starting XP costs

Starting Experience

For experience from games, see Expanded Rules.

All characters start with a certain amount of experience. This can be spent on anything in the table below following certain restrictions:

  • as specified under Tribe benefits
  • Gifts and Rites may only be taken up to Rank level
  • a character may not have more Gifts than Renown
  • Gifts should be bought from Breed, Tribe and Auspice lists; should a Storyteller approve a Gift from outside these then it is at 4xp/level
Rage, Will, Gnosis, Lore3
New Hobby, improved Profession9
Greater Background+6


For more information on Backgrounds see Expanded Rules. All backgrounds are available at Greater level once the basic level has been bought.

  • The ability to find information and set events in motion without revealing yourself; specify an area of influence with the Storyteller.
  • Family who knows your nature: generally provide shelter, hands and breeding stock
    Past Life
  • Contact your ancestor spirits, who may lend you their skill and knowledge from time to time.
    Pure Breed
  • You still retain the pure blood of your ancestors.
  • Income or existing wealth
  • Adds to the power of your pack Totem

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