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Expanded Rules

- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Gnosis
- Lore
- Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
- Gifts
- Rites
- Equipment
- Combat
The Umbra
- Hiding and Discovery
- Experience

The Umbra

Methods for crossing the Gauntlet are mentioned under Gnosis.

A game ought to have a dedicated Umbral Storyteller, although a practical alternative is valid. The Umbra is frequently difficult to visualise and props can only do so much. The Umbral Storyteller will often have to describe what the Umbra looks like (or how it differs from the venue) and how it may be manipulated.

Since normally a character may not see the other side of the Gauntlet, characters in the Umbra should always be in another part of the venue (e.g. another room). It is possible to "peek" from the Umbra to the physical world, using the same test as that to step sideways; you only use this with once sense at a time (sight and smell only).


Spirits have Rage, Gnosis, Will and Lore, as well as "Essence" (health levels) and Charms (equivalent to Gifts). Spirit's do not suffer wound penalties.


Bans are decided by in character conversations between the Garou and the Spirit. The exact nature of Notoriety is left to the players of Spirits (normally Storytellers). See About Werewolf for more information on Bans.

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