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Shadow of the Windy City

a chronicle of Orpheus


> Episode 1:
A cry in the dark

> Episode 2:
Real men

> Episode 3:
Hockey for one

> Episode 4:
A downtown nightmare

> Episode 5:
Rebel without a clue


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About Shadow of the Windy City


Orpheus is game about ordinary people, humans who by some quirk of fate have developed powers they don't understand and who end up working for a private corporation called Orpheus. Orpheus seeks two things - profit and power - and inevitably our "heroes" end up working towards these goals. Yet Orpheus is the best of the companies dealing in "post-life entities" and genuinely cares for its employees. In a dark world, people seek their comforts where they can.

Orpheus is a roleplaying game from White Wolf set in the modern world. Orpheus has found a way to enable humans to project themselves as ghosts, and employs these humans - and even ghosts, or "post-live entities" - in a variety of projects. Rumours abound of black ops operations, rival organisations and terrible spectres that threaten the existence of employees. And what connection is there between Orpheus and the drug pigment, that seems to let humans see PLEs?

The Chronicle

Shadow is set in Chicago and runs in realtime. The group meets once per month, starting in January 2005, and follows the cruciple on their most interesting assignments. This format was inspired by E.R. and like that show assumes that there are many things happening in between episodes. None of the group has ever been to Chicago so although research can do so much I must apologise for geographical and cultural inaccuracies. For this chronicle, it is assumed that Orpheus's primary base of operations is Chicago.

ST Notes

Throughout the logs you will find notes like this, which are comments on what happened behind the scenes, or on events unknown to the PCs that led to the current situation. I will normally add notes sometime after I have added the following log.

If any player wishes to add their own notes, I am more than happy to post them up!

The plot so far

The PCs have all come through Orpheus training and like all students were put in a temporary cruciple to complete their training. After a few alterations, the cruciple are now employed as Grade 1 operatives as police liasons under the public relations department. This has proved more risky than they anticipated. They currently share the "honour" of being one of the first cruciples to survive an encounter with spectres.

The characters

Simon Benson (crucible leader)
Banshee, Sleeper.
A former police detective - and one of the few conscientious ones by all accounts - Simon was forced to seek a job with higher pay in order to fund the healthcare of his sick daughter.

Ben Logan
Skinrider*, Skimmer.
Lately a student, Ben's obsession has been diving off skyscrapers and other such dangerous "sports". When not staying at work he lives with his bohemian housemate. He also serves as a Vitality battery to the non-skimmers in the crucible.

Poltergeist, Skimmer.
Charlie is the wildcard of the crucible, a punk by nature, toeing the company line as thinly as possible to keep the paychecks coming in.

Jerry Wrosniak
Wisp, Sleeper.
Years of work as a war correspondent has left this Polish American world-weary and bitter. Indeed, he is barely able to project himself he has so little vitality. However, experience may make up for enthusiasm.

The Driver
Haunter, Ghost.
Until a nasty "accident", the Driver was a champion stock-car racer. Believing he was actually killed, he joined Orpheus hoping to trace his killers. However he drove off a few months ago and has not been back since.

The above events are a work of fiction, as are all characters used. Any resemblance to real people is pure luck.
Orpheus and the Orpheus logo is a © of White Wolf. This chronicle makes use of the concepts and terms provided by this series of books and does not challenge the White Wolf's copyright.