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- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Gnosis
- Lore
- Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
- Gifts
- Rites
- Equipment
- Combat
- The Umbra
- Hiding and Discovery


People improve. But they rarely improve at the rate that is frequently found in many roleplaying games. Bead werewolf is intended to give players reasonably powerful characters to begin with, but with a low experience rate. Below are listed some methods that may be used. (Experience Points, or XP is a concept common to many roleplaying games; more information may be found in Werewolf: the Apocalypse.)

This section will be modified after playtesting

XP by Goal (recommended)

  • A major goal gives an XP (e.g. destroying the pack of BSDs, protecting a Caern for a year, gaining a Rank, destroying a rival business, shaming a powerful rival)
  • 3 minor goals gives an XP (e.g. becoming pack leader, being taught a rite, overcoming a fear to achieve a task, taking out some annoying thugs)

Goals must be determined between each player and the Storyteller before the game begins, and vary immensely between character to character. The dreams of a quiet character may mean nothing to an ambitious one, while a major feat to an inexperienced character is a trivial one to an experienced character. Goals may change or be changed as the character develops, and almost certainly when a goal is completed. Goals may be a particular success, continuous effort on a task or making sure something does /not/ happen over a longer time frame. Goals may also be individual goals, pack goals or goals for a larger group of characters.

Other Alternatives

When a minor goal is completed, a Storyteller may choose to make it worth double if it was achieved with great flourish, sacrifice or greater effect than expected. Storytellers may also give XP for good roleplaying (possibly at the request of players).

When games are more widely spaced, the Storyteller may also wish to award XP for simply turning up and roleplaying.

XP costs

Rage, Will, Gnosis, Lore3
New Hobby or improved Profession9
Greater Background+6
Rites1/level less Auspice Lore

Past Life and Pure Breed can not be bought with XP, and all other Backgrounds and Lore may only be bought with permission from the Storyteller. Gifts and Rites must be taught in character and then bought with XP (although most Rites are taught to those who learn them for 0 XP).

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