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Expanded Rules

- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Gnosis
- Lore
- Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
- Gifts
- Rites
- Combat
- The Umbra
- Hiding and Discovery
- Experience


A character is assumed to begin with reasonable equipment for their Skills and Backgrounds. Characters who wish to begin with rarer or less appropriate equipment may spend up to 10 points on it. See list of Fetishes and other equipment for details, including starting costs.

Armour listed is given Toughness and No. Combats. Subtract the Toughness from damaging attacks; the equipment lasts for the whole of the combat, but at the end of the No. Combats listed, it becomes useless (although some craftsmen may be able to repair some of the armour).

See Gnosis for more information on Fetishes and Talens.

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