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Expanded Rules

- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Gnosis
- Lore
- Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
- Gifts
- Equipment
- Combat
- The Umbra
- Hiding and Discovery
- Experience


Rites are ancient rituals that are used to specific purposes. There are many Rites of varying difficulty and importance. Most of these are usually performed by specific Auspices, and these Auspices find it easier to learn their own Rites, although a Garou can only learn Rites of a level up to their Rank (except Theurges who may learn Rites of the Rank above). Some Rites have specific effects, but the many are left to the Storyteller to describe. Similarly, some Rites require tests, but the success of most is decided by the roleplaying of those who perform them.

See individual listings for details of Rites.

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