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Relics of the Dark Talon

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Rage Across Bristol: Relics of the Dark Talon

Bristol has never exactly been at the forefront of the battle against the Wyrm. For this reason, about 18 years ago a pack of Glasswalker Garou, the Sky Walkers, settled among the new businesses in Bristol. They used their abilities to raise capital for clanmates machinations elsewhere, and to perform stealth research on companies working for the Wyrm. Gradually the pack became a Sept without a Caern, filled mostly with Glasswalkers, with numbers of Bone Gnawers and a few Shadow Lords. While the senior Glasswalkers and kinfolk got on with the greater mission, the Bone Gnawers and cubs dealt with the Wyrm in their own back yard. This was the Sept of Quiet Resonance

Swipes-at-Greed was a Bone Gnawer famed for his offensives against Greed banes, through umbral missions or tricks on executives. He was the first to fall. Most assumed he was on a mission somewhere.

The next to go was Sara Dies-Blue, the pack leader of the main Bone Gnawer pack, the Long Tails. Soon, the Gnawers reported their kinfolk and contacts were disappearing fast. At first the Glasswalkers told them this was a Bone Gnawer issue, and ignored it until they were faced with a decimated Bone Gnawer population. While the hunt for the assassins continued, Glasswalker kinfolk were being killed. Many were sent away, although some of those too were killed as they left. As the search spread out, older garou searching by themselves were picked off.

Finally, when the third Glasswalker elder was killed, Seals-the-Womb got lucky and found a den of Black Spiral Dancers calling themselves the Dark Talon. The entire Sept went out on a hunting mission, leaving only Cliath, cubs and kinfolk behind. It was a massacre. The Dark Talons were waiting with poisoned weapons, and although the Sept killed all but one of the Talons and their bane allies, those who had not been killed outright were killed by the poisons coursing through their bodies. Two Garou from the hunting party survived - two Fianna whose gifts had saved them: Reaps-Death, an Athro Theurge and his grandson Donald Banewatcher.

The Sept of Quiet Resonance is now decimated, and there are few Garou ranking above Fostern to be spared from other Septs. Reaps-Death called in a favour from family in the Sept of Neptune's Light in Cornwall, and a cry has gone out to those who dwell among the humans. They are all gathering in the former den of the Black Spiral Dancers to perform a Rite of Cleansing on the den, and a Gathering for the Departed for the lost garou.

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