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Equipment: Fetishes

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All the armour below is only useable in Homid form. Even if it is dedicated to you with the Rite of Talisman Dedication, you may not gain any benefits from the armour in any form other than Homid.

Armour Cost Toughness No.Combats Special
Bullet-proof Armour 201 Halves all damage from guns, round down
Reinforced Vest 212  
Chain- or Platemail 414 -1 on all Pulls

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The cost at character creation; it also gives an indication of how difficult it is to obtain this equipment.


Adds to your Toughness vs. damage


Armour can only take so much pounding before it is destroyed. The armour loses all benefits after this number of fights (even if you took no damage during those fights, the armour still take collateral damage). Chainmail and Platemail can be repaired by skilled craftsmen.


Anything else important about the equipment.

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