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Rage covers not only Luna's gift of speed and anger, but also physical strength and ferocity. It is not directly comparable with the tabletop Rage trait. Rage cannot be "spent" and never increases or decreases without using Gifts. A character with a lot of Rage is emotional and violent and finds it harder to concentrate on skilled tasks. For details of using Rage in combat, see Combat. The other main use of Rage is in Frenzy tests.

Berserk Frenzy

A character must test for frenzy each time he experiences any strong emotion. Typical examples are anger, frustration, lust or pain - the latter includes the first time the character is injured in combat. A character in Frenzy attacks the nearest target with the following conditions:

  • the character instantly changes to Crinos form.
  • the character attacks the nearest character in close combat.
  • no weapons may be used unless they are already in hand.
  • no Gifts may be used by the character unless they are already in effect.
  • the character must use his maximum pull each round, but does not gain the benefit of combat Skills.
  • the character ignores wound penalties until he is dead or the frenzy ends.

In addition a character in Frenzy is immune to mind control.

The frenzy lasts for 10 minutes, or the object of the Garou's passion is removed or is killed.

Moon PhaseDraw
Full 2
Gibbous 3
Half 4
New 6

To test for frenzy, you must pull a number of beads based on the moon phase, although this may be modified by some merits/flaws. If all these beads are Fire beads, then your character frenzies. This may be delayed by spending a point of Will: you must move away from who- or whatever caused you to check for Frenzy in that minute or you then Frenzy automatically - this cannot be stopped with Will.

Frenzies are frowned upon by most Garou and usually cause a loss of Renown.

Frenzy variants

  • If the emotion causing the Frenzy is fear, or some other emotion with ST approval, the Garou may enter a Fox Frenzy instead. Most of the effects of Frenzy are the same except that the character changes to Lupus form and runs away as fast as possible.

  • A character (frequently a Ragabash) may try and taunt a character so that they frenzy. This must be roleplayed, but may result in a normal Frenzy test by the target of the taunt.

  • Those with too much Rage who frenzy may enter a dangerous state called the "Thrall of the Wyrm". Any Garou with 6 or more Rage who Frenzies must repeat the test. Another success at this point means that the character enters an unpreventable berserk frenzy. A storyteller must be contacted immediately and they may impose other effects on the Frenzy.

A warning about Frenzy

A character who frenzies too much is not only not fun to play with, but is a threat to the Garou nation and will be quickly put down. Be very careful how much Rage you have in case you start to frenzy too much.

Also, it seems obvious but do not jump around and hit people when your character is frenzying. Just because your character is in an uncontrollable rage, you cannot just forget the rules and become reckless.

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