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Equipment: Fetishes

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Fetish Cost Gnosis Description Activation
Bata'a23 A small drum with both large and small heads Adds one Pull to an umbral rite
May communicate across gauntlet in Lacumi language
Bells of Rain24 A small set of bells that chime like the rain when activated Summons a modest shower when activated outside. Has three uses before it must be recharged in natural rain
Fang of the Wyrm21 This is the fang of a Black Spiral Dancer or other Wyrm beast The fang turns a horrible shade of green in the Wyrm's presence, darker the stronger the Wyrm's presence. Can only be reset to white at a Caern
Moon Watch22 A sanctified wristwatch The wearer always knows what moon phase it is. May be activated to reveal the Auspice of a garou present
Rat's Tooth Necklace22  The wearer has the favour of Bone Gnawers, Rat and his brood
Bones of Shielding31 A small bone intricately carved with runes of protection, which fade with each use Gain Toughness +1 for the round; 4 uses
Spirit Drum33 Helps the drummer summon minor spirits Add your profession: drummer to your Rite of Summoning for Gafflings and Jagglings etc
Blanket of Peaceful Dreams45 (Dream Trap) This can be made of sculpted metal wire, spidersilk or some other material The user is protected from nightmares and spirits who would effect their dreams; such spirits may be trapped
Elk Tooth Necklace43 This necklace can double your running and jumping distances This round you may double your movement
Friendship Ring44 A ring of any material nearly always owned by Children of Gaia A non-hostile target becomes more of your friend for the scene
Key to the Umbra45 This really just looks like a well-loved key The gauntlet drops by one for the next round
Kinship Doll43 A small doll that looks like the kinfolk of the tribe who made it Concentrate on a particular kinfolk and the doll will speak aloud the location and condition of that kinfolk.
Power Spike45 A small chrome spike that can fry electronic circuits Pull gnosis and speak to an ST; 1 success is enough to do some damage
Spirit Tracer43 A human hair suspended in an iron bar When concentrating on a particular spirit, the fetish pulls the user in the direction of that spirit
Baneskin65 A tiny piece of Bane spirit wrapped in cloth and worn as an amulet Banes react to the user as a kindred soul - a "wolf in Bane's clothing"
Gaia's Paultice66 A rough, herb-treated bandage that must be kept in a pecial pouch or lose it potency Pull Gnosis: target heals that many wounds
Loon's Refund65 A nondescript ATM card created by the Glasswalkers Put the card into an ATM machine and pull Gnosis: each success gives you 100
Phoebe's Veil65 A small golden half-moon pendant The user becomes invisible to creatures and spirits for a few minutes (Hide: 1)
Sanctuary Chime64 A small tubuler bell Spirits may not materialise within 100 feet for the scene unless invited
Shard of Despair63 A small rusted spike which must be driven into the floor without breaking Pull 1: red means the spike has snapped Otherwise, all in the area must pull Gnosis [Will for non-garou] with 2 [3] sx or sink into despair for a scene
Spirit Bell and Candles66 Candles are lit in the candlesticks either side of the small bell, and then the bell is struck All spirits in the area are drawn to the candles and cannot act as long as the bell rings (about 3 minutes)
The gauntlet is lowered by 1
Stone of Wealth66 An old stone, coin, or battered credit card Rub the coin: you will gain the resources you need for you current task. Be careful of overuse
Taltos Drum64 A soothing drum that aids healing Once per session: pull gnosis and heal sx wounds from listeners
Tear of Renewal64 A milky-white, tear-shaped stone This can only be activated by spending Gnosis;
Regain 3 Gnosis; Seven uses
Gnostic Bag87 A small pouch decorated with Garou glyphs; the user reaches in and eats the gnosis therein Pull Gnosis: regain up to that number of Gnosis; The Bag stores up to 7 Gnosis but may be recharged
Heart of the Spirit88 A miniature heart carved from quartz. Stores up to 10 points of Gnosis or Will; Activation restores up to 2 of them to the user
Monkey Puzzle84 A human hair within an amber talisman All humans view the user as human, although the users actions are not hidden
Rager86 A shard of bone from an Ahroun who died fighting the Wyrm Gain 2 Rage for the scene (add 3 Fire beads to your Will bag); Once per session
Spirit Whistle86 An ivory whistle that emits a wailing scream painful to all spirits Pull gnosis - all spirits must pull Gnosis and gain more successes or flee and take 1 damage
Heathstone108An oblong flagstone kept in a permanent home that permeates the home with tranquility and calm. A small dwelling becomes linked to Gaia; Garou may gain Gnosis as if it were a Caern (even Red Talons and Glasswalkers)
Soothsay Runes125 Stone runes, handpainted fortune cards etc Pull Gnosis and consult storyteller

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Talen Number Gnosis Description Activation
Bane Arrow32 These obsidion arrows seek out invisible or visible banes The arrow does one aggravated damage to the nearest bane in the area
Clear Water22 A purifying spirit in a flask Removes Wyrm-taint from rivers, lakes and reservoirs; When drunk acts like the Fianna gift Resist Toxin
Death Dust24 A small jar of dust sprinkled over a recent corpse The user can speak to the spirit of the corpse
Pine Dagger44 Destroys a materialised spirit on contact If the user damages the spirit, it must pull 1 or return to the Umbra
Moon Glow26 A single moonbeam caught in a crystal As long as it is carried during an Umbral journey, the journey will be safe; the crystal shatters at the end of the journey
Moon Sign43 A waxen seal featuring the full moon When thrown before a garou, that garou must pull 1 or change to Lupus form
Nightshade33 The distilled essence of night The user's body becomes as shadow giving Hide:1 at night or in darkness
Wyrm Scale36 A Wyrm spirit bound into a sigil When activated it forces Wyrm creatures in the area to revert to there true form then the sigil is consumed in green Balefire

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The cost at character creation; it also gives an indication of how difficult it is to obtain this equipment.


This is the Gnosis of the Fetish and is value against which the user Attunes themselves to the Fetish and activates it.


What the Fetish typically looks like.


The effect that the Fetish produces when activated.

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