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Relics of the Dark Talon

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Rage Across Bristol: Relics of the Dark Talon


I am making Pre-gen characters. These consist only of Glasswalkers, Fianna and Shadowlords. Anyone who wishes can give me a character background and as much or little character information as they want, and I will create a Bead Werewolf character sheet (if necessary) and fit them into the story. I would ask anyone who wishes to do this to take characters from the tribes above, Bone Gnawers and Silent Striders. See Contact Details.


Everybody will need some red and green (or blue) beads, and somewhere to store them (some kind of pouch works well). If this is not possible, let me know and I will arrange some for you.

No real weapons please. Models and boffer weapons are fine, and I welcome any other props people wish to bring. Instruments are definately welcome, although they may not be insured.


Obviously the rules may not be perfect first time. I ask players to use their common sense, and to try and remember problems with rules and tell me after the game.

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