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The Mechanism and the Pull Bag

All tests are made using a Pull bag which contains set numbers of coloured beads. All the beads should be roughly the same size and no player should be able to distinguish different colour beads by touch alone. Each player carries a Pull bag (or a discrete portable container that can be used to store beads and from which the beads are easily retrievable in small or large numbers; it is still called a Pull bag). A test consists of taking X beads from the bag, revealing them and counting the number of "successes"; this is called a "Pull". The definition of "successes" depends on the nature of the test being performed.

The contents of a player's pull bag depends on the Abilities of the character being played. Most Pull bags contain two types of bead:

  • Skill (by default Green)

  • This represents the character's ability to perform reasoned tasks. A player carries Skill beads equal to 5 or their Will, whichever is higher.

  • Fire (by default Red)

  • This represents the character's ability to perform violent tasks (mainly combat). A player carries Rage beads equal to 3 or their Rage, whichever is higher. Each Garou player also carries 2 spare Rage beads which are added to the Pull bag when the character is in Crinos, Hispo and Lupus forms.

Pull X

The term "Pull X" means: "pull beads equal to X" or "pull beads equal to the level of X possessed by this character" (e.g. Pull Will). The player then counts the number of "successes":

  • in combat or frenzy tests, Fire beads are considered successes;
  • in all other tests (unless stated otherwise) Skill beads are counted as successes.

If a Gift description requires a Pull, by default this means:

  • one or more Skill beads means the test is successful and the Gift user can proceed;
  • no Skill beads means the Gift fails; any costs already paid are not recovered.

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