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Character Information

- Creating a Character
- Breed and Auspice benefits
- Tribe benefits
Merits & Flaws
- Deformities
- Derangements
- Starting XP costs

Merits & Flaws

1xpBad Tasteyour skin tastes bad if bitten or licked
2xpBerserkeryou may Frenzy at will, but must test as usual otherwise
4xpCalm Heartpull extra bead in Frenzy tests
4xpFair Glabroyour Glabro form can pass for human
2xpMentoran elder is looking out for you
4xpMetamorphyou can change to any form instantly; you have +1 Fire bead: do not add/remove beads when changing forms
6xpResistance to WyrmToughness +1 vs Wyrm toxins, balefire etc
6xpSpirit Affinityadd 1 sx when crossing the gauntlet
2 or 4xpToughyou have one or two free health levels
4xpUmbral Sightyou may peek into the Umbra in the same way as peeking out
1xpCarnivoreyou can only eat meat, the fresher the better
3xpDeformitysee Deformities
2xpDerangementsee Derangements
2 or 4xpEnemysomeone wishes you harm and impedes your actions
2xpHatredwhen facing the object of your hatred, test for frenzy at -1 Pull
2xpHuntedsomeone or something wishes to capture or kill you
2xpIlliterateimplies little understanding of humans
4xpLow self-controlPull one less bead in Frenzy tests (min 2)
1xpMark of the Predatoranimals and humans fear you instinctively
2xpPhobiayou have an irrational fear of something; may also lead to Fox Frenzies
2xpWeaver Affinityyou may only regain Gnosis in cities or Caerns, and feel uncomfortable in the wilderness
2xpWyld Affinityyou may only regain Gnosis in wilderness or Caerns, and feel uncomfortable in the wilderness
Other Traits
*Death Affinity*pending* - may only be taken by Silent Striders
0xpNightmaresYou are prone to dark dreams, some of your own making, some visions of terrible events. You must spend a Will each day or remove one Skill from your Pull bag for that day.

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