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Shadow of the Windy City

a chronicle of Orpheus


> Episode 1:
A cry in the dark

> Episode 2:
Real men

> Episode 3:
Hockey for one

> Episode 4:
A downtown nightmare

> Episode 5:
Rebel without a clue


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Episode 1

A cry in the dark

Episode one was played out a good three months before I started this website so this is purely a synopsis of the story.

ST Comments

More than any other game I have, the incidents chosen for each session are those which either teach the characters, teach the players or force the characters to make important decisions.

Unfortunate timing meant I did not have my rulebook for this game, but we did our best to polish the character sheets and decided to play anyway. This meant we played largely without rules and got a few things wrong, but it was a good introduction to Orpheus for all of us.

We are introduced to the protanists of the story, at this point three PCs, "The Driver", Simon Benton and Bill Logan. They receive a brief description of the training and their trainers, and are introduced to their handler as trainees, Diego "Merc" Mercola (and his, er, close colleague "Madonna" Rodriguez). Of particular note was the dare-devil ride in the Driver's ghostly car.

Their first mission is to investigate a "psychic" who has been badmouthing Orpheus. The job is in two parts: firstly to discover if she is herself a charlatan; secondly to deal with this appropriately (for instance to recruit her if she is genuine). Their plan is fairly simple: to send a stooge in for a reading, while a spook investigates. Very quickly they discover that she is indeed a fake: their job now is to prove it.

To this end, they recruited some people to go for readings, and borrowed some bugging equipment from Simon's police contacts. On different nights they sent in their volunteers and Bill forced Madame Chandra to speak the same words each time (just a sentence, but enough to imply that she was repeating herself). This evidence was then sent to the Orpheus media department, and a few weeks - and leaks - later, Madame Chandra was out of business and discredited. A success!

Orpheus let the cruciple undertake this task because it gave them an important insight into their nature. It showed that they could be successful, but that they were prone to sentimentality.

The cruciple also took an interest in a couple - Kurt and Rosie James - who visited Madame Chandra the first night they visited. Their baby had died and they were seeking solace, which Madame Chandra gave them - if not the truth. Indeed, back home the baby's ghost was still up and crying its eyes out almost continuously. With tacit permission from Orpheus, the cruciple resolved first one fetter, then the second - making the husband admit he killed her. The baby was released from its unhappy ties, the cruciple felt better and the couple..., well they were left to solve their own problems.

The above events are a work of fiction, as are all characters used. Any resemblance to real people is pure luck.
Orpheus and the Orpheus logo is a © of White Wolf. This chronicle makes use of the concepts and terms provided by this series of books and does not challenge the White Wolf's copyright.