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Creating a Character
- Breed and Auspice benefits
- Tribe benefits
- Merits & Flaws
- Deformities
- Derangements
- Starting XP costs

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Creating a Character

Characters are created in much the same way as in W:TA or LotW. The player creates a character concept and chooses Breed, Tribe and Auspice to match. These then give the character some abilities to which the player adds by spending XP.

Basic framework

Each character begins with:

  • Will 1
  • A Profession
  • a Rank 1 Gift from each of Breed, Tribe and Auspice (see Gifts)
  • Breed, Tribe and Auspice benefits
  • Most characters begin at Rank 2, but your Storyteller may ask you to take a different Rank; all characters begin with the minimum Renown needed for their Rank (as given in Werewolf: the Apocalypse)
  • A typical character has 20 Experience to spend at character creation; note that Rites and Gifts cost more at character creation than if roleplayed for.

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