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Character Information

- Creating a Character
- Breed and Auspice benefits
Tribe benefits
- Merits & Flaws
- Deformities
- Derangements
- Starting XP costs

Tribe benefits

Black Furies
  • must be female (or Metis male)
    Bone Gnawers
  • extra Background, may not take Pure Breed or Greater Backgrounds
    Children of Gaia
  • +1 Skill bead
  • extra creative Hobby, -1 Pull for Frenzy (min 2)
    Get of Fenris
  • +1 Fire bead
    Glass Walkers
  • Resources background, Weaver Affinity (see Merits/Flaws)
    Red Talons
  • +1 Rage, may not take Greater Influence or Resources, Wyld Affinity (see Merits/Flaws)
    Shadow Lords
  • no modifications
    Silent Striders
  • Death Affinity (see Merits/Flaws)
    Silver Fangs
  • Pure Breed Background; derangement
  • +2 Skill bead, Backgrounds cost +1xp
  • +1 Lore, extra Ban (see Umbra)
  • no modifications

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