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Hiding and Discovery

Some effects give the user a Hide bonus, others a Heightened Senses (HS) bonus.

If a character hides, compare his Hide bonus with opposing HS bonuses. If the character has a higher Hide bonus, he cannot be spotted. If he his Hide bonus equals the opposing HS bonus, he will be found if the opposing character performs a search. If his Hide bonus is less than the opposing HS bonus, the opposing character automatically finds the hiding character.

This can be speeded up by using the Obfuscate system from Laws of the Night: the hiding character crosses his arms and holds out a number of fingers equal to his Hide rating; other characters may note the number of fingers held out, and work out whether they can spot the target or not.

Professions can help: a character with a Hide Skill (such as Thief) may perform a test when an active search takes place to add 1 to his hide bonus for that search only; a character with a detection profession (such as Hunter or PI) may similarly perform a test when undertaking an active search to add 1 to their HS bonus for that search only.

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