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Expanded Rules

- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Gnosis
- Lore
Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
- Gifts
- Rites
- Equipment
- Combat
- The Umbra
- Hiding and Discovery
- Experience

Skills: Professions & Hobbies

Instead of specific abilities, each character is assumed to have a Profession, and possibly one or more Hobbies. The lists of these is endless and the lists of both overlap since one man's job is another's pastime. Characters may only have one Profession, which can be improved by the dedicated, but may have many hobbies (which may overlap with their Profession, but will never improve). A character is assumed to have some influence within his profession, and perhaps a couple of contacts within each Hobby (see Influence).

Most of the time a character can be assumed to automatically succeed at simple tasks associated with their skills. However, more complicated tasks require a Pull. Normally, the scenario involved will be settled quickly by the players but in cases of dispute or where it takes too long to decide an ST may be needed to make a decided.

The scenarios are:

  1. Skilled task within your profession - Pull all Profession
  2. Skilled task related to your profession - Pull 1
  3. Skilled task within your hobby - Pull 1 (this may stack with 2.)
  4. Unskilled task within your experience - Pull 1 or automatic
  5. A skilled task outside your own skills, or an unskilled task outside your experience - you cannot accomplish this task

Combat Skills

A character may have a Skill in a particular weapon or particular martial technique, such as longswords or Klaives. Such a character does not use his Skill in the usual way, but instead adds 1 (or 2 for Professions) to each Pull when using a weapon of that type. A character with a such a profession also adds 1 to each Pull when using similar weapons or techniques.

Examples of using Skills

Harmony has Profession "runner" and Hobbies "singing" and "hiding"
Fists-of-Iron has Profession "blacksmith" and Hobby "trading"

1a)    Harmony needs to run to another pack as soon as possible - Pull Profession: runner
1b)    Fists of Iron wishes to make a sword - He needs a forge and other equipment, then Pulls Profession: blacksmith

2a)    Harmony needs to make a jump over a chasm - this is related to her Profession: running so she Pulls 1
2b)    Fists-of-Iron wants to build a staircase. Although it is a craft, the players decides that it is too great a task to be related to blacksmithing; Fists-of-Iron needs to get someone in.

3a)    Harmony sings at a Moot - Pull Hobby: singing
3b)    Fists-of-Iron is selling some of his ironwork - he Pulls 2 because it relates to both his profession and his hobby
3c)    Harmony is trying to run up to a target stealthily - the ST rules that this requires no skill at running and so is unrelated to her Profession: Pull 1 for her Hobby

4)    Both Harmony and Fists-of-Iron wish to find an obscure book in an occult bookshop: the latter would Pull a bead, the former being Lupus has had little experience of books and so would have no chance.

Sample Skills

Athlete (choose sport)
Craftsman (choose craft)
Finance (choose speciality)
"It" girl
Pack Leader
Manager (choose field)
Mother (does not just apply to current parents)
Musician (choose instrument)
Pilot/driver etc
Programmer (choose speciality)
Street kid
Umbral explorer

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