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- The Mechanism and the Pull Bag
- Rage
- Will
- Lore
- Skills: Professions & Hobbies
- Backgrounds
- Forms
- Rank and Renown
- Totem
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- Rites
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Gnosis the characters spiritual strength. A character's Gnosis level dictates a character's ability to use some gifts and to manipulate the Umbra. A character's Gnosis points are a pool of spiritual essence held by the Garou or spirit. A character's Will may be Pulled and Spent.

When asked to Pull Gnosis by a gift, to step sideways or any other reason, always use your full Gnosis, although this can be modified by wounds and other existing effects (such as ongoing Gifts).

Gnosis may be spent on:

LocationTypical Gauntlet
Science Lab 5
Inner City 4
Suburbs 3
Wilderness 2
Caern 0-2
  • stepping sideways: a Garou may attempt to cross to or from the Umbra by Pulling Gnosis. The number of successes needed is based on the gauntlet in the area (and possibly other factors at the STs discretion). This is reduced by 1 if you can see a large reflective surface (such as a mirror or pool of water).
  • gifts: some gifts require spending Gnosis
  • rites: some rites require the rite leader or all participants to contribute Gnosis
  • activating Fetishes: all Fetish equipment has a Gnosis rating and an effect that happens when the Fetish is activated. To use its mystical power, you must activate a Fetish by:
    • by spending a Gnosis.
    • if you have Gnosis equal to that of the Fetish, you may activate it for free outside of combat.
    • if you have Gnosis equal to twice that of the Fetish, you may always activate the Fetish for free.
    When a Garou first receives a fetish he must attune to it: pull Gnosis and gain successes equal to at least half the Gnosis of the fetish. If unsuccessful, the garou may not use any of the abilities of the Fetish; she may try to reattune after a month.
  • activating Talens: Talens are items similar to Fetishes and need activating in the same way. However they do not need attuning and are destroyed after one use.

For this trial period, it is assumed that your Gnosis is refreshed by the beginning of the game.

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